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This story is a sequel to The Eternal Lonely Day

Over a thousand years ago, every human on Earth vanished. The ponies left behind were forced to rebuild what they could, largely ignorant of their new abilities. When a devastating plague spelled the end of the first age of pony civilization on Earth, the changelings were forced to watch helplessly as their food supply withered away.

Queen Evoli's swarm is barely surviving on the measly drops of love they can scavenge from the slow-recovering pony population. But it wouldn't have to be that way, if only somepony who really knew how to lead was in charge. She is many centuries old now, with power and experience that ponies in their short lives cannot imagine. Maybe if the world had somepony like her to rule it, civilization would do better.

At least she wouldn't be going hungry anymore...

A Ponies After People story written for Sparktail on my Patreon, crossposted to Fimfiction. Updates daily until complete. Edited by Sparktail and Two Bit, and cover by Zutcha.

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Unsure if i should read this because of the tag. Ponies After People can get dark/depressing enought without the "doomed" tag.

YAY! Another continuation/plot line. Glad to see it continue on, even if it's a new focus.

She's going to go full Chrysalis, isn't she?

evil or retarded?

Updates daily until complete.

I envy you beyond belief. Being in the army makes it impossible to write. Not that I could update daily but... is this pre-written?


As the one who made the main character, I would say full retard.

Yes, it is. The way I do things now with my Patreon is the stories that update slowly stay there until they're finished (which can take several months) then I port them over here. This one has been in the works for quite some time.

Prewritten or not, sometimes I wonder if you even have time to sleep!:rainbowderp:

...Yeah, Evoli’s gome off the deep end already. Granted, it took a couple centuries, and I can see where she’s coming from....

...But come on, Queen Eevee, if all of the hives have been starving and stretching resources too thin, do you really think leeching off all of the others is going to be sustainable?:facehoof:



I see. That being said Evoli's name is too on the nose. I get the evolution theme but it kinda sounds off for me. Shrug.

Ah, hubris. I look forward to seeing how high this insectoid Ozymandias will soar before her empire inevitably crumbles.

Very few changeling queens can resist the siren song of the Villain Ball.

It's not Evoli I feel bad for. It's all the other changelings. They worked so hard, and all it takes is one overpowered addict to bring it all down, chasing the next high.

Even with her hunger-induced stupidity, turning down the offer to become a crystal changeling seems super dumb. Like, she knows the hunger will just keep growing. No matter how much she expands in the conventional way she's going to hit a hard upper limit, since the amount of glamor required never seems to stop increasing. All of her efforts are a delaying action and unless she thinks in terms of actually achieving her goal (which just seems to be survival) she's not going to get anywhere.

But I guess that's madness for you.

Hopefully Queen Eevee won't regret getting involved in a land war in Texas....

The lab was located deep below the former capital of Viśuddha, where the old queen had once stored works of art. Why she had cared about such pony creations, Evoli didn’t really know—but she hadn’t bothered asking to find out. Stacks of canvas had been left to mildew against the wall, with rolls and rolls of something semitransparent stored in metal canisters. Whenever they needed more space, her drones would drag away another shelf, and take more of the pony creations to the garbage.

And just like that, I don't merely hope Evoli loses. I want her to suffer.

Sadly, I'm fairly certain I'm not going to see either before the damage becomes irreperable.

“I may have something,” the male said, turning away from her to a Bunsen burner slowly flaming away at something tary and black. “I warn you—this weapon will change the nature of war for our kind forever. I do not think the other queens are fools…” He levitated the little black vial off the burner, setting it down in front of her. “It is, I think… a matter of mutual destruction. Those with the resources to invoke it chose not to, for fear it will be used on them.”


Well, I guess that’s the event horizon crossed. If this was ever about Queen Eevee keeping her kids fed, it isn’t now.:facehoof:

Why harvest little drops of love over a pony’s whole lifetime when you could suck them dry all at once?

Because then they can't make any more, and by that I mean both love and ponies.

This won't end well for anyone involved. The only question now is how many are involved.

I call it a Vaultbreaker Wurm

6/6 trampler for—
Sorry, force of habit.

In any case, a little mad biomancy does help alleviate the fatigue that comes from watching Evoli burn her mother's legacy to the ground and waiting for her to die. Whatever happens next should be horrible, but fascinating.

