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Queen Chrysalis planned for months to finally take Canterlot for herself. Months of reconnaissance, bribery, and maneuvering to finally lower the defenses of the Equestrian capital at just the right moment. But while her stated goal was always to have enough love to feed the desperate Swarm, the reality of the invasion was something else.

The queen spawned thousands of drones, filling the sky with untrained warriors in order to marshal the greatest forces when the day of battle arrived. But then that day came, and they won. Now what? Most of those drones didn't even matter enough to earn a name, and so they will probably die unremembered. But at least one is determined to make something of herself in her queen's new world. She's determined to understand these strange creatures called ponies, and to survive the invasion no matter what.

Begins during a reimagined Canterlot Wedding. Updates every Wednesday.

Sponsored by TyrannisUmbra on my Patreon. Edited by Two Bit and Sparktail. Cover by Zutcha.

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That picture... i want to give that Changling a snuggle.

Added to read later, will prob give a look when it has more chapters, but i love the coverart and tge concept.

Well now. This is a novel perspective. I look forward to seeing where you go with this, especially given the question of sustainability in the changelings' food supply. Of course, H will have much more immediate concerns in the near future.

Regardless of the universe, pharynx is scary.

I wonder if there's any chance H is Ocellus.

I haven't even started this story、and i have to figure out if I want to go down this rabbithole with you...

You have got my attention sir. Looking forward to more chapters.

Following the S6 Finale and the cemented reality that Chrysalis really didn't care for her own followers past their usefulness to her, I'm always curious to see stories that reflect a darker, more canon Chrysalis. Always happy to see Pharynx as well. Will have to keep an eye out for this. :rainbowdetermined2:

Darker=more canon? I think you're skewing what canon is. I'm not saying that Chrysalis isn't "dark" per say in her canon but I'd wagger that goes more for the comics than the show itself. That being said I feel like associating canon with dark for Chrysalis is way too lacking in nuance. I mean look at it this way... If I suddenly made Chrysalis murder every single pony would that be in character just because it is dark?

I think you're reading too much into my wording. :twilightsheepish: I just mean darker as opposed to the whole 'mommy Chrysalis', 'oh Chrysalis loves the changelings' fanon concepts that were literally rampant throughout the fandom prior to the S6 Finale. There, she cared far more about her power and status than she did about the changelings, to the point of shunning a better way of life for them if it meant loss of control for her.

While I am not exactly a fan of the headcanon you have about the changelings (if it's the same as the one I had heard a long time ago in PaP) I still want to see what exactly you intend to do with this whole situation. For now you have my curiosity. Let's see if you can catch my interest. (sorry if it sounded a bit awkward. What I mean to say is I'm tracking this story for now and will decide later if I'll fav and like it)

I guess you're right. Though this does make me a bit concerned about how much fanfics you are reading. Personally I know people like you that were annoyed by fanon. I was like that once. I no longer let it bother me. Tho admittedly I prefer writing good Chrysalis over bad Chrysalis.

It's not that the fanon concept itself annoyed me, it was more the fans who adamantly presented it as fact based off no solid evidence, rather than treating it as an Alternate Universe fan concept. The fact is that Chrysalis's character has been a ruthless, selfish and talented chronic liar since Canterlot Wedding. Even in the instances she talked about finding food for her subjects, she equates that to gaining power every time, not sustaining them for thier sake. I think it just annoyed me because so many people started drama over a character path for Chrysalis that was, to be blunt, immensely out of character.

Good so far. Can't wait for more chapters

"talented liar" I doubt Chrysalis or the changelings have ever been talented liars or shapeshifters. The show says otherwise.

Well she did almost get away with it, if it weren't for that pesky Twilight Sparkle.

I'm pretty sure the official comics are where that originated, and they exist in this half-limbo of canon yet non-canon.

I am super excited to see this here (even though it's only been a month and a half, it feels like it's been on Patreon foreeeever), and I'm gonna be unable to contain my anticipation and excitement the whole time this is updated <3

It was a male this time, a little bigger than she was but not much. “I am K. Hydrus wants you to fly with us.”

Does he have a sidekick called J? :derpytongue2:


I am not exactly a fan of the headcanon you have about the changelings (if it's the same as the one I had heard a long time ago in PaP)

Huh? Chrysalis isn't in PaP. There are changelings, but all the changeling characters are either humans turned into changelings, or else descended from them.

