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Sunset Shimmer isn't like the other Freshman in Canterlot High School. While so many others explain away the strange things that happen in their town, she knows better. There's an entire world out there, a world of magic and incredible creatures, one that she's determined to reach.

Careful study and preparation brings her to the portal in front of her school, at the last moment of its opening. Sunset doesn't have a clue what might be waiting on the other side, but she's sure it will lead her to the magic she's always wanted.

No matter what it costs.

Updates Tuesdays.

This story was sponsored by my glorious enablers Bitera and Sparktail, who also did the editing. I know I don't deserve it. Want one of your own? Drop me a PM. Cover by Zutcha.

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Well I always did say that Sunset had more than a little human in her nature...

And then in classic Starscribe transformation style she suddenly finds out she's now a he. :pinkiecrazy:

...her own strange reflection blazing past the other direction

Well, it would explain why Sunset mever encountered herself...

It also means ponies know that face and cutie mark, which could lead to some very interesting misunderstandings down the line. Eagerly looking forward to Sunset's reaction when she learns that not only has she not been cursed, the power she was looking for is at her fingertips. So to speak. :derpytongue2:

Not, intentionally. Rather I was remarking on how her fervent and tempestuous nature doesn't always feel entirely ponish.

Through Elysium's gate,
A great herd roams.
It’s ancient secrets kept unknown.
But through the lockless door they watch,
After thirty moons to enter and catch.
What once was given now returned.
Arcane secrets never learned.

So the portal to or Equestria itself seems to have quite a backstory touching the other world in this one.
Elysium was a reward for heroes for Greek mythology so this could mean a lot of things.
I could intrepret so many different things into this single word alone xD

Well this ought to be interesting... I want to know what's in her bags.

Weird angle for you approah human becomes pony from but I'll bite.

I have many questions, and I can't wait to find out the answers.

This is bound to be interesting. I'll be watching!

Look at the world with wonder, excitement, and laughter, fling yourself through the sky just because you can, and treasure the knowledge you have. Make sure to flip the magic bird at a bitch though.

First Sunset Shimmer centric story that wasn’t primarily an Alex, Jacob, Chance or Jacqueline story. And advertised itself as such from the start. And isn’t a teen story.

Guess who’s ready and willing to climb aboard?

The cover art show Human!Sunset with a horn but a quick search through the text shows no mention of the words “horn” or “unicorn” anywhere in the chapter, even though she should have seen it when she looked in the mirror. Probably just an oversight that I'm reading too much into though.

Nvm I just suck at find in page

Oh boy… This makes me think of an explanation I heard, of the prisoner's paradox, except that the “prisoners” in this case, aren't even aware of eachother, but have accidentally implicated eachother in a crime. (And I suppose they haven't technically been caught, yet.) But it really comes down to the choice to burn bridges, thinking that it won't come with consequences, due to their specific circumstances.

Also, good luck dealing with the headache that is “mirror portal/mirror world logic”; just how deep does the reflection go?

Anyway… This looks interesting. I think this is the first time I've read a story with the Sunset Shimmer that was born on the humanoid side of the mirror. (I think I remember reading a vague offscreen reference to her once, in a fanfic, though. But that's it.)


She wasn’t just an impossibly-colored horse, but she was a unicorn at that, with a sharp point protruding right through her hair.

Do you wanna try... I dunno, reading the story before saying there's an oversight? You didn't even do your damn search correctly.


To answer you question I did read it, missed the unicorn reference, did a find in page for “horn” and “unicorn” and missed it again. That's my mistake. I'll go fix my comment now.

im interested to see where this goes

Loving it.

Someone had sewn little star and moon patterns into the cloth, which felt like silk against her coat.

That's either Luna's costume... or STARSWIRL's costume. And she has no idea.

Whelp, this is almost certain to become one of my favorite stories, since nearly all of Starscribe's do, and I'm a total slut for Sunset Shimmer :twilightsheepish:

Honestly I half expected Human!Sunset to start out as a guy :rainbowlaugh:

Through Elysium's gate, A great herd roams. It’s ancient secrets kept unknown. But through the lockless door they watch, After thirty moons to enter and catch. What once was given now returned. Arcane secrets never learned.

*its, not it's
Also... watch/catch? O.o

Not your average HiE fic... But then with @Starscribe it never is.

I'm 100% behind this new fic. This is a concept I've not really seen before.

I know you're joking, but the line about the wind feeling like a dress without panties kinda precludes that. :P

Garlic, a giant jar of salt, rosary beads... Completely mundane objects in the human world that will probably cause widespread magical contamination in this one.

Possibly even illegal drugs in the case of the salt.

This is amazing already lol, please don't die like my twenty or so unpublisheds

Oh man, this looks really interesting.

So will Pony Sunset make an appearance in this story?

And Sunset’s just stumbled from one chase into another.

Let’s see how long until she realizes that she doesn’t stick out that much. And that she’s already somewhat got what she came for.

When I come back, you’ll all wish you took me seriously. I would’ve shared the magic with you. She could hear their laughter in her ears even now. Her fellow students, her parents—no one took her seriously. Magic could change the world, it could solve every one of mankind’s problems

Geez, that sounds so much like what we know of Pony Sunset -- You should have taken me seriously, you should have given me more power, magic can solve all our problems if we just use more of it!

