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Fireheart 1945

"Defend your clan, even with your life." - Warrior code, Warrior cats novel series


Since the opening of the portal between Earth and Equestria, many human technologies have been passed down to the equine races.

Three friends, two humans and one very special pony, discover what it means to be friends under the guise of gaming.

Basicially a lot of stories have Luna as a gamer, so I will be adding in my own series on this theme.

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*adds to read later list*

Also, it's loltraktor, not loltractor.

Good story, have this ame, need to start playing...

when ever i play world of tanks i use my is-3 or SU-100. and id be lying if i said me and my friends have never trolled the team by one of us going a ltrackor or t1 cunningham. artys allways a bastard in WoT though exspecailly tier 8 artys. one shot once did in my fuel tank gunner my ammo rack damaged my tracks engine blown gun dead all crew dead and only 170 hp left in my IS-3. that wasn't fun -_-

I remember good times where i own my mighty T95 ( Wall of Doom ) and his crew of hell ( alot and alot of view range perks ) making this sniper tank the most dangerous as it can hit more than 500 m or even 600 m and still hit well and it does have crazy camo perks with camo net making dangerous as it can fire even less than 200 m and still invisble.

Ah world of tanks. Everyone else driving around in KVs and Panzer 4s, and I'm stuck in a useless tin can call the Matilda. Decent armor, good speed but NO FIRE POWER. :flutterrage:

The 6 pounder gun is pathetic.

I find it such a coincidence to see a World of Tanks ad below the story :rainbowlaugh:


Lol I didn't intend that, but it sounds pretty funny.

If those characters in this story meets me, i pity them they chosen the moment to meet my cannon of 155 mm in my T95 plus the support of our platoon in Himmelsdorf forum.worldoftanks.eu/public/style_emoticons/wot/Smile_trollface-3.gif

before the updates, when we still had the ordinary KV, i used to always derp cannon the shit outta people with it. Even when my dumbass friend dragged me into a tier 10 match with his maus, i managed to ammo rack an is7 killing it in one shot which was hilarious. :pinkiehappy: reload time sucked though. the moment you fired you gotta run for the next minute till you reload.

Oh yes, good game :). I like how Luna used M3 Lee, everyone crys about that tank, but I for one liked it.

One thing that bothered me during this chapter is the censorship on the new internet thing, as written I understood it as if internet was cleaned of any sexual materials. Well I am not gonna rumble how that is silly, since it leaves games and movies when killing and torchering is good clean thing like in certain country that spreads its ideas worldwide..but its silly.

Lol malinovka again, thank the maker for new maps so I don't roll that crappy map that much.

Yeah, that house does need a help of platoon.

Good story. Maybe they should move up into higher tiers. All the good matches happen at tier 5 and 6 (especially when you have a VK3001P with an 88mm gun. :trollestia: The only thing that can really stop it is an ISU with a derp gun.)

I recently fell in love with the WZ-132. Mobile, stealthy like a light tank but the firepower of a medium. Yum!

Also I like that story, despite it being completely unrealistic. Once an IS-3 had brought a loltraktor in a battle... A friendly E-50 killed the IS-3, a friendly T34 killed the E-50, and so on and so on... by the end of the TK killfest, there was only the arty, two TDs and me left. And no water to drown myself in.

You know what this story needs? High tier battles with siemas in E-100s

Ahhh, how I love and hate this game. I'm still mostly using tier 3 and two tanks because I don't spend real money on this game....yet. If you ever want to do a round or two just add me as a friend on WOT. It's bladedancer4. And I can't wait for the next chapter of this to come out :twilightsmile: See you on the battlefield. :scootangel:

I am a little bored of World of Tanks, and more than a little tired of the bs Wargaming throws out against players like Millbarge and anyone else who dares to question them.

Boy, do I know the feeling.

According to Serb, there is no BIAS.
None of the tanks are overpowered.
When the transmission is hit, the tank will catch fire (I'm looking at you, Tiger H)

Oh, also armor is worthless and you better GO FAST.


