What if instead of going to the summer sun celebration Twilight was called into the Green Lantern Corp to be given the power to fight Nightmare Moon!

A spin off from Crisis on Infinite Twilights written with defender2222's blessing and permission.

Twilight vector is Green Lantern Twilight Sparkle and it belongs to Deviantart user Bronyboy.

Chapters (12)
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Just a quick correction, which was itching & eye-twitching at this old GLCorps' fan, when reading this...

Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern "Corp" would be a financial company trying to diversify a business portfolio across the 3600 known sectors of the galaxy. :trollestia: .

"Donald Trump of Earth...you have the ability to finance and buy-out fears of market crash. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corp(oration)!"

3482524sorry i thought it was corp not corps


No worries. For all I knew with the Comedy tag, it could have been Green Lantern Corp(oration). I could almost see Twilight's training scene on Oa...

"Welcome to the Green Lantern Corp, trainee!" growled the massive orange humanoid before Twilight, "I'm Killowog, Director of Sentient Resources Management! Today we start your procedural training!"

The lavender unicorn gulped nervously.

Killowog saw it. "Nervous, trainee? You should be! Get to your cubicle and start number-crunching out 20 TPS reports by the end of the day!" the muscular Lantern barked.

Twilight gave a blank stare, "What's a TPS rep-"



ever since reading that chapter in Crisis of Infinite Twilights, i was wondering if some one would do a fic based on it, so, in Crisis the GL Twilight says the weirdest thing that happened to her was seeing Celestia practice pole dancing, I can see that being a funny chapter in this, if you plan on going that far with it that is, but guessing just doing the origin/ NNM arc here

Welcome, cornholio4, to the Corps of Writers Who've Shamelessly Taken Ideas From defender2222. We meet every... um... okay, we still need to decide on a meeting day, seeing as how I didn't expect to have more than one member, but as the new guy, you need to bring the snacks. :trollestia:

okay bold ending made me laugh, bravo bravo bravo

I am Mr. Chaos and I approve this fan-fic (I seriously need to get a stamp made of this)

3484043 what you think of theme god squad reference and what I said was happening on earth in chapter 1

A bit all over the place, but I'm enjoying it!

Love a good DC crossover. My only complaint, WTF was Spider-Man doing in that video?!? :rainbowhuh:

I'm loving this. I've been a huge Green Lantern fan ever since I was kid and I'm always glad to see GL and Pony mix together. I like what you have accomplished in the past few chapters and I look forward to seeing how thing progress. See you in Brighter Days!:eeyup:

Gilda always seemed like a bad ass and now she has a chance to prove it. Also random nerd moment but since Dash will be The Flash this also will mean she'll be a future host of Parallax the Entity Of Fear: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/a5/Parallax_(Flash).jpg

3502228 And so will Twilight, cause isn't she suppose to be Hal Jordan?

3502377 Correct good sir! In fact the original Parallax!

3502381 Yay! Now Twilight's grave will be decimated by the Lanterns, and she'll end up killing all of them! Now, all we need are the Black Lanterns, perhaps Sombra or Nightmare as Black Hand. Also, I thought Dash would be Supermare. Yeah, she could work as the Flash, but that's too obvious, she oddly fits the role of Supermare.

Ap=El? hahahahahahhahahahahahaha! Genius

Applejack = Supermare
Applebloom =Superfoal
Big Mac = Power Colt

Now all you need is
Wonder Mare
And Martian colt hunter to have pony JLA


im gonna make a bold assumption as to the super hero personalities of the rest of the mane six

rainbow = hawk girl
rarity = batman
flutter shy = wonder woman
and pinkie pie = flash

I realize that dash is fast but lets not forget the time pinkie could keep up with her if not beat her to a destination also the flash is stuck on the ground i.e. earth pony

and to me dash seems to fit the bill of hawk girl to the letter

also I am putting rarity as batman as she seems to have the money necessary to fund his gadgets and vehicles but flutter shy is a close contender but she goes to wonder woman simply cause of the stare

Princess mi amore cadenza You possess a great capacity of love within your heart, welcome sister to the star sapphires


Rarity is a batmare type as the maredowell

3505529 Close. RD will become the Flash, and Pinkie Pie is Green Arrow, but with pie-throwing instead of archery.

And I can just picture the conversations in Ponyville about Supermare:

"What do you mean, Applejack is Supermare? That's ridiculous."
"What?! Okay, they look exactly alike, they have the exact same accent, and what about all those times Applejack's done something that would be impossible without super-strength?"
"Pfft, come on. Everypony knows Applejack never takes off her hat. When have you ever seen Supermare wearing it?"
"... I hate you so much."

This story is a good idea but the grammar issues are distracting, you might want to look for an editor.

So I just wanted to make sure, but all this is happening before Paaralax took over Hal Jordan right? Because this has to be before the blackest night, or else this is after Sinestro destroys the yellow launtern corps leaving only Arkillio, who was with Kyle Ranger durring the new gaurdians ark, wait, Ganthet has emotions that means that Sayd didn't steal rings from the other corps and give them to Kyle in a twisted attempt to save him from the other Gaurdians. Go on I'm not confused anymore.

okay lets see if i remember the DC Emotion Colors:
Green = Will
Yellow = Fear
Red = Anger/Rage
Blue = Courage
Indigo = Compassion
Violet = Love

i don't remember Orange = Greed but then again i don't even remember Agent Orange all that well so who knows?

anyway good chapter

3508026 this doesn't exactly fit into the main dc continuity

3511298 isn't Avarice the historical word for Greed?

Yes but Avarice is the canotically correct term.

something tells me Sunset is going to show up and make this into a shitstorm

*snerks* Happy to help. :pinkiehappy: And the bit I posted in the comments was inspired by this scene from Mystery Men:

3511840 I am kinda gunning on her being one of those powerful but utterly hopeless villains
Sinestro, not only had the Yellow Ring but he himself was a highly experienced Green Lantern, Sunset is but an ant compared to Sinestro

you forgot the s in vs

I sense the ponified version of the Joker showing up which means the pony version of batman is coming, all hail Mare Do Well!!!!!

I got an idea for Rainbow's super power. She shall be The Flash! :rainbowdetermined2:
Maybe Fluttershy and Pinkie be hawkeye or Diana :fluttershysad: :pinkiehappy:
And Spike could be that alien guy :moustache: or Aqua Man because he is so useless.

This is based on an story by Defender2222 who already assigned roles for the ponies which are bassically:
Twilight- Green Lantern
Applejack- Supermare
Rarity- Mare-Do-Well(Batman)
Rainbow- The Dash(Flash)
Fluttershy- Wondermare
Pinkie Pie- Pink Pi-er(like Green Arrow but with pies instead of arrows)
Spike- Captain Alicorn(Captain Marvel and the wizard Shazam is Discord who gives Spike the power to change from an dragon to an super alicorn)
Derpy- Martian Manhunter
and i remember that Trixie is the Booster Gold of this universe and is an descendant of Twilight who came from the future in order to make sure no time altering villain changes the past(mainly, that no villain kills Twilight otherwise she cannot be born) and i do not remember the rest.

you made a mare do well fic?

anyway bravo bravo bravo

3520485 yes and I am serious about wanting people to comment on it

Always impressed when I look over what you've done with this plot bunny I created. Keep up the amazing work.

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