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Now a live reading! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQczp8BtYGU

Based on the canon that lasers do not exist in Equestria.

After months of research, Twilight has perfected a pen-like device that places a dot of light at great distances. Shenanigans ensue.

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Ohow, this was a good read!

Evil, evil Twilight.... :twilightblush:

Very nice. Quick and simple, but brilliant.

So ponies are part cat?

Bravo. Bravo. where's that gif of the angry guy clapping? ah, there it is.

1498305 I wouldn't go so far as saying that, but animals other than cats do act that way. But this story is inspired by my own cat.

Is this inspired by "Twilight Discovers Shit"?

1498324 No, that is a fic I have no desire to read in any way. This was inspired by my cat while making him spin in circles with a laser pointer.

Good story! Great use of physical comedy! The characters were all well-done, seemed close to character, and I really like the twist at the end, a pitch-perfect ending. :rainbowlaugh:

I saw a few spots where there were slightly awkward phrasings, but the wording was good and fit well with the action and pace of the story. Liked, favved, very nice!!

Hilarious!:rainbowlaugh: Must... keep... eye... on... author!!!!!

Do you follow Art Inspired by Chance?

1498645 Never heard of it, but I will look it up

Fluttershy Discovers Animal Crackers and Fluttershy Discovers Gummy Bears, both by Art Inspired

1498687 oh yeah, I read the animal crackers one. But my fic is not based on some pony finding something already existing, and in fact was originally "Twilight Invents Lasers" but to have her discover lasers fit the story better.

woah! let's not get misconceptions going here :twilightblush:. I only asked because of the title eh he he :twilightsheepish: otherwise, comedy is comedy and that's always encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTa-A9ptfuAZJAnCyDvmXKRJ-FczZg11wotewA4QdDRagaq3Vz9 if done right

1498750 ... What's with the controller?:rainbowhuh:

comedy is gold and you have supplied me with humor you no nothing of with your question of WTF?

HA! Had me laughing my ass off, Spike went insane trying to get at it but I was laughing so hard when she did it to Rarity, very well made, I lovedit:pinkiehappy:

Sadly, there's only one joke here, but it is a funny one, so I approve.

Pinkie might catch the dot...:ajbemused:

Oh, jesus, now my sides hurt :rainbowlaugh: Is it bad that I can perfectly imagine everyone who was chasing the dot doing so?
Someone needs to make an animation outta this!

1503863 I don't exactly doubt that possibility :applejackunsure:

The amount of wierd stares I got at the public library for laughing so hard at that!

1498320 I think that's Simon Pegg :unsuresweetie:

This story is way too funny.

love the laser pen advertisement they put beside the story

3292150 oh man that's hilarious, should have posted the screen shot

Prankster Sparkle?:twilightsmile:

I enjoyed this:rainbowlaugh:

I now have the burning desire to know how horses actually react to laser pointers XD

Youtube suggests yes

Laughed pretty hard there. I actually have a purple laser pointer, so I totally sided with Twilight on this one. :rainbowlaugh:

Really awesome story. This has to be funniest fic I have read so far .

1506489 You forget, it's Pinkie. The laws of physics tend to take a vacation around her.

4870652 I said I don't doubt the possibility of that happening.

4870698 I replied to the wrong person...

I think Pinkie would totally catch the dot. I don't know how, but she would. :pinkiehappy:

Is Pinkie secretly a laser pointer? Because she can get to places instantly without any prior warning too...

My dog does that. It's funny to see a massive golden retriever flip the fuck out over a dot of light.

They lied, They killed spike to get revenge.

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