"Working as intended." God I hate that. With that one sentence, griefers (blockers, pushers, etc.), team killers, and lol-platoons have free reign.

oh god. lolplatoons. Only the dead know peace from this evil.


And they're the ones who are victims of that behavior.

"Oh hey, lets bring a loltractor to this match just for fun and ruin everyone else's game just to be funny."

And then there's no water to drown yourself in.

Why not try League of Legends? And I personally think you are right about WOT in the fact that War gaming is being a dick about the forums. As for story suggestions, I would say to do one more mine craft episode then move on to either Halo war's or Chivalry medieval combat. It would be awesome to see what Luna would do in that game. :rainbowlaugh:

As such, I'm open to suggestions for the renaming off this story, one still with all three names in it.

As far as titles go, how about 'Let's Play Some Games with Leon, Luna and Eddy'?

But i do know the feeling about being bored of World of Tanks. Ah well, that's why i got steam. Plenty of games there.


Okay, thanks, that's a good suggestion. And thanks for understanding.

NOOOOOOO WHY DID YOU TAKE MY KOREA? If you couldn't tell... i'm Korean:pinkiesmile:


Sorry man. For one thing, Korea is a big target of Chinese and Japanese players. For another, any country invaded in this chapter would have ended up troubling someone.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly admire much of the things Koreans stand for; education and duty to family are important aspects in life. I apologize if this has caused a divide between us.

3241867 Oh okay well as long as you aren't one of those people who think all Koreans are Communists and stuff like that.

As a Starcraft HoTS player, you scare the hell outa me :fluttercry:
I have only ever beaten a Korean in that game, once. And that was because of bad luck and lag on his part.
Any other time and im usually dead in about 15 minutes of the game starting if im lucky :twilightangry2:

"How to run a Minecraft server, chapter 2."

For the next one, why not have Pinkie drive the TOG "Party Tank"? XD


Ha ha, nice.

They forgot to add a periscope for the TOG II, I wonder why.

How to destroy your empire in the beginning of this game: Do the exact thing Eddy does.

4114613 LOL. I intended that to be extremely funny. Unfortunately, the applause left something to be desired. Yeah, being a tyrant early on destroys you. In fact, being a tyrant anytime tends to destroy you. I think Vikings can get away with it more than Christian kings (because everyone's afraid their lord will rip their head off with his bare hands), and maybe the Mongols (though please don't quote me, I'm not sure).

Anyway, glad you're liking the story. Thanks for the favorite! :ajsmug:

4114673 You're welcome, I'm really liking the story. It even made me interested at a couple of games (with the exception of Halo wars and Minecraft because I have played these games before) and I am looking forward to seeing more. And I think you're going to do a M:TW chapter too as I would like to see Eddy and Leon trying to siege a castle while the royal sisters are beating them very hard.

Oh, and maybe in a next Halo game, either Leon, Eddy or both make a RvB reference.

4114768 Hmm, that's an idea.

I'm writing a side story for this, so production on this story has been slowed down.

Been watching' Yogscast lately? I wouldn't be surprised if his cities to be named in the same theme as his religion. I'm also expecting Rainbow and Ed nuking each other constantly while Leon gets the cultural victory while Luna tries to beat him. And I guess the team who gets the victory mostly depends on what Pinkie does... :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: Again, nice chapter. :pinkiehappy:

P.S. When is there going to be a Pony vs. Human game? :rainbowhuh:

P.P.S. Where can I submit an idea for Leon, Ed and Luna to play a game?


Well... I didn't want to create hostilities by putting ponies in one group and humans in the other. As for submitting ideas, PMs are okay, although leaving ideas in the comments is acceptable to me.

Also, nukes. I love using them, as long as I'm the only one using them >:) :rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh::twilightoops::twilightangry2:

4143279 Well I'll PM you with a couple of ideas then. Have your mailbox ready!

4143291 I've send you the mail with ideas. It's pretty long.

Let this chapter be in memory of BAS1STA, for he gave us amazing super turtle videos.

profanity and... well, most things obscene were toned down

God damnit. Atleast you provided a reason for their being no swearing...

Oh yea. People on Minecraft who wants to cause trouble. Great Chapter.

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