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Young Dustin Folio is severely injured while on a field trip with his classmates, and once he awakes, he finds himself nursed back to health, only to find himself forever trapped in a room by Princess Celestia, forbidden to interact with the outside world.

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Dark and sad, yet the pacing is wonderful. I like this a lot.

I... I can't wait!

I need more!!!! MOAR!!!!!

I'll give you my stars, all of them. WRITE!:flutterrage:

i'm throwing my stars at the cliffhanger but nothing is happening!!!

It's an interesting story, but you like commas way more than periods. I would recommend someone to preread your stories for grammar. If we could just fix those run-on sentences, it would be much easier to follow.

Usually I hate OC's with a fiery passion, But I liked yours, I'm really enjoying the story so far and I feel really bad for him.

my god this is so great

needs prereading but oh god IT IS GREAT

plz more

We can all agree

Sir we found a great fic unfinished


143481 Forgiven. :)


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that's some cliffhanger... Definatly going to track and activly check for new chapters, seeing as how my track meter says I have 146 unread chapters. Yes, I add stories that I havn't read yet so I can read them later.


Interesting story you have here, definitely gonna track this. Also, the main character has the same first name and nickname as me! :pinkiehappy:

same here i need moar:pinkiecrazy: and i am giving all my stars and watching

Hmm, I thought the exchange rate for 5 stars was another chapter...

Anyway, keep up the good work and pump out another chapter :pinkiehappy:

It always feels so weird when other people write characters named Dusty... :applejackunsure:

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Send this to Equestria Daily. NOW :pinkiehappy:

wat #20 · Jan 20th, 2012 · · · 5 ·


why cant i hold all these stars?

Absolutely wonderful. Although I can't help but think Dusty says a certain three letter phrase everytime he opens his mouth. Certainly, if Twilight's magic was broken by an unrelenting force.

145117 The sad part is that I totally saw that too, and I try my best not to let it get to me, one cannot escape a good meme after all. :)

... What, he's posessed by a song of ending? Well, at least now we know why he wasn't allowed to speak, but how's just knowing about it going to make things worse?

Fus ro dah!

... Called it! I don't think I've ever been able to predict a story quite that well - hell, you even refer to 'words and music'. And if that's not a song, I don't know what is. I do wonder, though - if he sings every time he tries to speak, couldn't they fix that by surgically removing his vocal cords? Crisis averted, and everypony can carry on with their lives. Of course, that's too easy - he'd probably figure out how to write it or something.
Still, very well written, and very interesting concept. bravo.


For some reason I imagined the Greybeards using the Voice in unison.

lol i guess i wasnt the only one with skyrim on the brain from the look of the comments:pinkiehappy:

Is Celestia entirely sure that Dusty doesn't just simply have the soul of a dragon?

Okay Skyrim esque references aside(which are by no means unwelcome) I am very much liking this story thus far. I can't help but feel a sense of impending doom when the girls mention a plan...

I wouldn't mind if this turned into a Skyrim crossover :pinkiehappy:

Din #33 · Jan 20th, 2012 · · · 6 ·

Going to read this, but just need say this... The description sounds vaguely reminiscent to a movie I watched? Any pony else?

From one cliff to another to hang. Great chapter and you can take all the stars:eeyup:

I officially love this story despite my passionate hatred of all OC's. And it's centered around an OC. Sir, you have accomplished great things.

Well it would seem the magic is similar to FUS RO DAH! but.... those guards went poof while got disintegrated.... So a muffled form of the spell turns into a FUS RO DAH! while a full power of the spell turns into more of a cone of disintegration...

I'll be honest, I was expecting the Elements to not work.

I know it's your story, but I wished that something else than the Elements fixing everything would have happened.

But it's the end of the story and the ending made me feel happy inside knowing that Dusty is now back to normal.

Your grammar has improved greatly, I must say. An interesting read, although it feels a tad rushed near the end. It has been a great little story and I look forward to seeing how you apply your writing experience to your next story.

Iiii.... don't really understand this ending. :derpyderp2:

Great story, 4.7/5 can't wait for the next story

A good story and I was excited to see that there was a new chapter, but really?:unsuresweetie:
I'm sorry, but that ending just seemed to cliche, the elements of harmony fix him, we don't know whats in his head and he can just forgive Celestia just like that?
I liked it, but the ending just didn't seem to work in my opinion.

I agree with Ronin here. The ending wasn't that good. I loved the story, and aside from some spelling/grammar errors it was really good. The ending, however, was quite a let down...

Is that it? :fluttershysad::fluttercry::applecry:

Honestly, I kinda felt the same way about the ending, but then I told myself, "I am writing a short story about magical ponies and the power of friendship." I may go back and change the ending, if I can think of a better one that seems to work.

i agree the ending was very cliche :trixieshiftright:


You could do an alternate ending or a different take on the series or go into detail about what was inside of him all this time.

Maybe a demon was inside him?, something controlled his speech?

Your choice y;know?

I edited chapter 7 because I like it fine up until the point where they hit him with the elements of harmony. I think I am going to change the ending for sure. I was not exactly happy with it in the first place, and I think I can make it better.

I´m scared about the ending and that tragedy tag...

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