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This story is a sequel to Dawn of Sigma

Sigma was banished from the hive for his failure, a fate that would kill a drone such as himself. He survives with the help of unexpected friends and a cursed tome, but his mind remains broken. Now they try to help him regain his past, but for everything he begins to remember, the more he deteriorates.

This is just the beginning, but the madness of Sigma knows no bounds, additional tags will be added as needed.

Featured on 11/4/15! Thanks Everyone!

My commission is finished and updated as the cover image!

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6287445 I was going though my folders and found it almost finished, so I polished it off and began a third chapter :P

6288942 oh noble follower, alas, a third chapter and the beginning of the first story arc.

I hath heeded thy summons, tis a most verily vexing villainous plot afoot. The guard must be at-arms.

Tis a truly puzzling enigma.


Our changeling has done goofed.

6390263 worry not, dear reader, for this is merely the calm before the storm.

Had a busy week but I expect to star the next chapter come monday.

The doctor looked from me to the note pad and back again several times, “Defiantly some mental trauma. Here, see for yourself.”

5962396 Definitely*
see what I did there?:raritywink::trollestia:

6484981 fun activity: read the doc's voice as Liam Neeson

Umm... Rose is very cheery. And I love the ways she states she won't be a corpse forever.

Twilight despite being so smart is acting like an idiot. Nothing unusual there.

Poor old Rose.

Hey I just remembered.

A ring a ring a rosie,
a pocket full of posey,
a-tishoo a-tishoo,
we all fall down.

I don't know why but it reminds me of Rose.

This chapter ending made me cry :raritycry:

PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS GOING TO BE ROMANCE TAG IN THIS STORY :fluttercry::flutterrage::fluttercry::heart:

6600337 good idea, there will defiantly be more in the future, romance tag added!:pinkiehappy:

Yeeeeeeeyy :yay:
i lov you so much now :heart::ajsmug:

And that's going on with Twilight? You'd think she was about to have a complete breakdown or something!

she knows nearly everything but as soon as the most normal thing is gone from a checklist BAM end of the world in her system...

Wow Twilight, just wow. Words cannot express your idiocy.


Yeah i agree with you at this

Good chapter

Words cannot describe this story...

Well, actually they do... because this story is made from words.. but eh, let's not confuse ourselves here.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

6707747 I think a bit of ridiculousness here and there is good, fun to write too.

6707747 slow day today, next chapter is at 3000 words already and going quickly, think I'll finish it up tonight and start working on the bonus chapters I've neglected for "my lovely rose"

“I, Prince Blueblood, will not let such a travesty go unpunished!”

Son, good luck! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh the dinner was priceless.

Oh, and 8s it alright if I call you Mr. Beetle?

U havn a prob' m8?

Your story has way to few typos for me to think no one proofread it, so how did this get past proofreading?
the world may never know

Prince BlueBitch is coming
oh joy:pinkiesick:

6714795 fixed, I do my own editing and sometimes stuff slips through. Thanks though!

I think you made them a bit too strong, as I can't see a way for any sort of long-term peace. I mean, that shield held off an army. Sure, an army of grunts, yet still an army. Members of that army were shown to be able to crater stone with their attacks. And here, you have a single mare breaking it.

On one side, Equestria, on the other, The Thestral colony, with mech's and super solders.

Whats going to stop a dozen policy disagreeing Thestrals from just taking over or destroying Equestria?

6718565 I see, thanks. The idea was for them to be at about equal level, as this us around season 2 episode 3, and have them grow even stronger to the point where Shining can hold back an army, where Sigma has a large collection of summons, and the other dangers I'm throwing at them are far stronger than them.

Although I do like the idea of a few rogue thestrals that split off from the can and try to start a war with Equestria. I'll be placing that idea in the folder for the future.

Like and Fav! :twilightsmile:
Hey, did Sigma tell his name to the others? Luna and Rose are calling him by name, but Rarity called him by "Bettles".

6720025 hehe! Caught that did you? It keeps slipping his mind, who knows when they'll learn his real name?

Almost at the same time they started to yell, furiously putting their all into it, the guards around us cheering them on.

I was wondering are the THrestrals at the hight of there power?

Hmm... the plot thickens.

Or has the soup gone bad?

6734847 There is always room to improve! They are on the cusp of a breakthrough but it likely won't happen in this fic.

Well, Shining kind of teleported them before he could dispel the summons, and Rose didn't warn him about what they would do, so it's not completely his fault.

"We have impenetrable armor, weapons that can cut anything, AIs, combat mechs, ninjas that can move faster than people can track, and one of our fighters can overpower the strongest shield specialist in the world. We need your help for some reason even though we've demonstrated that everything you have is worthless against our ubermench might."

They're not just OP, they're outright broken. That was downright unpleasant to read with all the Mary Sue dripping down its face.

Ah, OK, so shining threw the match. So it's just ninjas with invulnerable robots.
That's really not much of an improvement.

6794270 when compared to the world ending shit storm I have planned way in the future she is a tally quite average when in combat, Sigma will be phisical weak but with summons to fight for him, Rose is obviously a support, and the dragons are weak against magic and they way they are made makes them susceptible to corruption. Phisical speaking they are strong, op even, but magic beam then and they break. In a world filled with magic, I feel it balances out.

Loving the cover art. Sorry if I missed it before.

6824433 just got it the other day, all good!

*blink* Oh, right. I forgot this works like an RPG tabletop game.

6824896 All of the non canon characters are ones I had created for DnD, as well as their back stories and the world they were in slowly being incorporated. There are two more that are yet to be introduced but not for a while yet.

As for why, this is far easier than writing like 10 different stories as they are technically all originating from the one I helped create for dnd. And there is a lot more I can do in this context, for instance instead of simply leading up to the changeling invasion (which will happen have no doubt) I can also throw random adventures and other massive scale invasions that will truly hang the world in the balance.

It also helps balance the characters in the background as they all have a set of pre-defined rules and abilities. I am quickly progressing Sigma in order to catch up story wise as everyone is to be considered 12th level.

6824990 Cool. Nice cover art, btw :pinkiesmile:

HA! Not a very good villian. It's FAR easier to produce a Tome of Explosive Runes. 720d6 force damage in a 30' radius, and the reader gets no save. Leave some bottles of alchemists fire in the room and anything that survived would burn.
Not only would that have killed the investigators, but would also have erased any evidence left behind.

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