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Saddlesoap Opera is a Canadian Brony who loves to write and read fiction of nearly all kinds.


Twilight Sparkle and her fellow Elements of Harmony have faced down supernatural foes of the highest order, but sometimes the deadliest danger can come from places one would least expect. As Twilight is forced to bear a devastating secret, her efforts to keep the Elements together may well tear them all apart.
The plotline of the thrilling Pony Psychology Series continues with an exploration of deception, despair and Discord.
This series takes place between Season Two and Season Three.
Secrets and Lies shares the Pony Psychology Series TVTropes page.

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Not to use an overused phrase, but MOAR!

Dear Celestia, how do you do it? How do you spin such wonderfully thought-out stories? You are one of the best authors on this site.

Also, I don't think Topsy is dead. No, no. That was far too easy.


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A sequel to Pony Psychology?


Y'know, this would be the perfect time for somepony :derpytongue2: to remember that she used to kick flank and take names. (Just sayin'.)

A sequel to Pony Psychology, and it has Psycho Twilight?

You have my attention. :heart:

That was some very well done misdirection as well.

A sequel to the very first fanfic I have ever read (that, might I add, introduced me to the numerous wondrous worlds of pony fiction you talented writers create)? You, sir, have my undivided attention.
Insta-faved for chapter updates. It's gonna be so AWESOME. :rainbowkiss: I just know it.

EDIT: Just curious, do you create the covers for your stories yourself?

Pleased to see some early good vibes! :twilightsmile:
As for the covers and chapter images, yes I assemble them myself from altered show screencaps and vector graphics taken from the highly skilled MLP Vector Club.

Wow, quite a useful site you have there for those vectors. Thanks for sharing!
I couldn't vector/sprite/or do any other graphics for my life, but putting together (jigsaw style, woo! :yay:) something from existing pieces is a thing I've done once or twice in the past. :raritywink: This information (and the site you linked) might come in handy in the future. :pinkiehappy:


That was what I immedietly thought.

Jesus christ it's good to see you still writing Soap. You're work is continually amazing, so poignant in it's elegant simplicity, while weaving themes that strike home again and again-
> “I’m IN hate with you ... Shh,” she whispered, “don’t spoil the moment.”
Absolutely golden.

One thing, because I simply canna help myself - it's commonly held that ellipses have a space after them.

Wonderful to see you back. Cheers.

All the pony psychology series needed was The Prince of Madness himself, and we have sequel.:rainbowkiss:

I've been also waiting for a decent Twilight breakdown in this fic since Lesson Zero, (and that's horrifyingly near the start of season 2, mind you) but you're doing it all wrong. Where's Twilight's need for perfection? Where's her creepy/hilarious/glorious OCD?:pinkiecrazy: You're missing out on the most insane parts of her character!

...Wait, I see where you're going!:raritystarry: You're saving it for later!:twilightsmile:

...You ARE saving it for later, right?:rainbowderp:

I shan't spoil, but I will go so far as to say you can expect a whole CONSTELLATION of unhinged behaviour. :twilightangry2::twilightoops::facehoof:

Oh gosh, this was great! It's great to see you're still continuing Pony Psychology, it's definitely one of my favorites.

More please!

oh god oh god what just happened

bad things are happening and ponies are being hurt and oh god

i need more


This is an absolute gem of a work, a sequel to Pony Psychology? Yes please!!! ALL OF MY LIKES!!!

If you ask me Topsy had it coming, I wouldn't even regret offing THAT pony for even a second, what with what I've seen of her so far! Unreasoning, unthinking, irrational hate has no place in Equestria! But I don't think she'd be gone just like that - no nononono, that was too easy for Twilight. I'm pretty sure she has more planned, she wouldn't bet it all on a Thanatos Gambit unless she really WAS that screwed up in the head with all her unreasoning hatred for Twilight.


Entire galaxies, even.

The drama shall be unparalleled.

umm... Wasn't pinkie in library with them? Did the magic explosion get her? Other than that, that pony really needed to die horribly. Next chapter Please

Greyed for spoilers:
Pinkie was still knocked out on the floor above. The blast melted a section of the stone wall in the BASEMENT, seen on the show in Feeling Pinkie Keen (the place where Twilight straps Pinkie into the weird device).

Glad you all love Soapy's newest work and are excited to see more. As the real life bff I have been allowed to preview the coming chapter (mostly because I whined like crazy and couldn't wait :rainbowderp: ) and I promise you guys will continue to be blown away! :twilightsmile: Stay tuney roonied! :pinkiehappy:


-froths- UPDATE! I loved following Psychology~

:pinkiehappy: The Entity of Chaos is loving this already!

Anticipating the next part!

(Havent read it yet) OH MAN HERE WE GO

After building my own fanfic universe, returning to yours feels rather, odd. This incarnation of Screwball is obviously completely insane, I mean totally insane, her logic is completely warped, that she'd suddenly begin her spree of hate crimes against Twilight NOW is even stranger, and her being able to imitate voices, there is no bloody way she is a normal pony. I'm not going to believe a word she says. Not her name. Not her motive. Not anything. In particular when everywhere she says is clearly designed just to harm Twilight. And calling Twilight undead is the most absurd use of the term I've heard. Does she still feel pain? have vitals? Eat? Sleep? Etc? THEN SHE'S NOT A ZOMBIE!

IN hate with someone she's never even spoken to?

Being a slave to prejudices that died out thousands of years ago? (No, seriously, it's a matter of SURVIVAL that they did, otherwise they'd have Windigos spawning over their heads).

