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We love writing fanfiction about humans turning into ponies - its special! This group involves in helping expand and make human pony fanfics more interesting and mind-bending! Come join us if you love this kind of fanfiction!

We have some rules here, so please read them before you join!

1. Please be kind to everypony in the group.
2. All FIMFiction rules apply.
3. We accepting shipping; but not clopfic.
4. Encourage others! We can also proof-read if you need! (Hey, that rhymed!)
5. Most importantly, submit to the correct folder!


I, myself, can proof-read your story, but you can also ask other members in the group. Try to use kind words, like Fluttershy! If you have really bad grammar, use Google Chrome; there's a spell-checker installed in it so when a words comes up red you can just right-click it and see if the word you want pops up! I use the spell-checker sometimes too!

I hope you enjoy your stay here. <3

- Human-Fiction

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