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Since meeting Apple Bloom, Twilight, and their friends, Zecora's life has become much more filled with warmth and purpose than it has been ever before. But old patterns of thought are hard to change, and becoming part of a community can seem impossible to a recluse.

2014-10-15: Edited by Feo Takahari.

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Well, I do likes me some Zecora.

And seem to have her voice down pretty well (aka oh thank HEAVEN someone else writes her in meter and not just rhymes)

Faved and Liked

It's something of a shame that Zecora doesn't appear more in the show. I'm pretty sure everyone gets the impression that there are a number of interesting stories about her that exist, but there never explored.

Faved, liked and followed my good author. Further offerings will be required.

The party has its eyes on this, keep up the good work comrade

While the Honey Lips sounds awesome (And tragic, since I can't eat honey without being ill and it seems like a key ingredient) I'm rather interested in what Armies and Alicorns is based on.

4046709 A mashup of different Axis And Allies/Risk type games, with a hint of Pony (units being "captured" in stead of killed)

Applejack's little Southernism is actually "Nuts and chews," according to Amy Keating-Rogers. Look up "See's Nuts and Chews" if you're wondering where that comes from.

4047028 That's even nuttier than my impression. As an engineer, "nuts" and "shoes" fit perfectly together, so I never questioned it. Thank you.

Zecora is best striped Pony! Thumbs up, I look forward to updates.
did you tag the wrong crusader or is Scootaloo going to feature in this fic?

4047540 There will be a Scootaloocious chapter later.

I do think this is the first time I've seen someone delve into the other side of Eternal Night, that if it was Night on one side of the globe then it must be Day on the other side. It does make me wonder who is the "Mad Princess" the zebras fear. Also I really do like the part with Zecora meeting Celestia, very nicely done.

4051424 In Fallout: Equestria, the zebras fear Luna, but I think the fear could go both ways: Either Luna for becoming mad or Celestia's sun for being the cause of their hardships.

And thank you. That passage was important for me.

Most likely I would think they don't know which to fear; 1000 years and 1000 miles is bound to twist the stories to the point that only the barest grain of truth remains. If they have never seen let along talk to a pony, the truth is lost.

I feel that its important too, that no matter what Zecora does have a friend in Equestia, and it shows the good Celestia does.

4051467 Exactly. On both accounts.

Well then I look forward to the next chapter


It's also possible that the Zebra nation has no idea of Luna and Celestia, or their powers over the celestial bodies of the moon and sun respectively.

With that mind set, the Sun just suddenly stayed in the sky for a couple of weeks and the Zebras not only have no idea why this happened, but have somewhat legit reasons to worry about it happening again. If the sun decides to stay in the sky non stop for a while for seemingly no reason what so ever, what's to say it won't happen again?

The flash backs mentioned a "Mad pony princess", but as I said, 1000 years and 1000 miles. Time and distances is bound to muddle the truth

I can't wait to read more, but PLEASE tone down AB's accent. It's a serious eyesore sometimes.

4052822 Yes, writing accents in a language you aren't fluent in is hard. I was wondering if it was too much. Will revise.

This is a very nice story :twilightsmile: It flows very well, and the characters are very believable. I also like how you wrote Cheerilee's thoughts. Looking forward to reading more!

It is a good chapter, and I can understand how it could be the hardest so far.
Keep going! Story is good story! :twilightsmile:

hi hi

I have a rule that I never start reading a story unless it is complete, and once again I have broken that rule. So far, I've not been disappointed, and if it keeps on being this good, I sincerely hope that I'll get the opportunity to read this story to its conclusion. :twilightsmile:

(If you don't mind, I'm going to make the prediction now that Zecora is going to try to get Scootaloo interested in plants through the way different kinds of weather influence their growth.)

4063430 I try to follow that rule also. I am working on the last chapter, and had hoped to post it tomorrow, but a sudden job interview opportunity messed up the time frame. With any luck, it will be finished before Sunday. Posting the story is a commitment to finishing it.:twilightblush:

Leave it just the way it is. It's prefect

4052822 Removed the worst of Apple Bloom's accent, but I'm not sure if it was enough :applecry:.

Reverend Xenith

Was this before or after the thing with Littlepip and co.?

4066487 Just a little nod to the novel. But thank you for pointing it out. I had decided to rename her Xephyr to make the nod more subtle, but it seems I didn't get around to actually do it.


Generally, substituting "Ah" for "I", and occasionally dropping the final "g" from words ending in "-ing" (doin', walkin', goin', etc.) is more than enough to get the southern-US accent across. :twilightsmile:
(Dang it, Ah keep tellin' y'all, Ah ain't got no dang accent! Why does everypony keep sayin' Ah talk funny?) :ajbemused:
(...I believe the evidence speaks for itself, darling.) :duck:
(Speakin' of funny accents...)

