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A few months have gone by since the last season of MLP, and it seemed as though the fandom would slip quietly into obscurity. But strange things are happening, things nobody can explain. People who have never seen the show report sightings of strange monsters wandering at night. Bronies develop strange powers, and sometimes they disappear. Strangest of all are the blurry images of familiar characters, all seeming convinced of terrible danger just around the corner.

Jacob never imagined his life would be anything but ordinary. He’d finish his degree, make a living, maybe have a few kids. Until he almost got eaten on his way home from school and found himself thrust headlong into danger he could barely understand. Jacob (and his humanity) may not survive it.

Updates weekdays.

Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Art by Zutcha!

Chapters (50)
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Comments ( 949 )

A new series from Starscribe? Don't mind if I do.

Well, this is deeply intriguing. I look forward to seeing where you go with it.

Oh, great. I'm not already so dreadfully behind in reading your stories, you have to go and write ANOTHER one.


... not that I'm complaining or anything :scootangel:

Ooookay then... this promises to be a trip.

This first chapter explains nothing!

I like it. :twilightsmile:

From what I could gather, this is what I believe is happening.

Mlp characters are leaking in to the real world. The bad ones, such as the Timberwolves, sense that there is some kind of threat from Bronies. My guess is that it's because they know about them and therefore are knowledgeable enough to kill them. Due to this, they attack any and all Bronies, causing the "disappearances".

But that's just a theory. A BOOK THEORY.

Aw yiss. Moar Starscribe. Bring it on! :yay:

Uh oh. Star, are you creating another universe that people are all going to jump on board with again? Stop it. STOP IT. I've got things to do and can't get super engrossed again. :pinkiecrazy:

Don't you hate it when people tell you that you already know when you ask something?

I give this story a good "fascinating."

seems good cant wait to see more :D

Hm. It seems interesting, but I'm not entirely sold. Maybe I should check the author, see if he's got a track record.


Why haven't I started reading yet, again?

I wonder if we will get some appearances from prominent bronies such as Dr. Wolf or Silver Quill. I'd love lend a hoof on some characters if possible!

Dammit Starscribe, I already follow enough stories, why did you have to go and release anther one? :rainbowwild:

Gotta say I'm curious about how this is going to develop. Moar when? :pinkiecrazy:

hmmm color me intrugued madam:trixieshiftright:

i shall read on my break!

HAHA!!! Bronies till the end brothers!!! We will not let mere authorities break us and turn us away from each other!! No! We stand united as one pony!! One for all and all for one!! All hail the bronies!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

7404453 If you are not a well known person in the community then your safe. If not then their out to get you. Hehehahahoho! :pinkiecrazy:

You forgot to write about the smell that the Timberwolves have. If it's there in the real world that is.

I'm not aware of that detail. What smell are you talking about?

From 'Spike at Your Service'

But you forgot one thing: his breath! You could smell a real timberwolf's breath from a mile–

Good lord, what kinda time zone do you work off of? It's 1:30 in the morning here!

Also, good stuff keep it up yada yada yada

So Equestria breaking another parallel Earth? I've already lost count of stories which utilize this concept.

Sounds about how I'd react. Except for not having a sister... probably I'd just try to put it behind me for the time being, up until the plot came and found me again.

oh no, now the FBI is after me!

"Am I being detained?"


Timberwolves have a foul Oder allowing ponies to identify they are in the area. They also reform if they fall apart

I'm not entirely sure what I just read, but I like it!


same but i have a feeling that once enough has been written, poor old starscribe is gunna start a whole 'nother universe :derpytongue2:

Well what other people decide to do with it is one thing, but I do intend this single story to be self-contained (ie, no sequels from me).


good to know
and not becuase im totally super behind in the ponies after people fics:twilightblush:

7405114 episode 61 "Spike at your service" To get Spike out of debt from Applejack the girls fake a timberwolve attack. They got everything right, but thy forgot the bad smell that you can smell when they are near. Then he smelled it saying, it was to late and real timberwolve attacked.

That would explain why I didn't know it. I haven't seen that episode again since it first aired. Guess Jacob didn't notice the smell.

"Your hideout sucks"
Famous last words.

Those were, by far, the funniest final words for a chapter thus far.:pinkiesmile:

Ponies are underestimating humans. This will play cruel joke with them later, I'm sure.

Comment posted by The Commandant deleted Jul 20th, 2016

Interesting! Deeply interesting. I can't wait to read more! :yay:

Don't underestimate the power of Government agencies. Or Google.

Well said... Well said

Another daily story! This'll solve my problem of having nothing to read during lunch at work.


Google is a god amongst its peers! :derpytongue2: it is the Omnissiah incarnate \0/

The buildup in this story is very nice. We're getting just the right bits of additional info to keep me interested without making it frustrating and let's me wild-ass guess as to what's really going on.

Nice to see you still have that unhealthy obsession with cliff hangers... :pinkiecrazy:

She nodded. “Sounds like a smart lie to me. You sure there aren’t holes in your legs I can’t see?”
He rolled his eyes and got to work with his message, though it only took some of his concentration. With the rest of it he kept focused on Harley and her driving. “So, you call everything ‘ponies.’ Even people who clearly aren’t.”
“I knoooooowww.” Her words stretched with exasperation. “It’s infuriating, isn’t it? Live around them long enough and they’ll get you doing it, even though you know it doesn’t make sense. Less now than ever.”

Hmm, interspecies alliance then.

I actually flashed back to the climax of your FIO story. You really do this on the run thing well.

With the bad attitude, my money's on her being a griffon.

I see the name Starscribe. I immediately add this to my 'Read Later' pile, which already has hundreds of unfinished titles.

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