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Fireheart 1945

"Defend your clan, even with your life." - Warrior code, Warrior cats novel series


Based on Civ 5; World Congress and other Civilization sketches by Door Monster.

With many nations in the world of Equestria, there are many different rulers, and they all have different agendas and goals... naturally, these don't always align.

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After the Changeling Lands, under Queen Chrysalis, invaded Olenia, Equestria rallied to defend its neighbor. The war lasted three years, and saw ups and downs, loss, victory and defeat for both sides. However, in the end, the two allies overcame the changeling hordes. Chrysalis fled, and a treaty was signed by a lesser queen willing to take her place.

The trouble is, many changelings still consider themselves to be Chrysalis' subjects... and refuse to allow their nation to be occupied, or changed, without a fight...


Gore is for occasional mention of, or scenes with, major wounds and means of death, though its not constant or focused on throughout the story. Violence is for the combat scenes. Dark is for, well, it's soldiers fighting guerrilla changelings, and those changelings largely support an evil ideology.

Written for Equestria at War, including the 2019 writeoff. The reason I am not part of that group is because HOI4 currently isn't working for me, mods or no, and as such I cannot even play EAW or experience what it is like except from watching other people on Youtube.

Note that I don't endorse hate. I'm not for war crimes or for the evil feelings caused by combat. However, both these things happen, especially in an insurgency where most of the population supports the insurrection and regularly espouse hate, disgust, or contempt toward the occupying forces. I don't endorse or promote it, but it does, sadly, exist.

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1002. Following a successful attack against Canterlot, the sudden changeling invasion strikes hard. Although the Element Bearers and the Princesses managed to escape, the tide of insectile horses ravages Northern Equestria.

In response, the nations of the world, including the Avalon Republic (a human nation), declare war on the Changeling Empire, and muster troops. Across the southern stretches of Equestria, changelings battle an alliance of ponies, humans, griffons, hippogriffs, zebras, and Saddle Arabians. Millions clash in trench warfare that extends from the San Palomino Desert to the Hayseed Swamps. The prize; a continent's enslavement or it's freedom. But which side is more willing to make the final sacrifice?

Will have references and uses of weapons in Battlefield 1. Is partially inspired by the Great Martian War of 1913-1917, a fictional but serious documentary. Story is written as a historical narrative, with some third person points of view at some points.

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After portals to Equestria opened, humans and ponies have migrated to each others' lands. Some aren't sure what to feel, while others welcome the newcomers.

Not all immigrants have happy beginnings in their new homelands. A man driving his truck down the road one rainy night discovers this the hard way a a family of thestrals soaks beneath a dark, cloudy sky.

Forewarning; this story will feature heavy Christian themes, along with other topics that may trigger people. If you don't like that, please don't say you weren't warned.

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Valentine' Day. Hearts and Hooves Day. Both are days where love blossoms, where love notes are exchanged, and young couples spend their days.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys it. A nasty and often overlooked part of the day is that hearts are broken, too. But there are always those willing to help you out of that pit...

A Leon, Luna, and Eddy sidestory written for Valentine's Day.

Don't worry, it's not a human x pony romance. Nothing like that.

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Leon had been looking forward to this trip to Equestria for months; a few days with his best friends, hanging out and playing even more games side by side with Princess Luna and Edward Stanton.

What no one suspects is that the gaming is going to a whole new level, one that will endanger those caught in the unexpected storm. Unexpectedly, Leon, Eddy, and Spike are whisked away to a whole new world... a deadly new world, one teeming with hazards and monsters like none of the gang has seen - outside of a game, of course.

This is a side-story to the original Let's play some games with Leon, Luna, and Eddy (formerly Leon, Luna, and eddy play World of Tanks). You might not understand all the characters and references if you haven't read the original story.

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Scott Bernard and his band of freedom fighters have successfully travelled half the world to Reflex Point and aided Admiral Rick Hunter in forcing the Invid invaders to flee Earth. Everyone thought the fighting was over, that Earth was finally free from alien aggression.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

Attacking just after the retreat of the Invid, a race of alien cyborgs calling themselves the Haydonites have attacked Space Station Liberty. In the battle, the new invaders were ruthless, turning the very technologies they gave humanity to defeat the Invid against them. Although the battle was won, it was a narrow escape, with the vast majority of the REF fleet stationed there annihilated by the Haydonites' cruel Trojan horse tactics.

With Admiral Rick Hunter and the SDF-3 missing after the attack, it falls again to Scott Bernard and a band of valiant soldiers to rescue the admiral and reclaim the Protoculture matrix...

Disclaimer; I do not own Robotech or Harmony Gold or any of that. Also, this is entirely unrelated to my other Robotech story.

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Late one Hearth's Warming's Eve, Applebloom gets up in the middle of the night for a drink.

Little does she expect she'll meet someone extraordinary in her own home...

Note; there are no inappropriate scenes in this story, it's clean.

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What happens when Gilligan meets ponies? Complete havoc breaks out, that's what.

Disclaimer; I do not own Gilligan's Island or it's franchise, nor that of MLP;FIM.

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As the Zentraedi launch their relentless assault on Macross Island, Captain Gloval makes a desperate decision; to make a hyperspace jump to outflank the alien fleet. However, something goes horribly wrong and the ship warps across the galaxy to an unknown planet... along with Macross Island.

And the planet is not uninhabited.

With no hope of returning home in their lifetimes, the crew of the ship and the people of Macross Island are in seemingly poor straits.

Disclaimer; I do not own Robotech, Harmony Gold, MLP; FIM, or any of their productions or other such stuff.

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