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Twilight and the other Elements of Harmony have saved the land of Equestria from Nightmare Moon, Discord, and the Changeling army, but now they face perhaps their biggest challenge yet. A challenge that lurks behind smiling faces and friendly eyes. A challenge that threatens to overtake the entirety of Equestria and enslave its inhabitants. But the ponies won’t face this threat alone. Help comes in the form of the most unlikely of companions: four teenagers, a hawk, and a blue centaur.

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My childhood book with ponies? YES.

ah! K.A Applegate is coming up. RUN!

My god.
First Code Lyoko, now Animorphs?
Everything I liked in my childhood is being crossed over with ponies.

Seconded! Totally seconded! :D

And thirded. You've totally nailed the style for the Animorphs' pov. I look forward to more.


Well I would just like to say that I am so glad you are all enjoying this story.

When new obssessions meet old, something wonderful is born! XD
I'm seeing very few mistakes here, great job with that. The story could flow a bit better, and could use a bit more description, but thus far that's my only complaint.
Hopefully they can't control full-sized dragons... That would not go well. XD
*Is imagining a visser in Tia or Lu's body for some reason*

Gosh I loved these books... and it's a faithful crossover to boot! Totally following this.

Thank you Tricodon, you have officially made my day! :raritywink:

Intriguing premise. Can't wait for more.

AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUWWWWWWWAAAAAAAA I used to LOVE Animorphs! I'm SO reading this! :pinkiehappy:

I can tell from the first line of this that you aren't basing it off post book 51, in fact I can tell that from the synopsis.... I'm wondering where in the Animorphs timeline they go to equestria...

I loved Animorphs, and still have most the books! No way I am not going to read this! :pinkiecrazy:

One minor note here:

"And you can stake my life that it’s going to be prepared for us.”

The bolded word should be 'they're', not 'it's'.

Other than that, great job! Continuing to read.

This is gonna be good! :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to see Marco's reaction to ponies, or Ax trying (and failing) to scientifically explain magic.

A very excellent start to what promises to be an equally excellent series.

Poor Spike... a prisoner in his own mind. Good thing Twilight has that spell, or that could have been messy.

Of course, considering that you mentioned Changelings, the Animorphs may get some hostile treatment, at least at first.

One thing: In another Animorphs crossover, this one with Harry Potter, when the Animorphs acquired witch/wizard morphs, they could feel themselves gain magic. You may want to consider doing something similar here, since (I assume) the Animorphs will eventually be acquiring pony morphs.

Those two points when they come along are going to be hilarious!

This kind of makes me want to punch through the fourth wall and destroy the yeerks. I don't want to let them put a single slimy slug in my favorite little ponies. Thank goodness Twilight can detect them though. Shame the Yeerks will stop at nothing to neutralize her once they realise that deception is useless against her.

I Like both of these topics, but sadly i'm not sure if i like this or not.


A freaking ANIMORPHS crossover. Now I can die happy. Doubt I'll read it, I don't care for actually reading most crossover fics, but just knowing this exists has made my day. And the next year, probably. :yay:


Our thinking was around books 35-40.


:facehoof: Dur. Fixed.


Thank Samaru, too. We're working on this together.

I wasn't expecting this big of a response so quickly. I like it. :twilightsmile:


I forgot how bizarre this series was. The way that first chapter so casually brought up androids, andalites, Tobias's condition, and all these other concepts and treated them like it was normal. It's exactly like it was in the original books, and damn if I don't love it, but I just keep thinking of all the poor people who might have never read Animorphs before, and how their brains would probably explode from all the random weirdness thrown at them in such a short span of time.

Ah...I've missed this.


If I convince even one other person to start reading the series because of this fic, well, my job here is complete.

Also, we need more likes. I desire the featured box.




You totally got down the style of writing for this series, and Marco's voice is spot on. I can't wait until the humans and the ponies meet . . . it's going to be hilarious. Favorited! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Huh... This is a nice throwback of memories....

654533 Take it easy, lets not get ahead of ourselves.


Considering the response we've gotten, I am honoured. Unfortunately for you, there's a line. You'll have to wait your turn.


654753 Sadly I'll also have to decline, But you do look very nice.:raritywink:

654671, 654761, You has my vote!! You pair are probably the only ones who are crossovering (is that a word?) my fav old novels successfully. :pinkiehappy:

Just as a one off request, any chance of Traci Harding's " The Ancient Future Trilogy" ? THAT would be hard, but there are so many possibilties.


Can't say I've ever read it. Sorry. Well, I could. But that would be lying.


655553 In a nutshell, its Immortality, wrapped in Time Shifting, slathered with Spirituality, sprinkled with some 4th Dimension and Conjouring, and with a nice helping of WTF? on the side. All in all, a good book series :pinkiehappy:.

Sounds kinda like Doctor Who in that fashion, hey?


Hmm, sounds interesting. Why not try your own hoof at writing it?

I'd be willing to pre-read it.


655606 Ha!! I wish. I got the Imagination of a brick. I might give it a go, but that would take a loooong time

......don't look at me like that......


FINE!! i'll try it out. (your influence is HUGE, lolz).


Excellent. My plan is coming to fruition.


655696 So.....you convinced Anoobus93 to write this story.
My response to this.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Rainbow_Dash.png
Take this from me "this will not end well"
Thank you for your time.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Pinkie_Pie_lolface.png


Your profile pic is suitably fitting for this moment.


Out of curiosity has anyone here (writers or readers) also been reading Cinnamon Bunzuhs as well? I wonder if Adam and Ifi are pony fans... if not someone send them this.
I've been in this fandom far too long, In twilight's chapter she says "someone", do you want to keep it like that or do you all want to change it to somepony? since it is her chapter and well... she is a pony. Just asking.


Nope. Every instance of Somepony is how it's going to stay.

As for that one occurence of everyone, though...fixed!

Who are Adam and Ifi? And I've never heard of Cinnamon Bunzuhs (the story, not Ax's favourite snack)


First Code: Lyoko, now Animorphs. =3

I will confuss, I miss the old show, but I never read any of the books.:twilightblush:
And I was a huge fan of the show.

after reading some of the comments, I have to say I agree that the Animorphs are going to be met with hostility by the ponies when they first arrive, since they might think they're Changelings.

Speaking of Changelings, do you think Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling Army will get involved in this story somehow?

Also, I bet either Princess Celestia or Luna, or both, will become Yeerk Commanders during this story, and I bet they are already!
I just hope that Twilight can get her friends and family out of this mess.


For spoilerific reasons, I'm not saying anything. Sammy would kill me if I did.


655923 I see your point there LOL!!!:rainbowlaugh:
Now on a completely different note i knew i shouldn't have lent anoobus93 those books :facehoof:
Too late now dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png

i never thought any one would ever crossover animorphs and MLP i not sure i sould be happy or scared :applejackconfused:

By the sound of things, Visser Seven must have infested a native. The host is most likely the same gender as the Yeerk, so males can be ruled out. I'm going to guess a unicorn for their magical powers. :twilightoops: I hope it's not Twilight!


Considering Twilight narrates Chapter 3, I'm going to assume you have not yet read it.


...okay so it's NOT Twilight. Good.:twilightsmile: And she has a spell to help her later.

But Spike is a bad dragon. At least he's fighting it.

Visser 7; it's Moondancer. It would make some kind of sense for the long run, but then again, we don't really know just how long the Yeerks have been around.


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