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Story Concept: Incomplete · 12:49pm May 18th, 2013

Name: Incomplete
Soon after finishing his 5th story, an FimFiction writter receives a strange PM requesting him to finish his first story. Not long after denying the request, strange things begin to happen in the writters life, as the characters from his first story may have been more than what the author intended them to be.

They wanted to be at peace, they wanted their story told, they wanted to be... complete.

Story Plot:
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Story Ending:

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Thanks for the Watch! :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

422570 Hello, pleasure to meet you. (so to speak)

How i feel sometimes, BUT NOT RIGHT NOW.

I HAZ MUFFINZ :derpytongue2:.

There, now I commented :twilightsmile:

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