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After a promising breakthrough with an experimental spell backfires in the worst way possible, Twilight finds herself in a cubed world where she must learn how to use the world around her to survive.

This is Minecraft, placed blocks are locked in place, broken blocks shrink in size to be carried, and mass has no meaning. The monsters are real, rotting zombies, terrifying hairy black spiders, tall lanky creepers are everywhere, and death is not an option.

Will Twilight learn to survive, or will she become something more?

Wow! Featured 9/11/14! Thanks everyone!

How about that? Featured again on 10/9/14! More thanks!

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Lions and tigers and bears o my.
Consider adding herobrine

Praise smooze: http://tinyurl.com/k26592u

oh the first night is always terrifying if you dont know what to do:twilightoops:

i hope its Steve who found Twilight and i hope he teach her how the minecraft world works:twilightsmile:

Minecraft woo hoo!:pinkiecrazy: I was wondering when someone else would do a fic that involves minecraft.

4986889 Bro. Your profile pic is epic. :rainbowderp:

Are you going to write about vanilla minecraft or will you add some mods? :pinkiesmile:

Make the person be rythian from the yogscast please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Serious downvote fairy flittered through here. But yeah. Nice story. Hoping the shadow is Steve.


Joking, joking. Good start! Yeah, that's a pretty logical reaction to getting dumped in a world as crazy as Minecraft.

My only complaint?
Needs a better title...

Damn it Twilight, did you set reality to Hardcore?

The shadow needs to be Steve, who will then attempt to tame Twilight as a ridable steed.

Hmm... This story looks interesting, nah.... Wait... Is that..? A minecraft mlp crossover...?:derpyderp1:
Yes :yay:

4989178 I didn't forget, that's for a future chapter :P


Damn minecraft! wake up on the wrong side of the bed much?

Interesting. I will keep track of this and I think that Twilight will become a true master at enchanting weapons and stuff.
Can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy:

That gore tag better not have been abused. If I see gore, then I want to see gore.

4989591 Now it's time to ask you what 5692 others have asked!
Why is At the End on hiatus? When is it coming back?

Realy like the story.
Now I'm interested if you could add the Witchery mod.

Technically the Creepers of Minecraft are living plants. Here's your proof.

From the sounds of the story description this is hardcore adventure mode. Oh for the love of the moon I hope not, poor Twi~

4987242 and don't forget at the end of the chapter there's a mandatory -removed herobrine quote needed. He's removed every patch. :pinkiecrazy:

I can guarantee the next chapter will be finished sometime this month. Publish date I can't guarantee.

Or maybe the whole 'dying isn't an option' thing meant that she can't off herself to escape from this hell.

Twilight should be glad she didn't teleport to a server running one of the more meatier modpacks. I could only imagine the look on her face as as many as five people irreparably scar the world because one of them stole the others pork chops. And then watch in awe as one runs around with a rocket launcher and rejuvenation missiles, provided ICBM is in the modpack. I wouldn't know, loading chunks in multiplayer CTDs me.

Ive got five words for you: BEST.MINECRAFT.MLP.STORY.EVER. (so far)

Looking at the description, I can see that this might be written properly.

Oh my, finally a good story to break the bad autistic minecraft stories stereotype? Might read later.

4990533 I'm not perfect with my grammar but I try my best. I'm often told I'm comma happy though.

I really hope this ends up better than that doctor who/derpy crossover:pinkiehappy:
I can't believe no one has posted this yet


sand sucking creepers...

is it weird that I hate creepers more than rednecks hate muslims?:rainbowlaugh:

4990717 You read that one too?
Yeah, that was sitting at my favorites box for awhile. Too bad no more updates are coming in :fluttercry:

Oooh :o
Minecraft's pretty fun game, yeah, and I like MLP too...
I think adding this to read later will do... for now ;)

4990258 actly hertorne croppted and mtated pgs to e evle

4990831 I am a god. Actually your internet is just on the wrong date probably, I uploaded this about 22 hours ago. I have a screen shot of the occasion but cannot link from my phone. Also the time the comments posted should back up my words.

4990846 stop. Just stop. I have no idea what you attempted to do there and frankly it failed hardcore, please show some restraint and learn how to keyboard. Thank you.

The walked upright on just two legs,


Comment posted by Shadow Lance deleted Sep 12th, 2014

Yet another mindless Minecraft crossover.

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