Wonderful capture of old-Sunset's apparent point of view.

I came here looking for magical secrets. Even cursed, I might still be able to learn them. Besides, going back might not take the curse away. Maybe whoever made this wanted to force anyone who came through it to return to them to get changed back.

Oh Sunset, you have so much to learn.

The first thing she needed was something to wear—just because she looked like an animal didn’t mean she was going to start acting like one. Putting on clothes might make her seem like someone’s cute pet, or maybe it would let them realize she was really a person. Either way, Sunset needed something.

Nah, it'll either make you look like a snobbish upper-class pony or an unfashionable imbecile.

Oh, and though it's taking things too seriously, humans are animals too.

I look forward to finding out Sunset's reaction to finding out that ponies are the dominant species in this world. Her anthropocentrism getting a kick should be entertaining. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, and I have but one question: Where's the pony Sunset Shimmer? Unless, of course, there's a plot twist and the pony Sunset Shimmer was a human all along.

Asking about pawnshops? Now that's a dead giveaway.

An interesting showcase of this version of Canterlot. The show really doesn't go into very much detail into the actual organisation of the city, but this portrayal makes quite a lot of sense.

Sunset collected her jaw from where it had fallen onto the sidewalk. “Sure, Mocha. Oh!” She settled one hoof on her shoulder, catching her before she could go too far. “Are there any pawn shops near here?”

I wouldn't be surprised if what Sunset has brought to pawn off isn't actually worth anything, like gems.

I'm also very intrigued by the Flash Sentry and Daring Do tags. What could Sunset gain from them?

Comment posted by JazzyWaffles deleted Apr 24th, 2019

I've always wanted to read a reverse sunset story. This will do nicely.

The wall that was outlined in wood, and had a rusty metal hinge along one side. A secret door! There was no handle, just a bar for her to lift. She pushed, then shoved her shoulder against the door with all her might.

Silly pony. If you can see the hinge, then the door opens out, not in. You pull, not push.

What was so different from her own name that no one hearing it would even think about her? “I’m Moonrise!”

:rainbowlaugh: Flawless logic. Especially when paired with her questions. "Hello, yes, I am normal unsuspicious horse. Please to tell me about native horse magic and also local pawn shops for unsuspicious horse cloak that I definitely own."

Honestly, if Sunset manages to elude the guards for the next few chapters, I will be well and truly astonished.


If you can see the hinge, then the door opens out, not in

... If she were on the outside, then yes. But in any case, unless it's one of those fancy types of hinges it likely wouldn't be (like we use for bathroom cabinet doors, for example), being able to see the hinges means it opens towards her.

Which, for a secret door, it may well have one of them fancy kinds of hinges.

Oops. I mixed them up too!

A hinge on the inside means it opens 'towards' you, which is inwards. I originally said out. You still have to pull, not push. So she saw the hinge, yet pushed the door outwards, which means it would in fact have to have a double hinge.


In daring do? A friend and winding up on some unforeseen adventure.

In Flash? a Love interest?

That's the beauty of it, I don't think any of them actually saw her down in the dungeons. The ones that saw her in the city didn't recognize the intruder, they saw Sunset Shimmer, personal student to princess Celestia.

Of course, said student is bound to have some company for protection, even if she doesn't realizes it. And that's were those tags might come from.

Honestly though? Considering how Celly works, she's likely to find this Sunset, catch her weirdness in a dozen seconds and then simply arrange her someplace to stay and learn - while severely reprimanding her for what she did. After all, she's just a reckless teenager with a desperate thirst for magic that ran from home to pursue it. One that just happens to be the temporarily stranded counterpart to her true student. She'd be way too irresponsible if she didn't help the poor dear.

Sure, they've also just fought, so it's quite likely she just assigns someone (flash) to guard her while tempers cool down with Sunset far enough from canterlot to avoid any contact soon, but close enough for her to keep an eye on the fiery young one. Someplace like ponyville.

Pawnshops? A lot of good that'll do you.

Interesting premise. I've never seen this particular story told, and I like how you're handling it so far.

The implication here seems to be that pony-Sunset is still in Equestria, so there are two Sunsets right now. I'm curious to see whether you're planning to maintain cohesion with the show. Human-sunset is leaving Canterlot, and I don't see any Celestia tags. You could very plausibly justify that she leaves and is never found and nopony realizes who she is, and she lives her life on the frontier until she eventually either does or doesn't find her way back to Earth, all without breaking canon at all. On the other hand, I see an alternate universe tag, which seems to imply that you have more in mind. I'm curious to see where you're going. Personally, my gut reaction is to want human-Sunset to meet Celestia, but that probably leads to a very different story than I think you want to tell. Hanging out at the castle and giving Celestia a chance to "try again" would be interesting, but it's probably not an adventure at all.

It is a bit sadly ironic for her though, given that she came specifically to learn magic...and if she simply hadn't run away, that's exactly what would have happened.

9585389 "How do you do, fellow equines?"

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