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Changeling 8480/D wanted to become something more in life, and this is his story, his tale of ascension to power greater than any one changeling.

Starting a MLP DnD game with some friends and I was told to make a backstory for my character. I chose Sigma because I like the name, and he is a changeling warlock. Uploading here for funzies.

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You don't see enough Changeling-centric stories on FIMfiction nowadays. I wrote one a while back (Free Love) and it basically got no attention at all. I hope your story does not suffer the same fate. It was rather good, after all. :pinkiesmile:

5021028 I just went a tad overboard with his backstory for DnD, gave it some minor edits and threw it up here as a completed story. I may do more chapters but I would need permission from the other players. Being as everything about this story is mine sans cover art, I felt I should post it just for fun.

Great story, are you going to continue?

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Awesome story, and you could definitely do more with this if you wanted. :D

Wow that was awesome great job

Oh, wow.
That is one hell of a backstory.

Awesome story. Now I REALLY want to know what happened to this guy.


I shall investigate further.

Mlp DnD that sounds good if only my DnD friends where bronys :pinkiesad2:

Mlp DnD

It sounds like dreams come true.

MLP DnD game

Can you please tall me more?

7212931 basically we play online on roll20.net, and I've been gaming in the mlp universe we've created for almost 2 years now and have about 20 unique characters. In the sequal to this, A New Life, I am able to place a few into a unique story of my own design. However, there is one aspect of one of my characters who's trials were so stupidly overly dramatic and heart stabbing that I simply need to create a lasting fic about it. I have decided it would be near the end of A New Life and would also be it's own stand alone fic. I've gone through the online chat logs and copied them down, and it's about 50k words of just dialoge, no descriptions. I already spoke to the game master and have his blessing, he will Essentially be considered a co author for those portions as we worked together on making the world work.

If you are interested in joining us send me a message and we can chat in detail.

7213440 I wonder... how comes you decided on D&D? I mean, isn't Ponyfinder normally the thing that's played with MLP?

7232119 I don't really keep up to date on things, so this is the first time I've heard about Ponyfinder. I'll have to look into it.

lol im a changeling rogue

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