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Hi I have a reading and writing disability I'm not dyslexic I some times use Dragon natural speaking to help with my writing, but I'll still have trouble with some things I hope we all can get along


Princess Celestia and her faithful student twilight sparkle goes to her school for gifted unicorns to check out the projects for midterm exams. But something goes terribly wrong and now Celestia stuck as a filly. And now twilight sparkle has to watch over Princess Celestia until the spells reversed. Can this be undone before nightmare moon returns from her thousand year banishment. Or are things going to go differently than Celestia had planned. Find out for yourself

the cover art was done by Mystic Solaris Knight which I'm very thankful for what he did for me. You can look at this pituer and others that he made on he'sDeviantart account
First chapter edited by night-fire123 and re-edited chapter 1Mystic Solaris Knight on 7/1/2015 and edited chapter 2 on 7/3/15

Okay like I place beneath my username on my account. I'm using Dragon natural speaking program to help me out with spelling and such, but it's not a 100% perfect. I got this program just like the end of May this year and in a way I'm still teaching it how what words go with how I pronounce some words always going to make a whole lot of mistakes and mystique one word for another, I'm trying to keep an eye out for them. But I will meant I will miss some like I've been aware about shining being mistaken for singing and I been trying to keep an eye out for it but I'll sometimes miss it if you see it, or any other words that may be that Dragon program miss interpret with me let me know what the word is what it should be spelled as which chapter they are where in these chapters. They are and I'll try to fix them. As soon as I can again IM sorry about this I saw they had a pretty good hold on it, but someone just pointed it out to me that I more than likely and not and night I'd had her complaint about people saying fix my grammar, but somebody has pointed out to me what the main issue with my grammar of the work placement though I double checked on my Word document and did the switchers think where it says takes us on a word and you could switch it. I fixed the shining singing thing and tell me that I did it 17 times without correcting it by mistake, which felt very embarrassing, but it would have been you guard twice as bad if not three times as bad if I didn't write to keep an eye out for it. So let me know and I'll try to fix it. As soon as I can. Thank you for your time. And I hope you enjoy the story.

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I really like the premise of the story, but it could use some editing. I would recommend the group looking for editors, they have a lot of people who are really good at editing, proofreading, etc, just a thought.

I really did like the story though, keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

Thank you and I'll keep that in mind hope you have a good day

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6084579 just did hope you like it

so how young she? is around age of wearing diaper or pullups?

6086931 I'd brought her age up in chapter 4 but I do ask sometimes about stuff in fanfic that can be answered in a past chapter and I somehow forgot about is so to answer you Celestia is 7 years old right now

6087017as I said it's okay really I'd do that sometimes too or forget it so its fine

You really need to edit this. So many errors its realy hard to understand.

6100552 I'm sorry if you are having trouble reading this I have a reading and writing disability and I'm using Dragon natural speaking writ my fanfic and when I do look back it makes seance to me and no I'm not dyslexic so I'm trying the best I can and I'm sorry for the trouble

6101053 ok if thats the case its completely acceptable. But not sure if Dragon does it but can you try running it through a spell and gramar check program. I think that would sort out alot of the problems like Dragon seems to think everytime you say Shining you get Signing.

6101890 yeah I know that I thought I cought all the time it would do singing instead of shining did I miss some I'll try and fix it as soon as I can also if there are other ones that i need to look out for let me know??? thank you for letting me know as I said it douse that a lot and I try to fix it if I see it but some times it flys by me if I go in a flow and the dragon just typs too fast it I say too much at an time

How did I forget to upvote this? Let's fix that.

P.S. first view.

6133733 um sorry if this sounds dum but what do you mean by upvote:rainbowhuh: and thank you for reading my story and I hope you keen reading as it goes on

6133825 somehow, I forgot to upvote the story.

6133851 I mean what douse upvote mean I think I know what you mean but I might use a different term for it???

6133875 that thumb up button is upvote.

6133901 oh yeah I just always called it raeting

Well, there are a few mistakes in here. Would you like me to point it out?

I like this story...Good job!

