Rather than yell and complain about our problems, Let us band together. If you want to complain, join a group I am already part of

the other resistance

If anyone knows how to make a petition please help.
If you want to yell, yell after you sign the petition. Thank you.

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Why not ask knighty if you really want it gone?

You don't understand, I literally cannot leave. It will not let me leave, I am litterally a prisoner of my own group.

I...What? No group page I don't hate you. Yes group page I know it's not your fault. Look I'll get you a job as a featured page once you lose this job. Sound good, ok.

Sorry about that, where was I, oh yes. As the founder, I cannot leave. It hasn't allowed me.

P.S. I'm more of a Good Guy Greg than a troll, I couldn't do that

306576 Here's an idea, be the ultimate troll and make a member an admin then leave xD

Okay, I'm going to be honest :ajbemused:
does anyone know how to delete the group :applejackconfused:
I can't leave since I'm the founder, so I'm stuck unless I can figure out how to delete the whole group. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I founded the group. Better safe than sorry, it made me proud, but now it's time to go.

Um...help :fluttershysad:

Well everyone, I guess that is that. :twilightsmile:

Though it turned out to be a prank, I am glad that everyone banned together. We have demonstrated that we can work together, so some good came out of it all.

I suppose you all heard that it was an April Fools prank. I am not ashamed that I started this group though, better to be safe than sorry.

Since this group has no function any longer, I am leaving, and suggest you all do the same. But thank you all for standing together.

Momentine (take it easy)

Comment posted by Starry Eyed deleted Apr 1st, 2013
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