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Howdy fellow readers and writers. My name is Tiger; I'm a storyteller and I want to write epic stories no one has ever written before.



After a terrible Civil War that segregated the three pony races, the galaxy became a terrible place. Earth Ponies and Hybrids (mixed ponies) are seen as dung under the hooves of the aristocrats. But after thirty years of turmoil ponies wanted it all to stop. But no side dares to back down. One day a princess was born that rocked the entire planet of Canterlot and the surrounding Equestrian Galaxy: an earth pony hybrid princess.

Sixteen years after her birth, Princess Octavia was always protected by her unicorn parents but that changed during her sixteenth birthday when the ship her family was on was attacked by pirates. A young thief by the name of Vinyl Scratch rescues Octavia from the blades of her attackers. Who’d ever thought that this meeting will change their lives forever?

Vinyl had dreams of becoming a rich merchant as Octavia dreams of bringing her people back from segregation. But how can these two fulfill their dreams when evil pirates, assassins, and aristocrats try to stop them at every turn? Adventure and treasure meet their sights as these two mares meet a college professor and her assistant with a clue that will lead them to the greatest legendary treasure of all time. They must find the legendary Luna’s Treasured Moon where Luna’s treasure rests, and the rumored burial ground of the Princess Explorer. But the only key to get there is Octavia’s necklace, The Luna’s Tear.

(This is a crossover between Treasure Planet, Castle in the Sky, and Ponies. It’s not really a crossover but you’ll recognize themes from both of these movies in the story.)

Jan. 4th, 2014 - Feb. 9th, 2014: TMS 1 has been edited.
Edited by Xhoral1865
March 4th, 2014: Replaced old Cover art with a new one. Drawn and painted by me. Hope you guys like it.
October 11th, 2014: TMS 1 turns 1 year old. I drew up a new cover art in celebration.

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 114 )

Please let me know if there any other mess ups or problems. Like I mentioned before, I'm just starting to understand this editing system. Good thing I decided to check this or it would have been a disaster! :facehoof:

I just fixed Chapter 1 and I can't believe that I missed important things. :facehoof: Well I fixed it for the better. Let me know if there are any problems or errors I happen to have skimmed through.:pinkiesmile:

It's nice so far... I didn't think I'd be into a space story, but it's nice nether the less ^^
Though, you should submit the story in the Octa/scratch folder (If I'm interpreting what I read so far well, and I hope it's an Octascratch story:raritystarry: Because I love that ship) if you want more view :twilightsmile: Just a little advice :raritywink:

Anyway keep on writing! I'm curious about what will happen next:twilightsmile:

I'm glad you are enjoying it. :pinkiesmile:
Why yes, it is an Octascratch shipping story but the shipping will be light in this story. Not to worry there will be more shipping later on. :raritywink: Hmm, I might try and put this in the Octascratch shipping group though, once I join them.

Oh and thank you for favoriting my first story. :twilightsmile:

Add this story to the self promoting group. It has a good number of people. And as this is an octascratch, add it to the shipping group too. That way more people are bound to find your story and read it.

Thanks for the advise. I went ahead and added this story to two other groups I'm in. I was already planning on adding it to the shipping group.:twilightblush:

:twilightoops: um no . . . Sorry. This is an octascratch theme story. :twilightblush: This story is a trilogy though and there are other shipping pairs included in the trilogy. I do not want to spoil those though. (No twidash though :applecry: I like that pair too.)

Other than that I hope you are enjoying it otherwise.

Woooo, been so many years since I watched the Treasure' planet... Completely miss the reference :ajsleepy:

Glad to see Octavia warming up to Vinyl:twilight smile:, even if twilight still dislike the blue haired captain... she'll come around, I'm sure:pinkiehappy:

Yes, AJ is making her appearance:ajsmug:... a bit bitchy, but I can understand why from what I gathered...

