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Scootaloo has always longed to fly. When she makes use of dangerous magic in pursuit of that dream, all of Ponyville — perhaps even all of Equestria — may have to deal with the consequences.

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Like a bat out of hell I'll be gone when the morning comes!
But when the day is done
And the sun goes down
And the moonlight's shining through --
Then like a sinner before the gates of Heaven
I'll come crawling on back to you.

This was a nice, simple story. Good use of Derpy for the resolution. I do feel like the rest of the Crusaders were a bit wasted, but I suppose that might have just been a distraction.

Oh, this was good, very good. Putting the Amulet on Scootaloo was a clever explanation for her roaring rampage, the scene with Rarity and the ruins of her perfumes was a nice bit of hilarity, Twilight's trap plan was cunning (even if it didn't work), and the actual solution was great: just as out-of-context as the tricks they pulled on Trixie, yet perfectly fitting here given Scootaloo, and the revelation in recent episodes.

Masterful horsewords as usual, Saddlebuddy. Great job with the pacing here. I love this!

I have a feeling Scootaloo's sense of flight is going to be a huge plot point before the whole series comes to an end.

Pistol Annies: Hell on Heels

Also: 8286416

Nicely done, as expected.

Excellent use of Best Pony at the end there.

Next up: Scoots decides the only way to fly is to steal alien tech left behind when some totally-random-and-not-Marvel-related-at-all stuff happened in Manehatten and use it to construct a winged mechanical suit and sell weapons to the Flim Flam Brothers under the guise of the Vul-... I mean, the Buzzard. Because this is a totally original concept. Because the names are different. Yeah. :rainbowderp:

“Simple. We set a trap.”

A short time later: A delicious-looking sundae sat in a meadow surrounded by several totally-not-suspicious shrubs.

Said one shrub, "Ya'll sure this is gonna work, Twi?"

Replied another, "Of course! I laced that sundae with enough ketamine to take down a horse!" A moment's silence passed before the bush spoke again, "I know what I said."


Beautiful story with a great ending.

Good story, but I don't really get the title.

It's a two-part play on words. First, the phrase is a slang expression meaning someone who is aggressive and hard to handle. Second, it refers to Scootaloo's flightless status, stuck using her scooter to get around quickly. Trapped in a hell on wheels while denied access to the heavens.

Have a very overdue review notification -- and an equally overdue upvote. This Scootafan enjoyed this one, and the ending was clever (though a bit reliant on some specific Derpy canon). It was hard to deal with Scoots behaving like a jerk for so long, but it did fit the story.

Insane concept, Insane execution, it's just perfect

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