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This story is a sequel to Earth Without Us

The Event changed all of humanity. Many were lucky, and ended up as creatures more or less the right size to live in their world. Ordinary ponies might be small compared to old human ruins, but they can make due.

It's a lot harder when you're a few inches tall, and the entire world is rotting away around you. Beset by dangers on every side, a few refugees are determined to survive no matter the price. Come god, demon, or locked door, they will triumph no matter what!

Cover by Zutcha. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail

Part of the Ponies After People universe, by me. This story is independent of any of my other fics, but readers should probably familiarize themselves with the basic ideas of Last Pony on Earth. This story takes place around 7000AE.

A few of these chapters (2,3,4) began their life as part of Bedtime Stories. I decided I loved the characters far too much, and so I've removed those chapters and greatly expanded the story around these characters. Breezies have only been done once in this universe to my knowledge, and that story died very quickly. It was time for someone else to write about them.

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This premise is amazing, how do u keep doing this Pony Asimov 😭 :applecry::fluttercry:

Great! Breezies are very underused!

Excellent, awaiting more eagerly.
I note 'make due' -> do.

Okay, after reading the first chapter I really want to know why there wasn't a breezy death match for the name "Avery" since they are all technically Avery.

This is perhaps the strangest Harem scenario I've ever seen written. And it makes perfect sense. Well done!

It smelled awful—the oil was starting to leak, and her breezie antennae did not like the smell of oil.

but oil is mostly natural?

I'm clearly behind on PAP lore, but this is still fascinating. Looking forward to more.

“Dead. I could turn you into dead.”

She did the light thing

Why does this sort of thing crack me up so much?

Neat. The idea of one person split into so many personalities was definitely too interesting to let it go by so quickly. :twilightsmile:

LOVE this story!

Though I have to ask: Does being split into multiple parts mean that each Avery's individual parts were greater than any parts when Avery was hole? For example, does Kari know more about Electricity than Avery did when she was a Human/Pony when she was first created? Or is it just each of them is now better able to specialize since they mostly just remember the things that they are good at, and have kept improving upon those areas?

Ah so I WAS right! Each one is even BETTER at their specialty than Avery was when she was Whole.

Also, I am totally loving this story and I can't wait to read more! <3

Luckily then that Starscribe made this one pretty self-contained.

Though all the other stuff is still totally worth reading! <3

I wonder if they have any shared memory or if every memory was divided up as well, enough that they can all remember certain things, but from different instants.

Hope we get to see perspectives from multiple ones, just to see the different thought processes and sense of self. Early on that sense of self should be really confilused until they each become more distinct individuals.

How much of this was ripped straight from the other fic? I just want to know if I can skip any chapters.

holy shit he's writing more :D

This actually beats out Chip's chapters for my favourite side story... Barely.

RIP Chip

The chapters that can be skipped have author's notes at the beginning.

This one was a little hard to see, since her tan almost matched the color of the paint, but her mane was the same orange as April and that helped.

“I, ummm…” She looked down. “I don’t mean to argue with Av—April, but I already have a name idea I like. I mean… Avery wasn’t ever really a very goodgirl’sname, and I thought of one once… well, when we got here. Can I be Posy instead?”

“Sure.” Julian didn’t hesitate. “You can be Posy.

“But she’s supposed to be doing research!” moaned someone else. Posy, based on that bright yellow coat

Is she tan or yellow?

Could catch. Fixed it. Tan.

“It’s about the city,” he said. “We’re gonna be hit by a bus.”


I thought this was late war... Is this pre-apotheosis? Is this what happened to New York before our Crystal Friend pushed his cure?

In gruesome fashion, sometimes. Fungal monsters that got too close to him had sometimes been devoured by plants from the inside. There was a whale he’d accidentally turned into a Redwood just a few miles from Formenos.

Gives a whole new meaning to the Everfree being described as a place where "the plants grow by themselves", doesn't it?

Nitpick: 'largest room' - the room with the laptop has to be at least a foot across, for obvious reasons.

so are most poisons,but its not a good thing for the majority of lifeforms. on a side note does anyone know where in the timeline this falls?

It may be just that it smells bad rather than not being natural. It could alternatively also be that breezies are more attuned to the living things in nature; rather than the non living things that make it up as well. As in perhaps attuned to plants, and animals, but not rocks, and minerals? That is what seems may be happening to me. We'll have to see though I suppose.

There's a bit more detail on the story's description if you expand the "more" box, and it mentions ~7,000 years after the event.

do the sequel and the other story have the same main char? and is more planned since I don't know when I will catch up to the current chapter.
I just like to have a chance to state my opinion.

