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Saddlesoap Opera is a Canadian Brony who loves to write and read fiction of nearly all kinds.


Pinkie Pie is overjoyed when she meets a Pegasus who seems almost exactly like her.
She's fun, silly, and Pinkie's friends take an immediate liking to her.
What could possibly go wrong?

Translated into Russian here!

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A wise choice. The world is not ready for Seapony Pinkie.

an earth and pegasus pinkie is probably all i can handle right now. like pinkie said, maybe another time.

And then Pinkie totally hung out with her almost-stalker.
I was wondering for a while if you'd be playing this straight episode style or if things were going to go off the wall insane.
Think the episode style worked out really nice (though you've given me a whole bunch of insane ideas now) and gave me cause to smile... but damn... sea pony Pinkie... or perhaps more than that, the unmentioned possibility of unicorn Pinkie.
You're getting way too easy to favorite.

Not to mention Alicorn Pinkie Pie:twilightoops:

I was hoping for something more along the lines of Pony Psychology, but this is great, too. ::pinkiehappy:

Oh, don't worry. I have more like that on the boil. :pinkiecrazy:

I just want to wait to see more of Season Two before I get back
into darker, more complex stories.

So, I figured in the meantime I'd try my hoof at some lighter,
more foal-friendly fare. :scootangel:

Could be worse, Surprise's eyes could be blood red. :pinkiecrazy:

seen the first part on EqD and and decided to come here and see if you had put any other stories out. and then i noticed that you had added to this one ! cant wait for more stories. and keep up the good work!

Why is it that the first thing I thought was "something sinister is cloning the main cast in order to do its evil bidding". I *so* saw some epic twist arriving towards the end. An earth pony just like Twilight, a unicorn just like Applejack. More and more strange clones and then BAM! Epiphany! Everything turns upside-down, and Pinkie has to use her power of happiness to...I don't know...get all the clones to giggle in unison in order to destroy them all.

Oh, and Princess Luna is secretly the clone of Princess Celestia, and was tamed by her in the beginning of time. And Luna is the one who delivers the epiphany to the mane six.

Oh, tell me I'm close! Please please please tell me I'm close! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


:coolphoto: "Vee heff no idea vat you ahh talkingk about. Pleez look into ze red light." *BRRZAP!*

*Ahem*. Glad you liked the story, and its simple, non-conspiracy-related plotline! :pinkiesmile:

I love these types of stories. Every time I read one, my mind always goes wild thinking about all the different ways I'd handle the situation myself. I just know I'm gonna be running through multiple different scenarios before the day's out. Riled up emotional stuff is just so much fun to play with! :pinkiehappy:

This played out a bit like a cross between Griffon the Brush Off, and Party of One. You must know, of course, that Pinkie Pie is my all-time favorite character, and that Party of One and Feeling Pinkie Keen are a couple of my favorite episodes. I absolutely LOVE writing her in my stories, and never get tired her bubbly run-everything-together-talk-until-there-are-no-words-left-in-the-english-language chatting sprees. I think I've had one in practically every story I've written so far. Personally, I always keep her as a secondary character, since I never know what to do with her...besides have her go off left field with crazy cartoon insanity, of course.

Again, your word-choices were, as always, lively and interesting (if not occasionally distracting). I particularly liked "cycle-copter-majig". Cute.

I can see what you were going for with the Cutie Mark thing. However, I think it was a little too..."closely tied". This was really the only thing that sounded a bit "unlikely" to me, and almost took me out of the story. Sure, go ahead and have her "inspired" by Pinkie Pie, and have her look up to her. But don't have her get her Cutie Mark *because* of it. Otherwise, it starts to sound a bit like...*ahem*...a "Stalker Cutie Mark". Well, you know. The whole "my entire life is devoted to being just like my idol!" mentality. It sounds too much like "I figured out who I was the moment I spied on you through your living room window." :pinkiecrazy: Maybe tone that down just a tad. Have her Cutie Mark scenario be somewhat similar, but still unique. It could be a talking point between the two.

Other than that, tough, I really liked it. Look forward to your next story! :pinkiehappy:

Oh wow! Dude! You have to write more lighthearted stories! But make them longer! And add sad scenes! And gummy! And post new stories already!! ....the pegases as a chicken.....DO IT!!!:pinkiehappy:

HAH! I think I like this surprise better, much less scary and murdery!
That said, I'm still completely addicted to your stories wheller.


