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World Theory

(Stuff I Don't Mind Random People Or Self Proclaimed Ponies Knowing About Me)

[insert stuff here; to be done later]

(I think I need to update this a tiny bit…)

Before you say anything— yes, I know my avatar looks a bit odd. If you're wondering what I mean by this, look at the direction the eyes are staring, and then at the direction the muzzle points in. ,something is still wrong with the eyes, I think the eyebrows need tweaking along with the shape and size of the eyes. Err, I'll figure it out eventually… Actually, I think it looks okay now that I've had some time to fix it up.

OK… Now onto the good stuff… I am fond of using ellipsis…

If you asked me what pony I am most like, I would have to say that I cannot describe myself like that. But uhh… Imagine if Pinkie Pie was slowed way down and wasn't obsessed with parties and adopted Fluttershy's shyness and made jokes that no one gets, and was a human male that doesn't have pink poofy hair or special physics bending abilities or a working pink sense, but still gets odd twitches now and then, and was also more prone to rambling than Twilight, and was a bit adverse to going outside like rarity is, but only because of the horrible blood-sucking/flesh-munching insects found in abundance where she he lives. That would come pretty close to how I am… Also I could almost say I have no focus, but that is not true. I can achieve absolute focus for maybe 1 to 240 minutes, but only — if I have no distractions. If I am distracted, I literally cannot so much as read a short sentence. My attention will be ripped away by force with the jaws of life and a substantial bonk on the head with a black jack. Safe to say: I like my peace and quite when I read. Now let's talk about my long-term focus. Oh wait, there's nothing to talk about there. I have horrible long term focus. (Long term being defined, in this case, as interest in an activity over the course of months.) I think that the ponies shall hold my interest for a relatively profound length of time though. It has been over three months already and I can not detect any hint of boredom.

So… “How did I get pulled into the *cringe* herd?” you might not wonder. I blame the TV Tropes wiki. I read about a certain fanfic, and decided to read it. I had seen the show like once and a half times, but I hadn't paid much attention because I was kinda being pressured into watching it. But I read that fanfic (to my sorrow, I got to it only after a ton and a half of chapters were pulled back for a re-write) and was left wanting more [reading material]. It didn't sink in immediately that the story was hosted on a site dedicated to MLP:FIM fics. Untill I finally took notice of the banners at the top of the page. *head-desk* Doh! So I started looking up more stories. Search criteria: Long story with a decent popularity and interesting description. I found Anthropology! Yatta!!! I started reading it, and could not stop. Think I finished it in two days. 130,415 words total

I should mention that I was lurking on this site without an account for a few months. Reading stuff for months. No account. I think I finally signed up because I noticed I was getting no search results with a rating above teen. I thought maybe that there just wasn't very many mature rated stories or something. I finally found a story on here with a mature rating using google. But it was not one that I was interested in sadly. Anyway, some tinkering with search settings native to this site later and I guessed that only members can see stories rated mature. So I go and sign up. I was going to need to eventually anyway, as I was (and still am) planning to write publish a fanfic. (I'm already underway on the writing part. It takes time for me to do anything, for reasons I have yet to explain.) So I'm all signed up right? I search for mature stuff. *jaw drops* That's a lot of stories. Shatters my idea that mature fics were some small minority. So then comes the task of finding one I want to read. I am not fond of gore, thank you very much. I need happy stories to keep from going all Pinkamena Diane Pie on all y'all! I don't watch horror movies and I don't read horror stories. So, what's left? Shipping... O_o Grrr! No! My head canon says Dash does not swing that way! (And neither do the other Mane-6…) Hello Xenophilia! Hello Gentleman'verse! My my—what high ratings you have my dear! “The better to get your attention with!” And with that, the subject shall be changed!

I went a very long time reading various fanfics here. But I had not watched much more than 5 episodes of the show. I knew so much from reading that I figured I might as well have already watched the show anyway. But then I wanted to get into writing my own fic. I started watching the show. Okay, not as bad as I was thinking… Ehhh?! That is not how I imagined Trixie to sound! I thought her voice would be all high-pitched and cute while she says “The Great and Powerful Trixie!” (Drawing out the last sound of her name.) So basically I trolled myself by not watching the show sooner. Heh.

I'm watching the show, and pretty soon I find myself rather fond of a certain extra colorful pegasus mare who is mostly light blue. Names shall go un-mentioned to protected anonymity… OK, so imagine that I standing on my hands upside-down. Now imagine that the whole planet flips upside-down so I'm left trying to hold the world up Atlas style. My crush on Dash crushed me flat. I like everything about her. Even her flaws seem to make her more perfect. :\ That's about as much as I want to say for fear of spoiling too much of a story I have planned. (It will likely be my second fic, I say this before I have even finished or even published my first, because, It will be taking place in the world of my first fic.) The love! It burns! Aaarrrhhhnnggah! Must write fic before mind is completely lost!!!

