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Navy Vet working IT, I usually write about whatever inspires me.


Currently undergoing maintenance, not much for the first few chapters but expect the latter to be vastly different. I will post the originals on google docs if anyone wishes to read them.

An evil book thought to have been effectively sealed for eternity finds its way into the hooves of a little unicorn filly. What they don't know can hurt them as curiosity, temptation and lust for power drives one of their friends to the extremes and beyond.

Edited by Brittany Tielke

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 98 )

....Sweetie Belle, with the Necronomicon... This will not end well. :facehoof:

You got a good start here, keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Oh of course it's that book. So I take it that some eldritch abominations will show up at some point.

Fantastic! I can't wait until Chapter 2!

This is going to be 100% fun! Love the CMC, I also liked your OC...Dusk....I wonder what is so important about the book that he would steal?....anyway, I'm hoping to read more of this, keep up the amazing work, you got a few spelling and grammewrerros but nothing major, will be waiting...also, just to inform you for no reaso, Sweetie belle is my favorite CMC.

A necronomicon? LOL! This is not gonna go well.

Got a feeling that the book is going to turn Sweetie Belle evil....OH! Can I make the new villain if she does, this is going to be VERY bad ass...go SWEETIE BELLE! Also so, always nice to see the CMC and Rarity having fun and being family...this is getting really great, thanks for an awesome monday.

881494 sorry but no, the plot is already laid out and saying more will ruin the expeience. :unsuresweetie:

Isn't it 'exact my revenge' not 'extract my revenge'? Meh, anyway, I'm enjoying this. Sweetie Belle antics are always fun. (Like messing with her sister's OCD) :twilightsmile:

881533 Damn...very well, can't wait for more nonetheless.

881740 maybe... but thank you, it has been updated. :twilightblush:

Why the buck are there seriously not more reviews to this? I feel seriously bad for Sweetie, she did not deserve such action...I have a feeling her heart is only going to get darker because of this...Sweetie Beele as a villian? 100% down...wonder what will happn to the snotty brats, damn I hate bullies....Shit this is getting intense, GO CMC!!!!

905043 perhaps i should try to post to EQD? unfortunately all of my stories have been denied thus far.

I say give it a shot, I'm here for ya if you need it. If they don't accept you then look for ways to improve....every writer can laws improve, right?

“Cheerilee, I demand to know who is responsible so I can do very unlady-like things to them and their family.”- Rarity. Rarity can be scary sometimes. :twilightoops: I look forward to the day when shit gets real in this fic cause I'm enjoying thus far. :pinkiehappy:

Without delay Scootaloo fan from the boutique.

Scootaloo is a fan? Has fans? Hehe~

Anyway, keep it up. It's a good story. :twilightsmile:

905733 thanks, I got it corrected. You would not believe how hard it is to write with a keyboard that has a tendency to not register most of the keystrokes. most of the time I get stuff like "Wiut delotaloo an from the bouue."


I had a problem with that too. You can open it up and clean the circuitry/touch points with rubbing alcohol.

906295 ... I already smashed it to pieces in a fit of rage. I finished it using my laptop keyboard.


.....well, at least replacements are like, 10 bucks.

These spells are obviously from another dimension. The Elder Scrolls Dimension!:pinkiehappy:

1235273 you are actually the first to notice, I suppose the spell Oakhide [oakflesh] gave it away? Later in the story I will implement dark magic from other games and mods as well.

1235434 YES, an update, :rainbowlaugh: damn.....poor Derpy...she's my 100% favorite pony and it was very hard and sad to hear such a dark story...now I'm pissed. Anyway, love how through each chapter Sweetie Belle's heart is getting darker and darker, very nice....wow...this chapter is crazy but very, very well written, I can't wait for more.

Love the attitude of the imp, I like him, though I hope Sweetie Belle grows more colder and harsher by herslef not just with the imp's help. And I forgot that she got into a fight with the rich brats, what bitches....anyway, I almost completely freaked and was about to be pissed when I thought Derpy/Ditzy was killed, seriously, she's my favorite pony, please don't kill her. And this is very detailed, I really like that about this story, shit, so Sweets killed her first pony....in a sense huh? Well the first of many I got a feeling :rainbowlaugh:

Let the game of shadows, begin.