22587 I think it's not the fun that was doubled but the dumb that was fumbled. :facehoof:

I can't stand this.... Pinkie's copter was dubbed the "Griffin Chaser MK-1" by at least 12 great fic writers. Kkat coined the "Griffin Chaser" with his/her* version of the contraption that could easily carry 6 while powered by only 2 or 3 ponies. I like that name, since she does chase after Gilda and Dashie with it.

Just a thought.

*20% chance of male, 80% chance of female

33656 no, the pinkie pie has been doubled!

128689 And this was not obvious?

The Fun........Where be the doubling?:applecry:

The fun! It has been doubled! Nopony can live up to the expectations of Pinkie though... NO PONY.:coolphoto:

Great story! Good job

The fun has been... troubled? :pinkiecrazy:


Good thing I read this a while ago, great story too :rainbowkiss:

Such a cute story. Finally something with Surprise in it where she's more than a distant relative. I almost feel inspired to do something with Firefly and Rainbow dash. Just need to get some ideas.

Well, hopefully tehre is a next time, because seapony pinie sounds awesome :pinkiehappy:

Very nice- well crafted bit o' writing. :twilightsmile:

it could have been a beautiful relationship

I have a story kind of like this but it's not overwhelmed in Pinkie Jelly-see.


"I felt like there was something sketchy about you..."

I loved this! So cute! :pinkiehappy:

You rock, Saddlesoap. :yay: woohoo

I love how you use the tiniest details from the show (the balloons escaping from the silo, for instance) and turn them into perfect catalysts for your stories, dark and lighthearted alike.


Congrats! I believe you are the first to catch that (deliberate) shoutout! :pinkiesmile:

Aaaaand then Surprise tosses Pinkie into a grimdark alternate dimension WHICH WAS HER TRUE ORIGIN!!! And Pinkie must battle horrible monstrosities like Flutterponies and little hyooman girls to escape before the evil Surprise turns all of Equestria into nothing but tea parties and pastels! D:



Everything you write is pure amazing. Especially when you sneak in references like that.:rainbowkiss:

Oh my goodness. I remember reading this back on EqD. I didn't think to check if you were on FimF, but so you are! Uh. Um. Hi! You're amazing, and I love your stuff, and your stuff is good, and this fic makes me feel happy and and and-

I'mma go away now.

Wait! Don't go! There's cake! :pinkiegasp:

Glad to hear you enjoy my fiction! Thanks for commenting. :twilightsmile:

dont back down NOW!
you'll blow it! keep raging at her

1030698 :pinkiegasp: There's cake
and a brill story, my lucky day :pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

:pinkiehappy:This is awesome!!! Sequel with seapony Pinkie, please!

Pinkie Pie’s expression grew stern. “You’re right…! I’m not gonna take this lying down!” She hopped off her bed and struck a determined pose.

PP: *takes out knife* WHO WANTS CUPCAKES? :pinkiecrazy:

And then a pink Earth Pony piloting a hoof-cranked flying machine smashed through the wall.

:rainbowkiss: SO MUCH RANDOMNESS!

I just found this story for the first time today and I have to say, it filled me with unmitigated glee. Surprise is my favorite G1 pony and I absolutely loved finding something starring her!

I enjoyed the randomeness of the story and also liked the way you had Pinkie feeling so nervous and off-put by her presence, as well as both of their displays of vulnerability. And the nod to the seaponies was a good note to end on :yay:

Great story. It was interesting to see Pinkie watching the party from the edge, rather than being in the center of it. It's how I always feel at such occasions, mind you. :pinkiecrazy: But I don't give a buck about it and Pinkie felt sad and a little jealous. :pinkiesad2:

And this is certainly a unique take on Surprise. Though, in my twisted head-canon, I personally rather see her as Super Saiyan form of Pinkie Pie, I have nothing against her being Cloudsdale's counterpart of the pink pony. :pinkiehappy:

I know I'm showing up late to the party, but I gotta say I enjoyed it.

Ouch! Pinkie was rather harsh, though I can understand why.

It's awesome to see a story where Surprise and Pinkie interact, it helps to highlight the diffrences between the two. (Something I can't do in my fanfic universe, due to timeline issues)

Anyway, keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

if there are other pinkie pie like ponies out there we need names for them
thats all i got right now
please continue with this stuff its so fun:pinkiehappy:

Wow, blast from the past! I remember this from EqD!
Great story, definitely episode material. :pinkiehappy:

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