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Don't mind me, just a man diagnosed with OCD, ADHD, ADD, Asperger's, And Autism looking to write some stories. It Is All Pure Imagination...


He became The Master Of Death when he collected the Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand from the Final Battle, since he already owned the famous Invisibility Cloak. What if one day, A powerful entity has watched Harry over the years decided it was time for him to go to His Next Great Adventure in this new world full of talking Ponies.

What will the Ponies think of the new stallion who has a Death Wish, the love of a Nightmare Goddess, and the senses of saving people?

Let's Find Out!!!

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This looks promising. I would put in more chemistry between Lady Death, the Princesses, and Harry if I was you.:rainbowwild:

There is only going to be one on one romance, not a harem, since I am still new to this community to even know how harems work, I am more of a blank x blank guy myself, so which one is gonna get LUCKY???


Harems in FiM (as portrayed by Fimfiction writers) tend to be Herd like, The Male, A Lead Mare and between two and three others. The amount in the Herd tends to depend on the Writer and who would fit with the written character/OC. With Harry Potter Fics I tend to see four partners but they tend to start out as one x one and expand, so maybe leave the option open for the future once you get further into the story?

Hermione didn’t Gibb Slap him in the back of the head for his cussing this time, because for once, she agreed with him…

I must point out that, if this is infact 1999, then NCIS didn't make that action Popular for another four years :rainbowlaugh:

Where's the fun in making references without some knowing how they can make them. Even if it hasn't existed yet?


That and I wouldn't be surprised if Hermione made some spell that allows better Time Travel XD


Maybe I can make a chapter with a certain stallion one of these days...

Willing to give this a shot. I recognize quite a few of the tropes used in the making of this so far and as such I am wary as to how the story proceeds.
My only complaint at this time is the shortness of the chapters.

I hope you do :pinkiehappy:

The Tropes are kind of unavoidable, but I think they might work. Though I think it's gonna be hard to not make this Harry a Gary Stu due to him being the Master Of Death AND an Alicorn >.>

Damn another cool Harry Potter/MLP-FIM crossover, though tell me will this be a Human style MLP-FIM world or a Anthro MLP-FIM world, because I hope it's leaning towards the Anthro one since the women/mares are always much more Busty then their human counter parts.

Honestly trying to see if I can do anthro, not 100 percent sure yet


Well I think Anthro would be much better for this story, after all Harry is human and it would be good if he kept a humanoid like body, so if he did become a pony it would be better that he be an Anthro pony, after all it would be much easier for him when it comes to doing stuff in the bedroom as an Anthro Pony compared to a Feral Pony.

Technicaly, Harry is not an Alicorn yet, maybe after doing something to make him one, I don't know yet, still hashing out the details.

i love the story so far cant w8 to read more

It's a cliche from the start of the fandom with HiE OCs that are about red & black themed alicorn of (enter something angsty like shadows, dark magic, war, blood, power..... death).

Hahahaha so teddy gets to hang out with the three goddesses and Harry gets tag teamed by the mane six haha that's so Harry

Why was she kissing him as if she was his--



Might as well enjoy this bit in the story. He thought as both their actions turned steamy and rather kinky for the next hour or so…

well that escalated quickly

After a few minutes of silence, Harry turned his head to look at her and ask,

“ You never did answer my question, Love.”

Death thought to herself for a moment, before answering.

“ You are in the Realm Of The Dead, Master. It’s where all souls go to be judged whether or not one goes to Heaven, or goes straight to Hell.”

Harry nodded, satisfied that his question was answered.

Then a new one came to mind…

“ What do we do now, Death? Do I stay here forever, holding you lovingly in my arms as we make music together?” He said with a smile, while huddling closer to Death, who blushed.

LOVE?!?! WHAT LOVE?!?! THEY HAVENT EVEN KNOWN EACHOTHER FOR A SOLID DAY! What happend to Ginny? Where is the hesitation about cheating on his loving wife? Why is he mushy talking a woman he met an hour ago? Love is a strong word to be throwing around even after a booty call, no scratch that, ESPECIALLY after a booty call. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

yaaaaay they are finally gonna know he's the stallion of death

Hermione didn’t Gibb Slap him in the back of the head for his cussing this time, because for once, she agreed with him…

Nice Easter egg there

:ajbemused: … He's dead, remember? Even if he could go back, he wouldn't be able to bring Ginny or his friends with him, so he moved on to his Next Great Adventure.

Them finding out Harry is Master Of Death, or the chapter?

Even still there was NO hesitation. NONE! Even if we disregard that entirely there is still the point where he was acting like a bloody 14 yearold virgin who just got their first girlyfriend and laying on the lovydovey tripe as hard as he can! He just met this woman! Yes he fucked her, but that makes this bullshit he is pulling worse not better.

I wrote that it was steamy, not downright fucking. Besides, the two still have their clothes on...

Ooh, just got an idea on why he wasn't hesitant. I apologise for the comments beforehand, it gave me a thought, you'll see soon!~

NNOOOO they still dont know his true identity i thrive off the shock and awe and maybe fear stuff like this provide

That will happen in a couple chapters...

ok.. neat twist. and far more fitting that the other way around. at least HE was a little insane to begin with

I'm confused. Did Sirius become discord? Was Sirius always discord? Was discord pretending to be Sirius? I NEED ANSWERS!!

Sirius was always discord. Think about it: Discord showed up OUT OF NOWHERE ( at least I think so...)

There is a story about Harry being discord.

so he went insane and tried to take over the world?

he is the lord of death killing him only makes him angry

P.S love this fic so far home is continues for a long time
if you want something added into it to make the story even JUICER.?
that not a question is it the answer is always yes

i laughed when you used thors name i dont know why you brought a norse god here turned him into a dragon then made him a bully but it was funny and i cant wait for the next chapter


You are so right, that simply PISSED him off, I would LOVE to see Harry summon up a small platoon of Grim Stallions that would then surround the Dragon and finish him off then, after all he's the King/Lord of Death and all the Grim Stallions/Mares would be under his command and would do anything to protect their Master.

Well played with that cliffhangers your a despicable genius

For the next chapter, the dragon will still be alive, because dragon's are more magic resistant, including the Killing Curse, if that'll make sense...

even better... let's say things go kaboom from the inside out...


OH, this is going to be GOOD, I can't wait to see what you have planned next, not to mention Discord being Sirius, that was just PERFECT.

well.. when you're best friends with benefits to death herself xD

Is Antioch a reference to the mods undeath for Skyrim.

Lol Lord of the Rings refrences

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