Hmm. I wonder if the Matron has enough power to affect the outcome of the Event spell. Bus full of breezies?

Hopefully they can prepare the path the bus will take. Move some dwellings. Maybe cultivate some kind of arrestor net system out of vines, make it less of a crash, more of a controlled stop. Maybe have Avery ready to teleport in somewhere near the ceiling to use her TK to apply the brakes...

This story does not have the same main character as Earth Without Us.

okay then I'm sadly not interessted, more because I think I suddenly remember which universe this is supposed to be.

This sounded like either the one where Discord turns everyone into ponies or a similar one.

I usually hate it if the main char is suddenly changed but I don'T know if I would need to know the other one and I'm not sure if the universe this probably plays in would turn them back into humans again. I prefer it if they stay like that.

That's more creative namng than I'd have come up with. I'd have gone with Bavery, Cavery, Davery, Favery, etcetera.

“It’s about the city,” he said. “We’re gonna be hit by a bus.”

For whatever reason, I thought back to EWU here, when Alex rescued a bunch of refugees...

There were 13 of Avery originally. If ten are still alive that means three parts of her personality are completely dead.

That dragon could've been a key defensive asset. Oh well.

Hngggg. Another excellent chapter and at a time when I am rather stressed as well! Definitely a great way to calm myself from all the stress of my day

Huh a second breezie fic? Well, I'm curious

It occurs to me that by the time Archive and co save the world, the population of breezies will probably be higher than the total population of ponies.
And depending on how long it takes, a decent chunk of North America might not be suitable for pony inhabitation any more.

Avery didn't really care much one way or the other about the other refugees before Julian reminded her, and she's mentioned how much of herself she can only remember when Julian is with her.

...After Julian dies (however long that takes, it'll eventually happen, since they've implied he's the only one there who ages at all), the whole village here is going to be indifferent at best to the giants, aren't they?

I don't think that's how dragonflies work...

In any case... Yeah, Julian's in an interesting if distressing situation. It's no fun being the plaything of a Morphean, especially when you have a faerie-flavored Midas touch. At least they have a bit more genetic variety in the town, thin silver lining though that may be.

Of course, Julian may still need to explain the situation to the other giants...

If the pony civilization had TV sets, I am wondering why the nearest pony community has not installed five to ten, solar powered, roadside emergency telephones. These would assist returnees as well as any flying pony that crashed into the abandoned settlement.

Solar Powered Emergency Phone Tower

Perhaps, these have been installed by hazmat suit, wearing ponies a few hours before the Greyhound Bus appeared in the abandoned pony settlement? After all, these construction ponies would want to get in, install these emergency telephones, and then get out as soon as possible. I would think that it would take ten minutes to find a suitable location, such as a concrete sidewalk beside a street sign or a familiar landmark such as a pony statue, drill holes for anchoring bolts, and then bolt the pole to the ground.

You have to be very careful with getting help, from who I think they will, even if it for the right reason.

She’d saved his life once, when he’d been trapped by one of the fungus-tenders in a little rock crevice on the border. When no breezy in the army had dared, she’d descended with a little pointed stick, and risked her life for him.

Oh god, breezies with toothpicks.:rainbowderp:

Well. That sounds malicious and manipulative as FUCK! >.<


"I warn you, mortal. Release me now, or you will feel the awful, terrible, irresistible might of the faery magic! I will rot your teeth from your head! Take your eyes from their sockets! Fill your mouth with dung and your ears with worms!"

"Hit me with your best shot. After that, we can talk about what you need to do to get out of the circle."

"You could at least pretend to be afraid, Harry."

Huh. Moth-pony druid. And Julian with a goal that would do Archive proud. This could go in a number of intriguing directions.

Also, just how far-ranging is this fungus if there aren't any safe spots for non-Breezies on the entire continent? Yikes.

That is a good metaphor for time. Time is a rabid stag

What's the "little price", I wonder? And how much will Julian end up trading to the next Morphean to counter the worst of its effects?

There's something about introducing the ponies and then not showing any direct input with them for a couple chapters that feels quite disappointing.

You put work into setting up an event and then it feels like we're not seeing change for it. Sure, you don't need a quick payoff. It just feels like that part of the story is being ignored in favour of slice of life. I'm sure you will get into that later, but it is disappointing. These are the kind of chapters I tend to skip when re-reading stuff. Not because they're slice of life, but because of that whole distracting from the story thing.

Yes, I am aware there is some important exposition in here, but it could have happened earlier, when there wasn't a new driving force in the story. Or it could have been woven in better.

Oh well. I still like your stories. Carry on.

Did the deer finally find their way to magic?

My theory is that at least six deals will be made to counter each other, and Jackie will somehow get involved or come to see what is going on.

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