Favorite non-compressed bitmap formats in order from best to lest:
Targa (.TGA) - Because it supports an 8-bit alpha channel!
Netpbm formats (because I am a crazy freak that uses bzip2 compression on bitmaps, and I don't like lengthy headers)
(.PBM) for plain old black and white 1-bit/pixel
(.PGM) for grayscale 8-bits/pixel
(.PPM) for full RGB color. 24-bits/pixel
Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) saved using no zip compression at all
Because it's just nice to have a single file format that handles nearly every type of raster image bit-depth I use, and still be able to compress huge images efficiently using bzip2 without that mathematical patterns being obscured by mandatory compression native to the image format. And did you know PNGs support as high as 16-bits color precision per color channel per pixel? (That's 48-bits per pixel for an RGB image and 64-bits per pixel for an RGBA image!)
Windows Bitmap format (.BMP) It's not supported reliably on enough programs.
.GIFs are a love-hate relationship, only mentioned because I like to hear— myself type? No that's silly, I just have a tendency to only make changes to my user page when I'm tired, and my judgement is affected. Alas…

S I W S T I A N A M, S
(Stuff I Want Seen That Is Also Not About Me, Sotta)

Is it strange the when I think about drawing a pony's face, I worry about there being enough room in the head for the brain, after all the space is taken up by the gigantic eyes? This is even more of a concern ween looking at screen shots of male pony's faces from the show.

Alas, I know of the super large eyeball phenomenon from anime. But I am stuck between trying to make them plausible and cannon.

Hmm... Apparently scalable vector graphics can be used on this site if you know a good image hosting site for them.

Favorite quote from Twilight Sparkle:
"I'm going to do what I do best ... lecture her!"

I've heard people say perfection can not be improved on.
I disagree.
If perfection can no longer be made more perfect, there is no more room for growth, and that is a flaw. Therefore, to improve perfection, you must make it less perfect, thereby providing an opportunity to improve it again.

Cower before my logic!

Ok... Here's a cross-over idea for someone to go write...
Characters from Azumanga Daioh go to Equestria.

I don't know why they do. They. Just. Do.

How to say "moustache" the right (manly) way:
Is said like a passionate kiss between lovers.

Is said like the sound of finely ground coffee being poured.

Is said like storm driven ocean waves crashing against the stone of a cliff face in the afternoon.

Now say it all together: mou-sta-che!

Yes, I wrote this myself. Inspired by The Manliest Brony.

Apple bucking... How have I not seen the parallel all this time? How do humans harvest apples? They pick them! Apple picking. Apple bucking. Doh...

I hate butting in but I'd like to offer my personal take on Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie acts random and insane but she isn't. She has a deep insight into pony minds and how ponies think. She not super-intelligent but she is wise in her own way.

I've always seen her childhood as isolated compared to other pony childhoods. She needs, needs to be around other ponies. Not only does their existence validate her own but her emotions are tied to others - if they are happy, she is happy. If they are sad, she feels sad. Etc. Very empathetic but unlike Fluttershy in her expression of this empathy - Flutters is an introverted empathy, Pinkie is the extrovert empathy. She goes out of her way to make other ponies have a good day as best as she can. She makes mistakes and sometimes makes things worse but she honestly tries to brighten others days up because, in the end, that makes her feel good. She doesn't much care if she's the center of attention or if she's in the background, so long as the focus of her attention is happy, she will feel happy for them.

That's how I see Pinkie Pie. I hope that gives you some idea of how to make her 'wacky zany' personality work out for your own story.

This was a comment on someone else's userpage, but I had to save it for it's interest value.


Humans and Clothing · 9:10am Oct 15th, 2013

I got to thinking about why humans wear clothing. I really wonder how it got started, and why it continued to happen.

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Hey, no problem! It's a great story to read. I like all the history lessons and talks explaining how things work. Sorry I haven't been leaving comments; I read the majority of fanfics nowadays in ebook format, while disconnected from the internet.

One important thing to note, though, is that I was almost discouraged from continuing to read at first, before I found out that Nate and his “Dog” would indeed establish dialogue with eachother. That was something I was looking forward to, when I read the story description, and for a few chapters, it looked like it was just going to be one of those ‘stealth actor’ stories, which isn't what I wanted to read.

Thank you for the favorite on 'Vault Dweller,' I appreciate it. :pinkiehappy:

Happy to brighten your day even if only by a little bit :twilightsmile:

And your comment made me smile.

That's actually the first time someone's actually told me it had that effect, and I've had it for ages. That was kind of why I made it in the first place.

You know your profile pic maybe do a double take

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