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Cool writer

I type stories with my hooves (when I don't have hands)! Now, if you'll excuse me: I have to travel through time and dimensions and right it all down and pass it off as fake. Like all writers do.

Escapades Of Mine (and others)


Hi! Hello! Welcome, I'm the Doc- No wait... no I'm the Author · 8:10pm Dec 6th, 2014

Hello, I'm Cool Writer! But you may call me, the Author. That is the name of the pony that is my Icon. I will release my stories AS I FINISH THEM. After a good chunk of it is done, I'm gonna submit it. I will release the new chapters that way. So don't go to me asking: "It's been a week sense the chapter, where is the new one?" I have a life too you know. I don't spend "every waking, breathing second writing." like Rainbow Dash likes her authors, but I still spend a lot of time writing. I also

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(PS, I got a DA account, read the blog)


GRAB THE STORIES, I'M A REVIEWER! · 7:30am Dec 30th, 2014

That's right: I'M A REVIEWER NOW! I'm not gonna be posting on YouTube or anything, but if you PM me a request for a story, I'll read it and attempt to review it. I'm making a new bookshelf for it. Does anypony have a lot of wood and nails... and a hammer? What? I don't need to actually make a book shelf for this? Oh. The internet is tricky. I'll use the blog posts for the reviews. Good stories, bad stories, and the stories that make you hate my dimension/ your fandom: Get those stories

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I don’t get it and I feel weird about it

Hello, I am but your friendly neighborhood stranger here to ask a simple question. Is journey to the North Star going to get completed, please I must KNOW!

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