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Kingdoms come and go, civilizations wither and die, and time delivers us all to the same end. History has shown this is often the case, but there are always those who seek to prevent this by any means possible.

Equestria has existed for more than a thousand years having faced civil wars, secret invasions, alien threats and the wrath of gods. After several recent attacks on the country, faith in the monarchy has fallen to an all-time low. On top of that, an ancient enemy threatens to not only destroy Equestria, but the entire planet as well. It would normally be up to the elements of Harmony to prevent certain destruction. But what if the threat was something that threatened to undermine the monarchy if its existence was known, even by the elements?

There is only one option, a new team must be formed, a league if you will.

The powerful, the odd and the downright bizarre are called together to prevent a catastrophe that doesn't just threaten Equestria, but the entire world. At the same time, they must prevent a thousand year old lie from being uncovered that threatens to destroy Equestria from it's very core. Can a group of such volatile individuals coexist? Or will their inability to trust each other lead to the downfall of all?

[Tales of the Carnageverse]

Cover art created by The Maiah.
Guardian the Arachnapony was created by RaijingtheClockworkPony
I would like to thank Maximus_Reborn, Eagle Heart, Raijing and anyone else I asked to look over this before its publication. Your feedback and support has been greatly appreciated.

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I was not prepared for the awesome that I have just experienced. Everything survived except for my pants. Bravo good sir, bravo. :ajsmug:

2435629 I only hope that my new story will be half as epic as this.

General Zod approves of this Fan fic.

I am noting a distinct lack of science. Like an Anti-magic field generator. I know I would have brought one.

My name is Carnage bitch!

:rainbowderp: uhh, nice to meet you too...

I freakin lost it at Ulysses! Never thought I would see him ponified XD Just epic

I'm terribly sorry I couldn't finish those other chapters. My real life is busy being entertainment value for other people.

This better have ponified Allan Quartermaine, or I'm gutting somepony with a machine harpoon gun.

Numerous characters from different franchises get pulled into Equestria for some important mission? Now why does that sound familiar? :trollestia:

Nonetheless, good work. I'll be following this.

3273336 Similar, but not the same I assure you my friend. I love your story by the way.

3273064 3272972 Perhaps he will appear, perhaps he won't. We'll just have to wait and see.

3271842 Um... that's okay :rainbowhuh:

3271586 And I thank you too for reading.

3273244 3270757 The reason he is referred to as Mr rather Mister will be explained.

3270613 Celestia doesn't approve of science on this day and age, she advocates for magical advancement over it.

3271555 I found a picture of him on deviantart that inspired his inclusion.

well you have my interest. You could certainly use an editor, and I'd be more than happy to oblige, but... with college and work, I don't think I could be as reliable as you would need. If you want my help, just ask, but know that I may not be able to do things as quickly as others.

As for the story? I really like what you've done with it so far. All the characters have good personality as of the present chapter, and I look forward to seeing where you take it. :ajsmug:

3275044 Wait, you saying you don't remember? Well, it has been a whole Summer. I still feel bad about not being able to finish editing those other chapters.

I am curious as to what Ulysses' backstory is going to be. Will he be Fallout-Ulysses, brought into Equestria? Or will he simply be a pony with a similar background, in which case, I'd like to see how you go about explaining it. Hard to find a history as long and painful as Ulysses' in a place like 'modern' Equestria.

3276094 Thanks :pinkiehappy:

3277281 Thank you, and I'll take what I can get if I'm honest. I've actually finished the next two chapters. Would you still be up for editing?

3278229 Sorry, I thought you were someone else :facehoof: No worries, I can always get through it :twilightsmile:

3279330 You'll have to wait a couple of chapters if I'm afraid, but I think you'll like it. I soent a lot of time planning it.

3280846 sure. shoot me a PM and I'll talk it over with ya. :ajsmug:

Is bad that I am reading Ulysses voice in Bane's from the newest Batman movie?

3295866 Nah, but it is better to read him in his actual voice

That Medievil ressurection (i think that might be the name) reference.
The game w/ the undead knight who lost his lower jaw and has a genie living in his skull.

Still awesome! And speaking of voices (this is probably wrong but) I cant stop reading Fade as Delvin Mallory

3296232 It's actually the original, but you're pretty much there. The original PS one edition is one of my favourite games.

3298594 Not sure who that is

3300307 Skyrim Thieves Guild Side Quest NPC the opposite of Vex

3303060 That is one reference in the scene. The main one is Medievil though. (Zarok and Fortesque are two characters from it.)

Oh, is Ulysses a Fallout reference? Regardless, excellent character writing.

3304347 Wonderful. I look forward to seeing what you do with him. He was my favourite NPC in F:NV, so well-written.

Great so far! Just a little irk with the possessive nouns you use.
Instead of,

Carnages totally awesome and not at all OP powers,

It should be,

Carnage's totally awesome and not at all OP powers,

:rainbowwild: Channel the inner Grammar Nazi my friend...

I'm a little cofused on how Carnage's blades work. If they are like Wolverine's claws, and they come out of his forehooves, then does that mean that while fighting with them out, he's using only one foreleg to slash at the time and moving around with the other three, or is he fighting on two hindlegs with both forelegs slashing around?:twilightoops:

I know this sounds a little confusing, but just how does Wloverine's fighting style work with pony's anatomy?

3314216 Let me explain (I'll put this in the dossier too.) He stands on his two hindlegs and slashes his toes with the blades from his forelegs. Think of Grovyle form Pokemon.

Rapture, X-Com, Templars and The Illusive Man? The League's got its work cut out for them. I do hope to see some of the Team Fortress mercs somewhere down the line, no kitchen sink crossover is complete without them. I'll admit, I do usually dislike it when OCs are used as the "main" character is these kinds of crossovers, but you're handling it pretty well.

3314456 Originally they were all meant to be established characters, but for what I had planned, it didn't work as a starting story. Also, this all based off an Alan Moore book, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which combined a series of famous victorian characters. They were essentially the Victorian justice league.


That sounds quite reasonable, though Grovyle always move on his hindlegs, and is more or less similiar in built to a humanoid. I was just confused on how a quadrupped creature like pony could use a humanoid style of fighting (and weapon) without too many issues. Guess he just has a greater sense of balance while standing up-right than an averege pony... That actually makes it more sensible to me now.

Anyway, thanks for clearing this up!:pinkiehappy:

i just finished this story and the previuse one and wow, just wow(in a good way)
no thums up just yet, stories like this can go on crazy twists that i dont like, but so far this is amazing:yay::pinkiehappy:

Childish. I was hoping his mother would've taught him some manners.

3346681 I'm sorry but your comment confuses me. Did you think the writing was childish, or Carnage's actions

If they were dealing with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, they should have just sent in Reginald Cuftbert. He'd make short work of that. The other was, of course, Metal Gear.

“Would you kindly. Powerful phrase, isn’t it?”

Oh dear. :twilightoops:

I have only one question, following the quote below:

A blue mare that can create objects from light.

Now the question: are we talking here about the Blue Lantern Corp, which is powered by Hope? Or is it some other hero I don't know?

3347700 Yep. Thought the green lantern was too obvious, I prefer the blue lantern corp anyway

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