I can confirm this is not a ponies after people story. It doesn't take place in that universe.

Zutcha is just the god damn best, yo.

Tempted to favourite! More chapters please :pinkiehappy:

Another chapter and I'll make up my mind 😉

Such a cute little monstrosity! Yes you are! :twilightsmile:

This must be bizarre for the ponies. This innocent, well-meaning, horrible monster is politely asking them to stand down, even as it calls them food. It can't be easy to stay angry at such a confusing mix of endearing and terrifying.

Meanwhile, H certainly is a quick one. Good thing the hivemind's available for all those new concepts she keeps encountering... though she may want to wait a bit before she mentions her opinion on new color schemes for the hive.

So, a fic that shows Chrysalis as a monstrous Dictator? Awesome!

I'm hooked. You are now my favorite writer.

I've never seen a character like H before, and I absolutely love her. Innocent enthusiasm in a horrible world. Even at such a young age, she's starting to figure out empathy - but from a changeling perspective, the results are... well, she needs to work on the pony pep talk a little more. But at the same time, she's already bizarrely more effective than other changelings would be in her position.

Also, poor Thorax. Even the fresh drones know you shouldn't be Thorax. Have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him, though.


Starscribe knows what I'm talking about. There were fan stories around PaP that involved changelings and he was asked about how they are depicted or something. Anyway bottom line is I wasn't fan of that interpretation but since it isn't the same I guess it doesn't matter.

Is H going to be renamed Ocellus?

I'll give H this much--she's intuitive.

It's nice that Starscribe knows what you're talking about. I'm not Starscribe, and I fail to see how a characterization of humans-turned-changelings is relevant to actual changelings.

As the sponsor for this story I will say: Y'all are making it really hard to keep my trap shut about the premise I supplied for the story. :P
So much speculation!
I love it


Ye god-like creature you. To provide such inspiration. To such a talented writer!

Awe filled I am :raritystarry:


Wow that's awkward.
Starscribe's the one who brings the idea to life and makes it amazing. All I did was pledge on patreon and say 'this would be pretty awesome to see'. I'm lucky to have even been able to get this chance to support him and it still amazes me that I had a (very) small part in bringing something amazing to life.

Ah, sympathy. Surprisingly rare in this species of empaths. H is going to need to be careful; that kind of attitude could get a ling killed, or at least sidelined for all eternity. Or it could lead her to be a hero to creatures who can feel more than a pale echo of emotion, but I don't think this is that kind of story.

Still, it's a lesson the elites have yet to learn: You catch more ponies with honey than with vinegar.

Also, that hateful sword is probably going to be important down the line.

All three of those ponies were pretty obviously redshirts from the start, and I knew something bad would happen to at least one of them before it was all over...but that doesn't mean it doesn't still sting. :fluttershyouch:


Also, that hateful sword is probably going to be important down the line.

What? No, that's unpossible. You're being silly, FOME. Stop being silly.


No need to feel awkward!
By supporting the creator you support the art 😃

You also inspired the idea for the story! In my mind you certainly deserve praise!

I sent you that message to share some playful joy and cheer up your day :pinkiegasp: it was not my intent to embarrass you :twilightblush:

What would the corret word be?
Emphats, Empatochrasites, Empativores, Emotivores...

I think H and Thorax are going to get along just swell later down the road.

Sure you catch more ponies with honey than vinegar, but that does not apply to captives, as if you did apply the honey method and weed them off later, it would be improbable to remove the ring leaders from the more docile before it became a problem -- heard species after all. Generally the most dangerous ones would be weeded off in the battle, and the others can more easily be cowed. Though I'm not sure if it matters as I'm not sure if this story just pod's the ponies in stasis or whatnot. Which is why I think this approach works out better for oppression tactics.

It was completely and utterly a biiiiiit over the top.

Alright I'm going to tell this to you slowly. People asked Starscribe what his headcanon for the changelings in PaP was. Not the humans turned changelings. I just didn't like his headcanon there. That is all.

This is making me wonder what the Professor's name was.

Pony: It does a body good.

It will be very interesting to see what H becomes after she's digested what the professor has to offer.

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