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Fireheart 1945

"Defend your clan, even with your life." - Warrior code, Warrior cats novel series


Leon had been looking forward to this trip to Equestria for months; a few days with his best friends, hanging out and playing even more games side by side with Princess Luna and Edward Stanton.

What no one suspects is that the gaming is going to a whole new level, one that will endanger those caught in the unexpected storm. Unexpectedly, Leon, Eddy, and Spike are whisked away to a whole new world... a deadly new world, one teeming with hazards and monsters like none of the gang has seen - outside of a game, of course.

This is a side-story to the original Let's play some games with Leon, Luna, and Eddy (formerly Leon, Luna, and eddy play World of Tanks). You might not understand all the characters and references if you haven't read the original story.

Chapters (8)
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I like the story even though I've read just a couple of words! But eh... the Xbox 460 doesn't exist FYI

Comment posted by Fireheart 1945 deleted May 1st, 2014

I would go with either C or D.

Anyway, nice chapter. But how in Equestria is a book manufacturer able to make games? :rainbowhuh:
And how did Luna even buy from that store? A store with that title obviously sounds suspicious. :trixieshiftright:

Now the references: of course there's Q. :pinkiegasp: I wonder how Discord reacted when he heard that his voice actor is one of the best actors there is. And then there's Kane. :twilightoops: I mean Kain! I obviously meant Kane. I mean... Oh nevermind. :ajbemused:


LOL I don't know, but if you question everything in a story, I loses value quickly. Wasn't intending for the reference to Q (in all honesty I discount the Q in Star Trek, counting them as non-canon). In all seriousness, he'd probably be amused and want to meet John De Lancie.

4451752 These questions didn't meant to be serious, sorry if I gave you that thought. :twilightblush:

4451773 and what about Kane. I mean Kain. God darn it C&C!

4451784 Kane is a son of a bitch, no doubt about that. Kain... is kinda mind controlled.

Where did you get the cover art?

Either deviantart or Derpibooru. Of course, I might have just searched Google images. I can't really remember just where I got it, but I thought it was appropriate.

Old nail-on horseshoes were common, not because it was necessary for the health of our hooves, as it wasn't, but because it gave us better grip in poor conditions.

Horeshoes realy aren't good for horses. They shorten horse life by three quarters.

5968807 I get frustrated at seeing them in the show, and how hoofprints often have a horseshoe shape (especially those of Trouble Shoes in the newest episode), but they never get worn the way they're supposed to. I'm not sure about the health thing, but I'm sure that a pony society would have the medicine they need to live full, and fulfilling, lives. After all, they aren't animals, not in the sense of being speechless, instinct-driven creatures.

Equestria is a world where multicolored mane is common. So i don't se why Celestia couldn't have natural multicolored mane. We could see in the episode with Tirek that even without magic her mane remained multicolored. Rainbow Dash and her father have more colors than Celestia and it isn't caused by spell. The thing with pink mane started because of the fairytale book Twilight was reading in the first episode but we could see that Celestia had multicolored mane even before the time the story in the book happened.

Oh, that. I was in a bet where I had to wear horseshoes, and I mean have them nailed on

Like they need to nail horshoes. Ponies have natural body telekinesis. They put their hoof on a horseshoe and it holds as we could see few times in the show.
I don't see reason why Twilight couldn't become alicorn. In land of magic and Twilight being one of the most magical pony i don't see why it couldn't be possible. Technicaly the elements disintegrated her and her soul with little help from Celestia created new alicorn body.
Cadance is alicorn in this story?

unlike the horses and ponies in your world, and without nerves in those areas, we have no feeling there

From the show i would say they have lot nerves in their hooves. How else would they be able to hold things with their hooves and channel their magic and magicaly induced body telekinesis?

In all honesty, despite all evidence and belief to the contrary, I am not a deity, and I make mistakes.

Who doesn't. God wouldn't have to kill people if he didn't make mistakes.
And even a frog can become a god if there are people that believe it.

5976659 Okay, I see. Well...

1. That leaves out that Luna had a normal mane of hair just after her cleansing in the second half of the series premiere.
2. Most of the time, that hoof magnetism/mechanism has them holding things in the center of the hoof. I think that, beyond a certain point, the hoof can't get a grasp.
3. I go with the flat hoof theory in my stories (the hoof is 100% keratin, no fleshy parts or soft areas). Even if we accept that part of the hoof (the center bit) is able to feel, that leaves out the keratin wall on the outer edge of the hoof, which is unable to feel by virtue of being made out of that material. There are also a number of scenes where hooves do not seem to have the ability to feel pain;
A. When Twilight is riding down the ramp by her hooves in the season three premiere. If they were able to feel, wouldn't she be screaming in pain, the same way we would if we slid down a rope?
B. Maud punches through a rock in the episode about her when she rescues Pinkie. She obviously isn't able to feel pain, or she would have said or done something to show it.
C. Rarity's hooves are shown, in a split second, to be cracked in one episode, and she seems no worse off for it. The same for all the ponies who end up stomping their hooves against a hard surface or against trees.
D. While in the Alicorn amulet episode Rarity appears to have her hoof pricked, I assumed it was because of some effect of the amulet. I think some things in the show also have to be taken with a grain of salt; after all, Twilight get's bonked on the head with an anvil. That would kill anyone, as would the fall of a piano and most heavy objects.
4. God does not make mistakes. People make mistakes, and end up with the consequences for making them :ajsleepy:

Let me guess Nightmare Moon is in there isn't she?

6245476 I make no promises. Ask me no secrets, and I won't tell any lies :raritywink:

6247612 very well then, I await the next chapter of this epic story.

6247643 Thanks. Might be a while, and I apologize for it. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of having too many incomplete stories all at once.

6247648 take your time, I prefer quality to quantity, and if that means that I have to wait then so be it.

6247670 Thanks. I need to play the game a bit to help with the story, and so...

I think it's a pony fantasy screenshot. An MLP hack for final fantasy 6. not sure though.

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