“I can’t command it?”
“No.” Strand sounded matter-of-fact. “Remember the pheromones? Imagine what a creature like this could do if it was turned against our own army!

At least someling in this hive can think ahead a bit.

Huh, I wonder what has Decimus on the verge of 'evolving.'

Dissension in the ranks, a trump card revealed, general unsustainable practices...

I see potential seeds of Evoli's downfall. It's just a question of which, when, and how.

And so crumbles the last of the facade. The Wurm may be more composed than Evoli at this point. But sheer numbers could still win out...

No, they can't. The HPI has access to nukes, machine guns and bombs.

I wonder what the shield of the HPI will do to changeling drones...

It wouldn’t be long now.

One way or another, she's not wrong...

At least she got what was coming to her. Not really sure where I was expecting this to go since the world definitely wasn't overrun with changelings.

Shouldn't this be a sequel to Earth Without Us since Jackie, Ezri,
and Isaac became immortals in that story?

Honestly, there’s little to the story at this point beyond “Queen Eevee crosses one moral event horizon after another.”

Well, looks like Queen Eevee has finally burned a bridge too far....

In the end, it boiled down to a simple choice: adapt or die. Evoli made her decision, even if it wasn't the one she thought it was. Thank you for the story.

It's been great to read a more villainous story from you. Awesome job on it!

Yep, full-on into Stupid Evil....

Sometimes truly the only answer is to nuke it from orbit.
Evoli and her monsters have now officially crossed that line.

Having finished this in one sitting i have mixed feelings. Most of the criticism i give here boils down to my own personal preference and i understand if you don't want to read it, Heck i have a feeling you did most of this on purpose because of the perspective we're following throughout the story.

I'm kinda building up the habit to try and leave comments like this one at the end of stories i read, if you dont want these on your stories please do tell me. After all i still have a lot of your stories left to read. :twilightsheepish:

To me this stories greatest strength is also its greatest weakness, in the end that just left me feeling kind of neutral on it all.

The fast pacing, large time skips and lack of detail and other characters fits Evoli's perspective perfectly. We see most of this through her and its clear she cares less and less about her surroundings as her hunger consumes her. Maybe its because i've read it in one sitting rather then over time but it felt a bit too short. most characters rarely survived for more then a chapter, that combined with the lack of detail of the events unfolding, and the quick succession of events made it hard to get invested or care much for what was going on.

In the end not a bad story, just not for me i guess.
I do appreciate the glance at the post plague/pre-earth without us time period.An event like this explains how an already stagnant society could have fallen as low as we see in earth without us.

I don't think it's meant to be an 'evolution' theme. It's "I Love" backwards.

Eventually it got close enough to the cage that Evoli could make out more of its features.

Some part of her wished she couldn’t.


Yeah, she’s about to meet her destiny, all right....

Heh, I suppose it was inevitable that they would show up here too....

Interesting glimpse into this “dark age”, anyway, if a tad repetitive.

Phalanx, not pharynx

Sequels within sequels

Dear author,
I'm the Chinese translator of Earth Without Us. That fiction along with other 3 prequels has become a remarkable series among Chinese bronies. Besides, I'd like to translate this fic Evoli Victorious, which is about Evoli, a vital character in EWU, as well, to make Chinese translations about PAP series more complete. I'll declare that it's a translation, you're the original author, and post the link to this website onto the translation as usual. I'll appreciate it if you could give me the chance!
By the way, there may be something wrong with my Discord account, I'll find it out soon.

So long as you link back to the stories as you translate them, then yes, you may translate this story and any other PaP story you wish.

I saw a little of those Chinese sites talking about PaP, and I was incredibly excited to hear that the story had found readers there. If you ever have any questions about the translation, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks again for giving me this precious opportunity!
The website of the Chinese translation is here:https://fimtale.com/t/5137
I'll try my best to translate and keep on updating!

Interquel. I'd place it after episode 2/before episode 3, and before Chip's Challenge of Bedtime Stories.

If only she did the unexpected and waited instead of trusting and going to attack, who knows what could happened...

jup evoli gone mad

something about this reminded me of "the culling of the hives"...
it's a complicated story.

And on the ground in front of them was the wreckage of a human device, a cylinder of many small openings with cranks and boxes of bullets. The cause of so many deaths along the tunnel, broken to pieces by Decimus and her brood.

some kind of Gatling gun, i guess...

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