"Will you believe it when you hear: I learned this potion from a bear?"

(Hey! That doesn't rhyme!) :twilightoops:
(Just let it go, sugarcube.) :ajbemused:
(But it doesn't rhyme!) :twilightangry2:
(...dang it, Twi, don't go all 'Smarty-Pants Incident' on us again.)
Well, technically, she's right. "Hear" rhymes with "beer"; "bear" rhymes with "hair."
Isn't English fun! :derpytongue2:

Reigning in the rebelling muscle, Scootaloo suddenly remembered.

The word should be "rein", not "reign." The phrase "to rein in" refers to the reins on a horse, not to the reign of a king or queen. :twilightsmile: (This one trips up a lot of people, because we associate the word "reign" with controlling or ruling something, so it seems like "reign in" ought to mean "taking control of"... but it doesn't.)

Also, you occasionally use "an" when you should use "a". I gather, from some of the other comments here, that English is a second language for you? In English, the rule is that if the word begins with a vowel sound ("a", "e", "i", "o", "u"), you use "an" -- "an apple", "an irritant", "an opportunity" -- but if it begins with a consonant, you use "a" -- "a pony", "a scooter", "a maple leaf", etc.

I wonder if Getafix and Zecora traded recipes.


4066831 Thank you for the critique. I have a very heavy accent, so I didn't catch the hear/bear (surprisingly, the fault is in my pronounciation of the word 'hear'). Well, that's one gummy bear reference that'll have to die.

Spelling errors will be fixed. Thank you. I thought I had got rid of my congruence errors, damnit. EDIT: going through the document, I see that every congruence error is when I have added, changed, or removed an adjective afterwards. So I'm not dim, just stupid :-D

Isn't English fun! :derpytongue2:

Quite so.

...believe it or not, I didn't even catch the reference to The Gummi Bears, though I probably should have; I don't think I ever actually watched that particular cartoon. :twilightoops:

Here's a version of Zecora's line which does rhyme; feel free to use it if you like: :twilightsmile:

"Would you believe me when I declare, I learned this recipe from a bear?"

(Or, if you're not as obsessive-compulsive as Twilight –
(HEY!) :twilightangry2:
– and don't mind one half of the verse being one syllable shorter than the other, you can still use "potion" instead of "recipe.")

Thank you, but that messes with the iambic meter. Hmm.

It sounds untrue, but I will swear: I learned this potion from a bear!

is this a scootadoption fic? I wanna know, because i really think i wanna read this, but i'm not sure

Comment posted by ts_cogwheel deleted Mar 13th, 2014

4075844 Nope. Scootaloo has parents in this fic.

4068612 Remember these? (Yes, silly joke is silly)

Oh wow. She looks so silly. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

i think she looks cute! Like a certain childrens book character written by a swedish author!:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Ellington deleted Mar 13th, 2014

I keep getting confused when you say "She Said" :applejackconfused:

For a semi poor family they sure live in a nice house.

Flight To The Finish.

4079982 Yes. I wrote that part before season 4 started, and when Flight to the Finish aired, I actually removed a few descriptions of the house.

Can you give an example of when 'she said' confuses you? I use that descriptor way too much.

Now that's a clever way of teaching.
Oh and since I'm liking it so far , have a fave and a 'up.

4084191 Many teachers try to get the students interested in the subject itself, and while that is good for the students who gain that interest, it alienates the subject even more for those who remain uninterested (So I have to like maths to understand it? Forget it!). When I taught mathematics, I did so as an engineer, not a mathematician: You don't have to like maths - you don't even have to use it -, but it can be a pretty good tool to avoid even more tedious counting and trial and error if you choose to utilise it. That approach turned most of my students' views on mathematics upside-down. Even the girl who started out being so afraid of maths that it made her cry in class ended up with an exam grade of above average. :twilightsmile:

Oh, I'd better get back to writing chapter seven. It's a hard one, and is going to take much more time than I'd hoped.

4077310 Pippi Longstockings (or her real name, Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraimsdotter Långstrump!) for the win.

Oh, you're Danish? I'm half-dane, half-swede myself! Davs makker, jeg vil gerne se mere av den her gode historie!

not a bad story, though it seems kinda all over the place. it does not seem tyo have a straightforward goal in mind.

I do like how you depicvted her backstory, chased from her own home. and in defense of how you did it, the vision twilight saw was extremely imperfect. hell celestia was her full size, and comics show that she was around luna's current size back then. not to mention there seemed to have been a brief conversation between celestia and luna and twilight heard none of it, and did not even see celestia at firs not hear her.

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