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Hey people! Welcome to the We love Kirin 4ever group. Dun, dun, dun

As you all know, Kirins is one of the new species introduced in season 8 episode 23 'sounds of silence'. (I find them the most cutest species on MLP right now) Any type of story that relates to Kirins can be placed in this group right here. For example; it can be any type of shipping, or any type of story that involves Kirins. Everyone is to post there current stories there working on or complete in this group but put them in the correct folders.

1. Place story in the correct folder
2. No violent language like swearing or threats in the comment section or will be removed immediately
3. Don't spam, (unless if it's a MLP meme)
4. No trolling
5. Have fun! Feel free to ask a question to the administers or message the creator of group privately

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Kirins have episode taught everybody all they ever need to know about Phantom of the Opera.

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