6138488 thank you for liking it so far and yes if you be so kind by letting me know what mistakes I have will be very helpful in the long run:pinkiehappy: thank you so much:twilightsmile:

It was cold winters day in canterlot and Princess Celestia was heading to her school along with her faithful student Twilight Sparkle. Today was midterm exams and Princess Celestia thought that Twilight could be a real good example for the young fillies and colts that were turning in their final exam projects. “Princess Celestia I can’t believe you’re having me accompany you during the midterm exams.”


It was cold winter day in Canterlot, and Princess Celestia was heading to her school along with her faithful student, Twilight Sparkle. Today was midterm exams and Princess Celestia thought that Twilight could be a good example for the young fillies and colts who were turning in their final exam projects.

“Princess Celestia, I can’t believe you’re having me accompany you during the midterm exams!" Twilight (insert some word for example: smiled gratefully).

I could've pointed out some more, but I was afraid I might bombard your comments....and story....SO I'll simply just edit this and send the chapter to you by Private Messaging

6154924 okay Ill try and fix it right away thank you for letting me know

I am not sure why Princess Celestia herself is shocked when Twilight will take over the kingdom for awhile.I mean, she knows Twilight is talented...

6172998 cadence is taking care of the kingdom twilight is taking care of the sun, moon, and stars as well as taking care of celestia until this is all fix celestia shock is from her being so use to doing things on her own that she thinks that even thought she lost most of her magic and is a little filly that she can take care of herself and the kingdom as always but she is not getting it her way

6172998 sorry for the Misspelling on my last comment to you. I love coming that time when I replied to your comment on chapter 3. So I wasn't using my Dragon speaking program at that moment so all read free that again. The Council decided that Cadance would run equestria while twilight would be responsible of not only raising and lowering the sun and moon. But to take care of Celestia as well. Which you have to remember Celestia had been taking care of equestria all by herself for 1000 years with out too much help. Sure she had the Council helping and such, but the majority of everything was all up to her so she was not starting to react like when applejack with used to get help with couple bucking when her brother got hurt. It's kind like also you have to add in that the coming summer is going to be the 1000 summer sun celebration and she also has to worry about nightmare moon coming back. That summer, so all of her planning for nightmare moon's return has to now be all altered key did if she does not get back to normal before the 1000th of summer sun celebration. So at that moment in time she would you are going through a lot of stress the that make more sense to you now again I am sorry for the bad comment on your question before I only looked at it, try to answer it the best that could with my nook and dating even think about looking at it again with my laptop until now, so again I am so so so so so sorry about

be fun if nightmare moon some how affect by the age spell.

6228377 thanks for your thoughts, but you'll have to wait and see also what color do you think I should do to bloueblood and should I also glow-in-the-dark his body or his his hair and tail or all of him??? And I hope you have a grate day:twilightsmile:

cant tell if English is your second language or if you just used a really bad voice dictation program

6479685 English is my only language sorry if it looks really bad to you:fluttercry:

uhh what is this surppose to mean right here
'my began to smile evilly' i think she began would be better

6535478 yeah I know also I will post another one as soon as i can

6535518 Take all the time you need. :twilightsmile:

6535535Think I'll sign up to other stories. One is the one shot and the other story is a still continuation story you can check them out if you want on the three looked at him already. Then I'm sorry about If not, check them out if you want to that if you don't have too if you don't want to

Understandable. Take your time, we can wait.:twilightsmile: Another fun chapter to read.

6624193 Thanks glade you liked it. I'll try to post a new one as soon as I can.

You can look at this pitcher and others that he made on he's Deviantart account
UH Did you mean PICTURE ?

6624328 thanks for letting me know

6764462 opps I must of click on post my bad tont tell anyone what you read that was not meant to be posted for a wile

i love the story. your storytelling is Amazing but seriusly man you need an editor or just take 20 minutes after ech chapter and Clean up all the grammatical errors you have.

6772334 I do have an editor but looks at my work and proff read it after I post it after the re,ook I replace what I post with what my editor changed I'm still waiting for chapter 3 to gwt relooed at so it might be some time before thing will change sorry

good story, I so cant wait for more, but I do agree the grammatical errors are as bad as my own,
keep this story alive, I cant wait to read more, oh and I so hope that Discord happen while the princess is still a filly his reaction will be priceless I think

I get the feeling it's almost wrapped up. But this was fun.

There is a few mistakes in the writeing but othere wise good

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