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Canterlot vanishes in a mysterious explosion, an explosion which engulfs all of Equestria. Twilight manages to save herself, but the world she finds herself in is not the one she remembers. Her friends have no memory of her, the world is trapped in darkness, and Celestia is missing. Can Twilight figure out what's happened to her and the rest of Equestria before the darkness overwhelms her?

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I want to see where this is going. Tracked

Well, Chapter 2 is finally up. Gonna try for one chapter a week, though given my predilection for procrastination, I will undoubtedly fall short of this promise at some point.:derpytongue2:

That having been said, please, feel free to leave your comments and critiques below. The only way I can get better is if I know what I'm doing wrong.

Tricondon out!

Confused, but acceptable.... So, did Twilight destroy Ponyville?:rainbowhuh:


Maybe. Maybe not. What fun is it if I spoil everything right away?:raritywink:

Don't worry; I'll explain it in a later chapter. But for now, feel free to make wild guesses amidst yourselves.

Tricondon special teleport spell - away!

damn you cliffhangers. damn you! Cruel spot to leave us hanging....


*insert evil laughter*

All part of my villainous scheme to keep my loyal readers coming back. How else will I force you to read the next chapter?

368227 You didn't force us to read anything else... still, good work.


Ha, thanks. Glad you're enjoying my little tale so far.

Welp, Chapter 4 is finally up. Sorry it took me a bit longer than usual. Also sorry about the rather abrupt ending.

Interesting bit of trivia; the entire story idea stemmed from a line of dialogue in this chapter. Guess which line it is, win a cookie. One entry per user, offer void in Nebraska.

In related news, I am interested in aquiring a pre-reader. My current pre-reader has personal issues to work through, and I find myself without someone to catch my mistakes. If you feel up to the task, and can actually keep a secret, then send me a Private Message.

Other then that, enjoy my tale of woe.


“Commander Doo, Private Bolt, and the prisoner, Twilight Sparkle. Or so she claims.”
Cool Story, Bro.


A valient guess, but no. No cookie for you, goodsir.

And thank you for the adoration.


417736 Dang, well, oh well.

417736 I mistaked you for Glassed at first because of your profile picture
Good story, I like this :pinkiesmile:


If I could draw, my profile pic would be my pony-sona. As such, my drawing skill is limited to photoshopping someone else's work. But I would never do that. :scootangel:

Also, more praise! Glee!



I decided to look up this 'Glassed' fellow you mentioned. We both sign our posts, we have similar tastes in humour, we have the same profile pic, and I even like his writing style. I do believe I've found my soul mate. :pinkiehappy:

“No. Standing orders are for the unicorn to wear her dampener at all times. No exceptions.”?


Not even close. Sorry.


“The name is Captain Pinkamina Diane Pie, unicorn, and don’t you forget it!”

I'm absolutely sure I got it wrong.


You are correct. You did get it wrong.


I knew it! At least I guessed that part right.

Well, looking forward to the next chapter. Great story, definite favorite.


Yay! More adoration!

Expect Chapter 5 by the end of the week. Unless something goes horribly, horribly wrong.


And, out of curiosity, could you critique my fics? I would appreciate it. And my latest blog post is a guessing game, trying to get the basic idea of my next chapter. I need feedback on it for it to be any fun.

For the record, I post this comment so that no writers can claim 'first' comment. There will be no first for this chapter.

Tricondon, very good. Can't wait to see more! Also, nice character connection. I feel sad and confused when Twilight does, and I feel a general gloom throughout the story. Very good job...I have found a writing style to try, a skill to strive for. Thank you for setting the bar so high for me.


You little sneak! I wanted to be first to comment!

The gloom will only get worse as the story goes. I am a horrible, terrible brony. :pinkiecrazy:

My writing style is hardly the best out there, but thank you anyway. Nice to know I'm appriciated.


Oh, I admire anyone who is a better writer than me, and still takes the time to help me out. You rank in my Awesome file, right up there with Absolute Anonymous. And I pride myself in being a sneak.

I find so many authors who simply kill Fluttershy. For instance, she is killed by a tank from left4dead, and im my story, she was crushed by a cocoon made of enslavement magic...:pinkiecrazy:


Really? I hadn't realized it was such a popular action.

Ah, well. I'm not going to change it. It's the only way the story works.



I'm very glad you think so.

What's your favourite chapter thus far?


i think chapter 5, probably because it kinda explains some things.

That chapter 5 :pinkiegasp:
You have my full attention Tri! :pinkiehappy:
Great story!
Also; Hello my soul mate :raritywink:


:pinkiegasp: The great Glassed likes my fic! :raritystarry: I am not worthy of such praise.


567668 Also, nice profile picture :raritywink:
Looking good *blushes*


Lovely profile pic yourself. You're a pony of exquisite taste, I can tell.


567776 Oh nononono my good sir, yours a better by several miles!
There's no way I could ever compete with your picture dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Luna_lolface.png


You flatter me, kind Glassed. To think one could ever compare my meager picture with the majestic beauty of yours...

Oh, 'tis absolutely humbling! :duck:


567897 But your is simply divine! Beauty illustrated!
There no way I could ever compare to you great Tri.


Oh, no, no, no. 'Tis I who could never hope to compare with you.

I humbly accept defeat and declare you the better brony.


568832 I say old chap, it is most befitting that you should have the honor of "Best Brony".
I do say that your picture is by far the most outstanding of the both of us.


Oh, I couldn't possibly accept. I do know how you've coveted it for so long; I couldn't possibly be the one to shatter your dreams. I won't have that on my conscience!


568961 One of us is gonna lose this, and it sure as buck ain't gonna be me!
Take it! Whatever it is we're fighting over!


I have no idea what we're fighting over either.

Let's just call the whole thing off. Friends? :scootangel:


:rainbowderp: -looks from one to the other-
Your conversation really makes little sense to me. But your back and forth does amuse me! So you receive a LOLuna from me. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Luna_lolface.png Anywho, I'm interested in BOTH of your stories. Oddly enough it's because of the writing styles of you in the comments. Strange how the universe works that way sometimes. I shall have to find the time to read your stories Tripod and Brassed. What?! Those aren't your names?! -looks at username- Oh. Well, I'm still going to call you two that. It sounds much better.


Oooh! Ooh! Dibs on 'Brassed!'


I would've written the first "ooh" with two o's and the second with three, Brassed. And how did you know I meant you when I said that? dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_TwilightWut.png


I'm psychic!

...Na, I can't back that up. My Brassed Sense told me!


569312 Indeed, friends *gentlemanly brohoof*

570381 Glassed and Brassed: The A-Team! :rainbowdetermined2:


*gentlemanly brohoof* Friends! :pinkiehappy:


You both not only have the same pic, but sign your comments. How very interesting...

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