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Greetings all! You may be wondering what I'm up to. Well, as I said before, I reserve my blog for relevant story information, so I had to invent a new way to post things. I want to avoid posting a blog about current events that will not be current for long, so I decided to make a bulletin board that I can edit, to keep you up to date on what’s going on. This bulletin will change as circumstances do.

1. “Friendship is Omniversal”

As you know, what is posted is only part one. I don’t have writers block, my friend and I actually finished the whole story before we ever posted anything. It just needs to be written down. The problem is: I want the story to be as canon as possible. This story does not take place in an alternate Equestria, it is supposed to take place in the canon one started by The Great and Powerful Faust. I want, NO, I need the story to not contradict the canon in any way.

Which is why the story, though finished, cannot be posted until I find out what’s the deal with Princess Twilight. I heard that Twilight will not be leaving her friends, and will not act differently, but have not been able to confirm or deny this. I want Twilight and Kai to have a similar, yet somewhat reversed relationship that Mickey and Sora had in Kingdom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts, Mickey was the royal, and somewhat Sora’s knowing guide, whereas Sora was the hero, and the story was from his perspective. Here, Twilight will be the royal, but Kai is the one with all the answers, and holds the key to the story. But I can’t write about this in good canon until I know what happens to Twilight.

2. Did you guys know I edit?

Are you looking for an editor? I can do that, free of any charge, no strings attached. The only conditions I have are these: I have to like your story, and I can refuse if I am overworked. It’s sad, but that’s all there is. I don’t like stories that have no intellectual, moral, and/or adventurous values. I love comedy, but if it doesn’t have any values at all, comedy alone just isn’t enough. I am currently editing for one person, and she doesn’t keep me very busy. So if anypony needs help, send me a ponymail, I check my mail frequently. Now it’s no secret that I stink at English, so what good would I be? Simple, I care, if I say I’ll do it, I will do a good job of it. I’d be a green mage if I had magic; I like to empower if possible.

3. Bathtime for Ponies

I take requests for ponies, and if you have an OC that you want washed, I'll be happy to get around to it if you get in touch with me. Though I take requests, the final say is up to Derpsanddinks404 and me.

Momentine (this means take it easy, Google it)


Snips and Snails and Sunset tales · 5:09am Dec 18th, 2013

Ok, you wonderful readers probably already saw this if you came here, but I'll recap:

You have two options, please vote:

Option 1: I can wash Snips and Snails

Pros: You get to see Snips and Snails
Problems: I can't imagine a chapter with those two that screams, "ADORABLE!", suggestions appreciated.

Option 2: I will not wash Snips and Snails, but I WILL use them in a chapter's story to make it even better.

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I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:


Can you do Braeburn for Bathtime for ponies please ?

Aw no bathitme for Flim or Flam? Oh well, I can deal with it.

So, I see you've taken over Bathtime for Ponies. :rainbowkiss:

Will you also take control of Bathtime for Original Characters? :rainbowhuh: If so, are you utilizing the list Derps had, or are you starting anew?

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