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Navy Vet working IT, I usually write about whatever inspires me.


This is Ponyville, a small, quaint town full of friendly, happy ponies, and is simply the best place to raise a foal. Or is it? Read to find out!

A short one shot based on a dream I had.

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You had one scary/sad dream. :twilightoops:

Dark, Depressing, morbid....

I LOVE IT :pinkiecrazy:

Aaaaaand there goes what was left of my childhood(like I had any after Cheerilee's Garden :derpytongue2:)

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:pinkiecrazy: Yesss

:applecry: W-what?

:scootangel: INNOCENT!

:unsuresweetie: What the buck?

that is just beutiful :pinkiecrazy:

Just by staring at the cover pic tells me I'll somehow regret it if I read it... Should I? :fluttershyouch:

4921821 yes, you should.

Eh that wasn't so bad. I expected another extremely gory and disturbing fic. Sure it was eerie, dark, and morbid, nothing I can't handle. But now I wonder why the hell would you have a dream like that? :fluttercry:


That was actually one of the average ones. There's a few where I'm impaled or killed in various ways. I once dreamed I died on the titanic as it went vertical, someone fell on me.

The really bad dreams involve my cat or a baby that I know being mutilated without cause.

Like the dream I was watching my baby cousin and I left to use the restroom , I came back and an old guy smashed the baby's head against the wall and was barking at the corpse.

There was no returning back to sleep after that.

4922063 FUCK, that is creepy.
Just... FUCK. Creepy as all hell. Glad I don't dream at night.

Short, sweet, really surprised me though.

I like it.:pinkiecrazy:

I could almost imagine this being a song. A creepy, Silent-hill-esque song.
I rather liked it, most lines managing to rhyme and retain that sense of wonderful darkness.

Interesting dreams though, eh? Spot above mine:)

4930001 I was aiming for subtle, they died tragically yet all they want is to make friends and fine their cutie marks, and as children they don't know what they are actually doing. That's what I was going for anyway lol

What can I say except... Great Story... I was thinking something like that happened, that or maybe the CMC as a secret cult that used the foals as sacrifice to stay young

That must have been a crazy and scary/sad dream you had.....

Farwell, CMC , May you find your happiness

(By getting Diamond Tiara and Sliver Spoon! :pinkiecrazy:)

This would make a great creepypasta. I love it. :twilightsmile:

4989817 the YouTube user MrCreepypasta has the best narration voice over ever heard, and it was dictating what I was writing. Once he opens submissions I plan on sending him this story

4989844 If he reads this story I'll definitely listen. He can make anything scary. I mean, he even made Sonic.exe scary the first time I heard it.

Wow...:rainbowderp: I'm glad that I'm not the only one with these dreams! Lol.

Simple, but good. It's written like the stories on creepypastawikia.

5171242 glad you liked it, I'm a big fan of creepypasta and thought I should give it a shot

Very good story telling skills. There is a big ghost story theme along with a good narrative that's grips you. This fic should really have more likes.

5428742 I know right? anyway glad you enjoyed it !

Author Interviewer

Really cool idea, I liked this. :)

AWSOME STORY! *Runs away trying to save some childhood*

If it's okay, there's a dramatic reading of your work.

Looks like your hard work paid off there, good job.:twilightsmile:

6349736 this is amazing! Thanks!

You're welcome, my friend.
Edit: And congratulations by the way, you've earned it.:twilightsmile:

That cover art just gave me nightmares.

NOT reading the story or it'll take me weeks to sleep normally again.

creeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyyy! :twilightoops:

This was the first dark story I heard as an audio on youtube. Been looking for it ever since. A true ghost story.

Awesome story!!

It was EPIC!! :rainbowdetermined2:

Oooh. that was a twist I didn't see coming! I was thinking it was a fairy-related story and they were taken under the hill! Not that it was a ghost story instead!

Damn sad story. Great, but sad. BTW you have some weird ass dreams!

I wonder......... Was this an accident or did someone do it? *Cough cough Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon coug cough*

I wonder who killed The Cutie Mark Crusaders and how they dead

Fire in the night, burned down the clubhouse with them inside.

Who kill the The Cutie Mark Crusader?

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