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"That wall of text be ten feet high. Weigh the anchor, if we crash into it we'll sink the ship."
"Captain!" Cried one of the crew members," We can't steady her."
The great captain however, was not paying heed to the crew mate's words. The captain was looking off the port bow of the mighty S.S.Reader.
"Aye," said the weary captain," Tis a hopeless endeavor, even if we escape that Great Wall, we'll never get around that plot hole." The captain took off his hat, and the crew began to sing.
"Cumbaya my lord, Cumbaya," the crew sang, as their ship thrust forth onto the wall of text, shattering the sea vessel into tiny pieces. With no ship to protect them, the crew sank into the depths if the enormous plot hole, never to be seen again.
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Arr, I thought ye might like to check this out. Long live the Fiction Pirates!

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This group is meaningless without The Crimson Brony at the helm.


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I'm so much of a pirate that I pirated The Pirate Bay!

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It was rated "ARR!"

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