More AJ (and if possible, paired up with a white unicorn with purple mane :raritystarry::derpytongue2: (just kidding about that) BUT MORE AJ NETHER THE LESS! MORE VINYL AND OCTAVIA!!:flutterrage::twilightsmile:

Defiantly watch treasure planet because on a future chapter will be based heavily on a big scene in the movie. Hehehe :pinkiehappy: (you might also have to watch castle in the sky too :raritywink:)

Well Octavia is sort of on the path of trying to figure Vinyl out. She is wondering number one why Vinyl treats her like trash and number two why is Vinyl in pain? As for Twilight she just disagrees with Vinyl's methods with Octavia.

As for AJ, there is a bigger story involved in her past and Rainbow's. I call it Story B. More AJ is coming not to worry. :ajsmug:

Just read it, and I gotta say things are going nicely:twilightsmile:

Though I suspect a future low blow from the Pegasi twins :trixieshiftright:

Can't wait for the flashback chapter:raritywink:

Glad you enjoyed the chapter, did you catch the Easter eggs? :trollestia:

The one about FOE, no because I didn't read it

and I spotted only the ponified version of Mr Silver from the Treasure planet. :twilight smile: (or at least I think it was him):twilightsheepish:

Aw, that's fine about FOE. It was just something fun for anyone that got the trio. hmm, never thought about mr. Silver nice imagination but nope. :pinkiesmile: But here's a hint, think about that band in the bar. What's familiar about them?

Oh my god. The poor earth ponies. :fluttercry: and please don't tell me that applejack and pinkie died. This story is kinda sad but its really well written. Its also very creative. I really like this idea and I look forward to reading the rest of it.

*-Raven Talon

:pinkiehappy: thanks for the comment. It took me all summer to make sure this story is perfect. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

As for Applejack and Pinkie, you just have to keep reading. :raritywink:

GYAH!!! Best chapter yet! :pinkiehappy: Keep it up with this story!

Well there is going to be an update soon. :raritywink:
I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter it took me forever to plan that. It was one of my top important parts in the whole series. And it is the first of many coming up. Expect epicness.:rainbowdetermined2:

Oooh yes. :raritystarry:
Next time on TMS more shipping and fun. Stay tuned. :derpytongue2:

I had no idea Spike was a female ("Spike said rubbing HER sore eyes.")

3519995 Oh cruddy! :twilightoops: :facehoof: I'll get that fixed.

EDIT: Got it fixed. Oops. Thanks for catching that.

This story is great so far! However, if this takes place many (30?) years after MLP, and "... the oldest was maybe 20." how old is Cheerilee after all things considered? (This applies to Colgare as well.).

Well this is a made up world and story where everyone is in different age groups. I even made a chart for myself to help me remember ages and help me write the story and falshbacks. For instance like Dash and Twilight. Rainbow is 45 yrs old and Twilight is 33 yrs old.
(EDIT:I realized I made a mistake on Twilight's age. Bah, it didn't make sense. I used the wrong chart to answer this question. Cheerilee and Colgate are correct but the mane six had changed a while ago. Oops.)

As for Cheerilee I wrote on my chart that she is 25 I tried to match her with the show and Colgate is 20 yrs old.

I hope that clears up some confusion. :fluttershyouch: (It might not.:ajbemused:) I'll probably put up my age chart in a future chapter to clear up the issue. (I just had this funny feeling this would happen, people wondering about the ages of characters except I was expecting people asking questions for the Mane 6. I'm so happy I wrote that chart.:twilightsmile:)

Gosh I love this story so far I remember treasure planet gosh wut a great movie and those references to project horizons back afew chapters loved I absolutely love fallout and they combined it with ponies and now we have some treasure planet greatness please continue the good work!

My Goodness gracious, thank you! :pinkiehappy:
I am very happy that you are enjoying the story.

No problem school is tough right now so fanfics are like my only escape and It's Awsome oh and the last chapter u just posted pritty good but if I may ask do u have somthing special planed with vinyls cough?

Vinyl's cough is actually a big part of her secret past. That and a little bit of her past will be revealed in the next book of the trilogy.

