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The summer after graduating from Canterlot High five years ago, Sunset and her friends saved the world from a super villain who called himself Grogar. The repercussions of that event made it the last time they could all stand being in the same room as each other.

But now Canterlot City is holding a commemorative ceremony in honor of their victory, and Sunset's husband Time Turner has convinced her that they should go.

She really should've tried to come up with a better argument for staying home.

My entry in Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings, this story didn't make the Top 10.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 21 )

Fun story I really liked that it had a little bit of PinkieDash.

It's a cute little story - I enjoyed it muchly.

I know this is self-contained, but it's so ripe for further superhero shenanigans.

This is the best version of Pinkie's powers that I've seen; the mobility aspect makes it so much more useful.

I'm kind of curious why Fluttershy can apparently copy that one particular body part for any animal, but can't go full animal-morph; it seems like an incomplete power, like being fireproof, but only on your left side. Or maybe she can, and there's just some obscure reason or another why she didn't do that here?

I'm not entirely convinced that Mr. Turner is a normal human. Despite Sunset's inability to turn off her powers, he manages to sneak up on her multiple times; even Pinkie notices. :unsuresweetie:

This is a unique take on the future of EQG! Makes sense that they might one day absorb their geodes, but wow what side effects.
It wasn't until we saw Applejack that I realized things were very different in this, and all of those changes made it fun since i had no idea what was coming at any time. Interesting to see everyone paired up, although I can't tell if Rarijack here is actually working or not (hope so!).
I don't quite buy into the Sunset/Doc relationship, but then I can be really picking- working well enough.

Now this is a fun take on the Equestria Girls, and where they might be going!

So, is Rarity the Nick Fury of this lot?

That is, unfortunately, a very Sci-Twi attitude Sunset's raging out against.

He's a Badass Normal, of course. :twistnerd:

Brilliant stuff, from the evolution of their powers to the consequences thereof to the foibles that led to all of this in the first place. Much as I hate to see my favorite pairing break up, I can't deny that this is an entirely legitimate way it could do so. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the contest.


Thanks, folks!

I wanted Sunset to be in an unusual relationship--for her, I mean--and an EqG version of Time Turner seemed like the most fun. And now I'm wishing I'd given Rarity a fancy crystalline eye patch... :scootangel:



The theme of the contest:

Is Sunset ending a relationship, and I liked this as a reason for Sunset and Twilight to fall apart.



Thanks, folks!

It's like Doc's got a natural perception filter or something. As for Fluttershy, her powers are much more awkward this way, and, well, that is the title of the story. And I personally find, "Sentinels? Shall we?" to be a much more genteel call to battle than "Avengers! Assemble!" But maybe that's just me. :eeyup:


Author Interviewer

The Sentinels :D

What happened to Rarity, though? Why'd she just pass out?


Overstrained herself:

Creating a shield bridge strong enough to carry that large automobile over the stream of crosstraffic. That's what happens when we try to show off for Applejack, kids... :eeyup:


Author Interviewer

I thought so, I just wasn't sure.


I might pop:

Half a line into chapter two to make it clear. Thanks as always for reading and pointing stuff out!


Author Interviewer

Fluttershy's gonna fuck that monster

I so love what you did with Spike. :D


Such has become:

Fluttershy's lot in life. :fluttershysad: (:yay:)

As for Spike, I know I'm stealing the basic idea from someone else on the site here, but I don't remember who--SS&E, maybe? I'm expanding on it a bit here, though.


Author Interviewer

Okay, but... Fluttershy the animal-fucking nature spirit? Why? Such a strange direction to go for this story.


I figured:

It was the most awkward direction to go with the powers her geode gives her...


Author Interviewer

I found myself wondering if it wouldn't have been better to go with "She can shapeshift into animals, but chooses to use her powers this way" instead of just forcing it on her... But I'm honestly not sure of the answer to that. c.c;


There may indeed have been:

Better ways to deal with Fluttershy's changed powers, but I was looking for awkward. And "sex goddess to all living beings" was pretty much the most awkward thing I could think of for her. :twilightblush:


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