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Intrigued by the forbidden and taboo art of necromancy, the Element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle, agrees to weekly lessons with her brother's archmage and close friend, Kel'Thuzad. Along the way, she learns a thing or two about Kel'Thuzad's past, and much more about the strange and foreign magic of Azeroth than she ever could've imagined.

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Can't wait to see what rules and reasons you use for your necromancy.

As a fan of necromancy, in all forms, if you need/want any advice or answers, I would be happy to help.

I initially thought Twilight was learning Azarath magics from Raven or something. Darn crossover fics have twisted my mind!

Did you know that corpse raising while popular is an amateur use of the art...necromancers of old could actually use it to learn of future events from dead relatives hence being lumped in with seers in biblical lore.

6901450 I second that. I swear that thing is a demon in disguise

"Nothing big, mind you. Or sentient, for that matter. But kill.

Easier said than done, since even beasts that would be fair game back on Azaroth are in Fluttershy's book club.
Welcome to Equestria, where the cows talk, the rabbits cook, and the bears are invited for tea.:yay::facehoof:

Poor Twilight, so much heartache felt for her this day.
When's the next chapter?:pinkiecrazy:

Well done. That's really all I can say here.

Fingers crossed that the bunny was somehow Angel Bunny.

Even Devils can be killed. A proper application of Holy magic and Faith backing up the brute force of Rage and Disgust is, quite often, more than enough to silence a Devil on the Prime Material.

Well it was a cruel lesson but theres no other way if she wanted to learn necromancy better to get that lesson out of the way early on than later.

He forgot that a Saronite cant be handle by the living without protection or treatment of the metal else their driven slowly insane.... great going Kel :facehoof:

Hopefully he treated the metal so that Twilight won't go even more insane.

Or he didn't.

Cause you know? He's a lich, it's what they do.

Maybe he did...
Maybe he didn't... :ajsmug:

Though I will say, whichever it was, he knew of it. He knows way too much about that stuff to just ignore such a crucial aspect of the metal...

Comment posted by Shadow Valkyrie deleted Feb 24th, 2016

Then Twilight becomes slightly bloodthirsty and kills everything in sight. SHE WILL BURN THEM ALL WITH THE EMBRACE OF DARK MAGIC!! AAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! :pinkiecrazy:

*clears throat* Did I say something?

Okay, I KNOW I have some serious problems! You DON'T have help prove that by making me laugh with a story of a Lich teaching Twilight about necromancy!

"What is this?" Celestia hesitantly gripped it with her magic, examining it closer.

"A bone rasp. Might want to hang unto that if you plan on courting my brother." Kel'Thuzad smirked. Celestia stammered, and blushed. Twilight slowly turned to her mother-in-law, and gasped.

Well that explains why most Necromancers are already established mages.There's one hell of a learning curve with Necromancy you screw up a spell and you can kill yourself.

...aren't skin and flesh the same?

Or is it like the square and the rectangle logic. Where all skin is flesh but not all flesh is skin.

Not to mention the fact that if you incorrectly 'program' a construct or undead thrall, they may rip you apart as willingly as your enemies.

Basically, he wants her to skin it, then separate the bones and flesh.

6985979 don't think so. But this is why we have google.

So, is this story in a different universe than the Crystal Vizier?

7046987 No, it just takes place further along in the universe than the story has reached.

Kel'Thuzad has showed Twilight necromancy before.

Now she has to learn it. From a master, no less...

7047001 Ok, But I thought Twilight was an Alicorn in the Crystal Vizier not a unicorn?

7047013 No. She's still just a unicorn.

Don't worry, she'll ascend, as she does in the show.

Just not around the same time...

Yes i can understand Twilight's freak out, I'd probably not be much better for about a minute.

7062071 Believe it or not, the exact same thing happened to my friend who is studying to be a vet. He cut open his rabbit, and it was pegnant.

Happened to me once while dissecting mice. My partner was a bit creeped out when my first reaction was to say "interesting".

Hey, could be worse Twilight. I ended up dissecting a pregnant cat. I may or may not have broken a dissection tool. Can't remember which one.

well that escalated...

That escalated really quickly...


Beautiful. Quite glorious in fact.

Ah, the problems of legal systems that assume animation and intent require a pulse.

I may be evil but my thought are "please let that have been angel bunny"

6968832 just rambleing about burning Angel Bunny. Nothing major.

Onward to the practice of necrotic magics.

Actually, raising the dead or reanimating corpses (minus the soul, basically a biological golem) was never part of real-life necromancy. It was only communing with the dead. Though, that also meant the ability to sick poltergeists and stuff against your enemies.

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