Excellent story so far! However I did find one error, after Octavia and Vinyl are discovered in the bar and they flee "... A bounty HUNGER yells..."

Wow, thanks, I'm glad you are enjoying the story.:raritywink: As for the little mistake you noticed, I fixed it.

Wow, the first half of this chapter was so hard to get through. The betrayal, hurt, anger, and sorrow brought a tear to my eye, having to choose your loyalty or your friends. However, I loved the second half! For nearly 6 or so chapters now I've been hoping Vinyl'd fall for Octavia and low and behold it finally happened!
You have a serious talent for writing. You pace your stories very well so it doesn't drag on nor does it seemed too fast. The emotions, imagery, and provocative nature of the story you bring out can be compared to stories such as "The Hunger Games", "Night", and even "Beautiful Creatures".

Wow, I am totally speechless. Thank you so much. I knew I can write with time but man I didn't know I can write that good. :raritystarry: I'm actually shaking with excitement right now. :pinkiehappy:
I try to plan everything out so I could get reactions like yours. I am very happy that you are enjoying my story.

I REALLY liked this story because its new and exciting. Taking a clever childrens movie and crossing it with anthromorphic ponies is definitely a breath of fresh air. The pacing and suspense is perfect and while I thought this'd be a simple shipping, romance seems to be a background theme rather than s primary theme. Excellent so far!
5 / 5 stars!

3583065 :pinkiehappy:
It's funny that the start of this whole thing was the idea of me wanting to watch Treasure Planet again. Then suddenly my mind started playing around with images of Vinyl sneaking on a boat then everything fell into place right there in thirty minutes of imagination, even the anthro idea came up because I wanted the characters to hold pistols and stuff. Then adding several themes from Castle in the Sky with Octavia's necklace helped out in moving the story along.

Awww, man! the suspense is too much :pinkiecrazy:

Shit's gonna go down real fast, and I hope we'll have Vinyl beating the crap out of Blueblood all epic style!

Anyway, quick question though... where on Celestia's galaxy are Fluttershy and Rarity?:rainbowhuh:

Oh don't you worry, Blueblood will get what he deserves soon.
Well . . . Rarity and Fluttershy have huge roles in the second book. That is all I'm gonna say in the matter. TMS is a trilogy, so more action, shipping, and adventure awaits. :raritywink:

Ow whee! Time for some epic action sequence!:rainbowdetermined2:

I can't wait to see what happens next! What did Daring congratulate Apple Bloom for? How Badass Vinyl is?

Oh yes, well it's not that big . . . At least to me it's not that big, but I'll let you be the judge of that.
Why did Daring do that? Maybe she read something on the wall . . . It'll be explained, promise. Vinyl . . . Again I'll let you be the judge of that. I think what I wrote for her is badass. :raritywink:

Oh! The suspense is Gonna kill me! Vinyl's trying to act tough, but I think she's scared out of her mind! And why did Do smile slightly when AB took the medallion? So many unanswered questions! Keep up the good read!

Hehehehe :trollestia: You just have to keep on reading.
Just like I've mentioned before. Daring's reaction will be explained in the next chapter.
As for Vinyl . . . I'm not gonna say anything because I might slip in talking and spoil it! And we don't want that.

Will there be a Vol. 2? If so, will it be a sequel or an independent story? (if you don't mind me asking...)

:pinkiegasp: Of course there will be a Vol. 2. It's a sequel yes.
It'll be explained in a special chapter I'm cooking up at the moment.

haaa, so much thing happening.... I'm still waiting for Badass Vinyl though:trixieshiftright:

I hope you provide such amusement.

Can't wait for the finale!

I think I wrote Vinyl very well. It'll make you cheer at the very end.(as cliche as it sounds. :facehoof:)

I'm gonna have to wait through Christmas break!? Nooo!!! :fluttercry: awe-man Such a good read, I can't wait for the continuation! :twilightsmile: Also while reading there were a couple of misspellings and such. Nothing terrible, but something to work on. Still, it's a great story!

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