1282594 what I don't get is that I can write a crap story that everyone reads and hates on me for, and when I write a good one it gets buried somewhere in the archives? Honestly I think this fic is feature box material. I don't mean to toot my own horn but I have seen a crappy fic or two up there. Do I need to donate to the site or something?

1282804 I have to seriously agree with you there, you got some very impressive and unqie talent that for some reason some people are noting really giving you credit for, I hate when I post a new chapter and get one or two reviews but then I remember that I'm writing for the enjoyment and because I enjoy writing, not for anyone else, its tough bro trust me...but well worth it, you know I'll be readiong and reveiwing each and every chapter you write if no one else will, count on it.

Also, yes it is really messed up how some horrible fics have ben allowed to be featured, but I'm not sure why that is.

I love the imp. Aznid is the shit! I have to agree with on the comments above. I think this is feature box material.

I don't think Ditzy is mentally handy capped, just a bit forgetful.

I also had Sweetie learn a much larger amount of spells than I had been doing previously, this is simply because writing an entire chapter around each spell would be insane, as I am using spells from various games and myth to kind of give her the whole evil thing. And besides, she gets stronger by simply using her spells, like working out, and she recently killed someone. She just leveled up a bunch :rainbowwild:

Another great chapter!:pinkiehappy: Things are getting more heated in this story.

1429849 well I got good news, the next chapter is going to but written tonight, it should be live later tonight or mid morning tomorrow.

1429869 That is good news. :pinkiesmile:

HHHHAAAAAUUUUUZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A new Dark Sweetie Belle chapter, very, very impressive....the fact that she was able to do three to four spells at once and only get a headache is rather amazing, but with great power comes an ever greater or rather dark understanding of what she is learning....something bad is going to happen, I feel it in my fur....damn, and she's my favortie CMC...plus, Derpy (Ditzy) is my 100% favorite, I'm hoping Dinky and her are given more of a bigger role later on, wonder what happened with her servant imp...this is awesome and I played Darkness 2, it was very, very bad ass but really short, hoping three with be better and longer....fucked up ending though :rainbowlaugh:

I wanted to make a Slendy chapter, how did I do?

That was dark! But I like it! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm not a fan of Diamond Tiara, but not even she deserved that.

Well...That was...Something. :rainbowderp:

HOLY BUCK! THAT WAS AWESOME !!!!!!!! DO IT AGAIN!!!!!! Talk about being driven to killing yourself, shit......that made my day.:pinkiehappy:

1433286 I have some rather... interesting things planned for the upcoming chapters.:pinkiecrazy:

1433711 And I have a feeling I'll enjoy every one of them, Dark Sweetie Belle is one of my favortie villians...if she can be called such that is....or maybe she's an anti-hero....hmmm....

Holy sh*t ! A new chapter!? Yippee! :pinkiehappy:

It's a good chapter. I can't imagine how Rarity is going to feel when she finds out Sweetie Belle is a murderer.

Very, very glad to hear that I freaking love this story so Colgate as a spy huh? Shit talk about bagass. I never thought of that before. Wonder what else sweetie belle can create ad what sliver spoons thoughts are of the matter?

1896375 You make a good point, i was so focused on what to do and forgot about the other little shit. oh there we go, figured it out. im a bit under the weather, flu or something, so i'll work on it when i can

introducing the new and improved sweetiebelle!

anti hero, you mean an antagonist?
normally i'd call her that, since you called dark sweetiebelle a villain
but according to this story, (dark)sweetiebelle is the main character, thus making her the protagonist

you DID state that sweetie belle performed a spell that gave her magic resist right?
y'know the spell that gave her 40% magic immunity or whatever

1896824 the armor and anti-magic spells require a constant connection, which so far she has dispelled after using them. And it doesn't matter if she has 100% resistance to magic, spells leave the same signature as the unicorns themselves. think about it like this, you can make the most advanced submarine in the world that is invisible to all radars, but as soon as the periscope breaches the surface it leaves a long wake and churns the water, leaving an obvious trail that can be followed for miles.

Why are they burning everything? Shouldn't they have an auction or a yard sale to get money?

1968696 It was no longer theirs to sell, so in an act to get back on the town anything of value was to be destroyed.

That's bucking right, DT. Sweetie Belle can summon slender.
Why doesn't this have more views? This is awesome, possibly my favorite dark fic to date.

“Cheerilee, I demand to know who is responsible so I can do very unladylike things to them and their family.” Oh god it's "The Secret Life of Rarity" all over again :pinkiehappy:

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