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Do you like waffles? Do you like pancakes? Do you like french toast? Yes you do, don't lie.

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I has found something, is so amaze · 12:02am Dec 20th, 2015

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Plus, French toast is basically egg bread, so its like 2 breakfast at the same time

And we know this to be true because these two items do not have divots pockmarking the entirety of their surface, pooling away the butter and syrup which then causes these low lands to go soft long before the upper crust does, causing a loss of consistency throughout that would otherwise be mitigated by a flat surface that has no bedrock, as it were, to exploit and make unevenly mushy.

Like French toast and pancakes?:pinkiehappy:

Indeed I do, but some breakfast foods, in point of fact, are simply superior when compared to waffles.

2264183 I'm interested in your displaced fic, quite a unique displacement in my opinion. Plus, I haven't seen much activity on this account.

2264170 um... No? Why?

Is this account dead?

Thanks for the favs! I hope you enjoy the Legend of Spike series!

1939170 Whelp, at least he was only nibbling. His mouth can only wrap around my finger, you know~:raritywink:
That is until he got mad, now You/I might wanna be careful....:twilightoops::trollestia:

and thank you for faving purple tears 2!

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