Also, it's rather ironic that it turns out the reason Luna looked the way she did was because she was just younger than Celestia, and without the Nightmare personality with the taint of black magic she became what she was on the inside, a filly who just wanted attention, and a thousand years of growing caught up with her in a year.
Not because of their armor.

I wonder what story there is behind an Alicorn being born who's magic is based on music, harmony, and the healing of bonds.

You're a better writing than me, even if I don't like the 'revised history' game that you chose to play like many authors (I prefer to go with the idea of "Everything you've heard is true, but you've FAR from heard everything." Like in Amadaus.). You're simply a better writer than me. You get their personalities down much better than me. And you let them flow more or less better than me as well.


That last statement was truly touching. Thanks for your kind words! :twilightsmile:


*lifts up spirit*


Does that mean you'll take a lot at my series on deviantart? It's divided into two folders. Discorded and Reharmonized, together forming the MASSIVE POV Series.

I said it before, on the interview page, but Pony Psychology was one of my early inspirations, and I'm beyond ecstatic to see a sequel to it. Thanks, Saddlesoap.

Damn, I'm pretty sure Screwball's down for the count :twilightoops:
Cue the phases of "I just murdered somepony" madness :pinkiecrazy:


If it was that easy to kill her Twilight wouldn't need to do it.

Besides with Discord involved,your never sure.

Awe-freaking-some! /):rainbowkiss:(\
One of the best writers is back, and with a Pony Psychology sequel no less.

Scootaloo scoffed. “Like being grounded half the time?”
Diamond narrowed her eyes. “You’re one to talk. You’re grounded ALL the time!” She flicked one of Scootaloo’s wings with a hoof.
Oh no she didn't! :trixieshiftleft: I laughed so hard.
Plus, Dash supporting Scootaloo in a fight? I can totally see her doing that :rainbowwild:

Can't wait for more of this. Instant favourite.

I'm currently torturing Topsy in my mind. The screams are... soothing.

Undead? Uncertain what she means by that. Or what the nightmare has to do with anything. Regardless, she should know by now that her friends wouldn't abandon her, no matter what her secret is if they have even a shread of loyalty. Nor would they say a word if she requested them not to.

Very well done thus far mate, so I'll be tracking this. Well, here's hoping Topsy ends up banished to the centre of the sun for eternity. Joke shops were always overrated anyway.

:pinkiegasp: Never thought this will have a sequel.
And a great sequel!

1) Always nice to see a villain inspire suitable levels of hatred. ^__^
2) Greyed out for Pony Psych / Chapter One Spoilers:
Having read Twilight's diary, Topsy knows that Twilight "died" briefly
during the events of the Pony Psychology Series. And yes, perhaps,
TS *might* have been able to bring herself to tell her friends about
her immortality, but now it's too late. Now she has a far graver and
more stressful secret to bear. And TS does NOT do well under stress
without support.

547563 Heh. Yeah, it's always enjoyable to have a villain ya truly despise. Kudos for that by the way mate.

Eheheh... probably should've read more than just Dashie's chapter before this then. I'll correct that. In the morning, it's 1:10AM here.

Hello everyone from FIMFiction. I'd would like say that i'm a bit new here and enjoying reading people's fan fictons. But that's the problem, i dont really know how to actually post a fan fiction.:twilightblush: So it would be REALLY helpful if someone were to tell me how to and thanks for your time. :pinkiehappy:

That was wonderful! I cannot wait for more. Pony Psychology is one of my all time favorites. For it to have a sequel is just the best possible thing!

Awesome beyond belief...I mean just freaking awesome. I didn't know that Twilight even knew any advanced battle magic! This is a masterpiece.

I know the ending dialogue makes less sense this way but I have a feeling that it's some twisted up changeling who is enraged at the lose of her queen and found solace in discord. I'll go read the prequel real quick and maybe get more insight on what could be going on plus everyone is gushing over it so it's probably worth a read anyway.

Gah. Ever since I started getting into the fanfic part of the fandom, my superiority complex has been challenged by so many authors who are better than me :P

Brilliant story so far, sir. I'm afraid I only read the first chapter of Pony Psychology, but your ideas are inspiring. I REALLY want to write a dark psychological story now, but I doubt I could pull it off nearly as well as you.

I look forward to more!

Ok, morbid being that i am, i am going to let it all out here. for those who didn't like Cupcakes due to Gore, DO NOT READ THIS COMMENT

Topsy Turvy. I want to make incisions inside of your stomach, and pour salt in it. i want to take all that excess blood, and make her drink it like tea. I'm going to rip out one of her kidneys, and dissect it infront of her. I'll be playing the Lavender Town Tune at maximum volume into her ears. I'll patch her back up, make her healthy again, and do something worse; like lop off her limbs, and feed her a stew. dat bitch gonna go 2 hail

HELLO! A sequel to Pony Psychology?


An excellent start, and I can see where this is going. We didn't see much breaking for Twi last time. LET'S FIX THAT!

Also since Bon-Bon and Lyra don't seem to suffer any stigma, I think it's safe to assume that this incarnation of Screwball is either faking prejudice to damage Twilight even further, or is a minority of one in her opinions in Ponyville.

And I don't believe she's dead. She was playing Twilight like a harp, and if she wanted Twilight to kill her, she'd have made sure to have witnesses to see Twilight's 'true colors.'

Buttrape is too mainstream

That's why I use batrape.

nice granted i thought the secret would have been about what celestia had done to twilight sure she had to but if i found out someone did that to my friend i would flip a lid

So...she killed a pony that was torturing her and very well near killed her (nopony has to know she's immortal), and was not likely to stop.




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