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If there is a fic I want to read, but it hasn't been written, then I make it happen. Simple as that.


The first Nightmare Night with Princess Luna was fantastic. Big Macintosh had finished his cart rides, and was ready to mingle with the rest of Ponyville. When Cheerilee comes rushing up with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle in tow, they learn Applebloom went missing from Pinkie's little herd. A search begins, and a creeping dread comes over Big Mac, as he can't help but notice a strange scent in the air, as they draw closer to the Everfree Forest...

Art -- http://imalou.deviantart.com/

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Thanks for not letting me sleep at night with that cover picture. Will read sooner or later. Man, now I'll never go to sleep.:ajsleepy:

3302521 Almost always the first to comment, I'm impressed :ajsmug:


I always look at the notification box... it's my best friend.


Not like, you needed any sleep either. :pinkiecrazy:

3302554 Don't start this

NSFW(? Just in case)

I have no problems Turning my comments into a nosleep thread

is there more cause i couldn't and can't be bothered to check

3302574 EENOPE, is a one shot :eeyup:

3302578 then why leave it on a cliff hanger like that!? :raritydespair:

3302592 It's kinda what I do :ajsmug:

Although, this is part of one-shotober. If I feel the need, like my other one-shots, I may make a sequel of some kind

This inspires me to write a similar horror story but based off of sound :P

3302602 is this original or did this come from another creepypasta thing or something?

3302614 The concept is based off of several creepypasta I've read pertaining to skinwalkers, or something of the like.

3302634 if you do decide to make a sequel i hope it'll be about where it was coming from and why aj and mac seemed panicked cause i think they were panicked over more than just applebloom dissaperaing

3302651 Good eye... :raritywink:

There are reasons the ponies are scared of the Everfree. This creature is one of them.

3302656 i only noticed it because big mac seemed to be familiar with it and he seemed to know the exact danger of the situation since he went from panicked to threatening when nurse redheart suggested that she should come along should applebloom be hurt

3302717 There is a little more to this (there always is unfortunetly :ajbemused:)

Big Mac had no idea what he was exactly facing, but he's heard stories. They all have.
The reason they were so freaked out was because Nightmare Night has a very tarnished reputation when it comes to strange happenings.

And with Big Mac and Redheart. Well, there is a LOT more to that.

3302742 so i'm guessing this creature lures unsuspecting prey in somehow or does it always carry the scent of burning hair?

3302753 It's a trait it has, but serves only to hinder its subtlety. I'll be honest, I haven't developed this thing as much as I want.

3302771 don't worry i know how you feel i've yet to finish my ocs backstory yet so i can't imagine how hard it must be to make one for a monster

3302823 In due time, this won't be the last sighting of it

Please update this soon!
I have waited a long time for a monster story with Big Macintosh!!!!

3305059 Sorry bro, but this is a one shot, so there won't be any direct continuation.


That being said, there are several planned sequels to some that I'll do after One-shotober is done, and this will be one of them. We'll see more of this monster, and maybe a even more of Big Mac's situation. Most likely a prequel.

I liked this, makes me want to write another horror one shot. :twilightsmile:

Nice and creepy. Just the way a horror fic shouldf be.:pinkiehappy:

Sorry, but I don't really understand this fic:applejackunsure:

Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much I've put together an audio version.

5159061 I hope neither of you mind, but I liked this so much that I've altered the content for my amusement

Author Interviewer

Man, lingering sense of foreboding here.

oh dear god why XD

This really is too spooky!

I'm a little confused with the ending there, as well as with what Mac saw by the forest. :rainbowhuh:

listened to scribbler's reading and... *shivers* jeez, that ending. just what was that thing anyway?





Look away!

I'm a fan of mysteries, open endings, and uncertain nebulous terrors, but this story seemed almost unfinished. All the elements were there, but I think you needed one or two more paragraphs to actually reach the point where it would be a decent open ending. Something like, having the creature stand and walk out the door, leaving Big Mac to silently stare out the open door into the predawn mists.

Or maybe there was something I missed. Did the creature have something to do with the romantic tension Mac was wrapped up in with Redheart? Was the creature a metaphor for the horrors of incest: that one line about Apple Bloom being "almost like his daughter" being more than just a little too telling? Was it supposed to represent something about Cheerilee, perhaps the looming horror of commitment in a relationship when Mac still wants to run around? It just seems that there was something here that I should have picked up on by the end, something that would have justified such a sudden stop to the story.

EDIT: Okay, so I went back and listened to the audio recording Scribbler did of this story. Strangely enough, the ending totally works better the second time through. I get it now. The terror is that the thing is inside the house, and has been for a while now. Now it is aware that Big Mac knows...

You're right. That was the proper stopping point. Giving the story any sort of continuing ending after that point, would spoil the unknown tension of what happens next. But I still want to believe there was some strange horrific social metaphor the creature was supposed to represent. :rainbowwild:

All I have to say is...?:applejackconfused:

Nice ghost story, though the ending left something to be desired. Really gets me in the mood for Nightmare Night.

aw man. That was scary as hell.

This is absolutely disturbing. Great work, bro! :pinkiecrazy:

Pony version of a fleshgait?

That cover art freaked the crap out of me. Ultra creepy. Good fic too.

I am very dissapointed that I laughed listening to this

This writer is quite good

This entity seems like it’s either a fleshgait, a skinwalker, or an illusion that really IS Big Mac’s imagination. Who knows, maybe that was part of the point of the cut-off ending. We smell blood at one point, is it a fleshgait creature like the Fluttershy lookalike in “Let Her In”? Is it a skinwalker, a malevolent witch with the ability to shapeshift similar to a changeling? Or is it Big Mac suffering from hallucinations of some sort, perhaps ones related to whatever is going on between him and Red Heart? All I can guess is the hallucinations thing is thrown out the window immediately because others can smell the scent too.

Either way, this story was very well-written. I loved reading it!

I don't get it

Oooh. Short, sweet, and spoopy. Very nice.

Afaik, this was before Changelings were revealed, yes? Well, I've got three words; fear-based Changelings. Eh? Anyone? Changelings that feed on fear?

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