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One by one, Twilight and her friends must come to terms with the consequences of being the Elements of Harmony.

These stories take place in the intervening time between Season One and Season Two,
with the exception of Ditzy Doo: Muffins, which takes place early in Season One.

The series continues in the sequel, Secrets and Lies.

Pony Psychology has a TV Tropes Page.

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That series is pure gold.

Brilliant! But WHY does it always have to be immortality?

Why?! WHY is there no favorite feature on this site yet?! Oh well...

I remember this from way back; it was the first Pony Fan Fiction I ever read, and it still stand out as one of the best on the internets.


Well, you can always use the "track" feature to keep a list of em on your profile page. Or use the in-browser favorites tab/bar thing-a-ma-jigger.

But ay-yup, this is probably one of my favorite stories on here.

That was amazing. I don't want to read the next part yet, I just kind of want to sit here and let the shock and awe wash over me...

(After reading Schism) God...once again, in tears. Love the Physics brony reference at the end, too...

This series was great. I first read it on EqD and loved it all. Dash's and Rarity's were my favorites IMO. The inclusion of the cards at the end was great!

(After reading dependence) I want to hate this part because of all the unnecessary shipping, but...it's just too good of a statement for me to ignore.

I started reading this and thought it'd be nothing special. I read a little in and thought "Oh! That's clever..." I read more, and it just engrossed me in the creative details, the tie-ins to the show. I can't really describe it, but I definitely had to sit and just let it sink in...

I... Ah... Madre de Dios. . . The quality is amazing. I didn't even know I liked this kinda stuff, but you've made it so blatantly apparent that I NEED more! I've yet to finish the whole thing, so I'm gonna be really mad when this runs out...

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It's on my list :P

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Aaaaand it's done.

Pure gold. Especialy 'unicorns-blame' . Awesome.

This story is very deep, and we get a chance to look into Fluttershy's background.. especially what caused this:

How nice. This will be QUITE diverting.

Because immortality is an interesting plot hook to show inner conflict. Immortality can be a life of anguish of seeing your loved ones die, one by one, as you stay fixed in time. Any friends Celestia makes, or anyone she gets close to (other then her sister) will grow old and die as she stays young and continue on. As such Celestia must balance between becoming an uncaring ruler that has steeled her heart against love, because for Celestia love is fleeting and for every pony she allows herself to love and care about will eventually die and take a part of her heart with them. Or that she will let herself become close to others, allow herself to become a part of their lives, and to help them when their in need.


Oh god this is dark.... I like it though. I wanna see what happened to Fluttershy's schizophrenic mother and if it carried over to her...

Talk about saving the best for last!! I thought "Muffins" was simply going to be a joke, not short of "MUST FINISH!!!" Whatever Dezi was before, she's got too much going for her to let her past mess up her future.

I love Ditzy. And muffins was amazing.

Aww, poor Fluttershy. ;-;

Derpy Hooves - Agent of Her Majesty's Secret Service, Celestial Intelligence Agency.

Hell yes.

Another sad Dizty story. ;-;

Damn, I think I came. No. It's piss:applecry:

Holy Hay, WTF did I just read?! :twilightoops:

Idk, but it was freakin' amazing! :derpytongue2: :heart:

So far this series has been one of the most well written, well thought out stories I've ever read.
I do, However feel compelled to State WTF did she just say!:twilightoops:

What is this (awesomeness) I don't even...:rainbowhuh::pinkiehappy:

So does "Allons-y" mean what I think it does? What I think it means is that someone is willing to go through life pretending to be a simpleton to protect a child from organized crime. If so, that someone is made of awesome.

So the bubbles come from the Doctor's intervening in her life? Cool.

1369 It means "Let's go" in french, IIRC. It's something Doctor Who say's.

That is correct, though I think Dreaded was talking less about linguistics and more about implications...

And on that note, yes. Ditzy is :rainbowkiss: so AWESOME.

The story took so long to complete in part because I tried to reconcile the standard/word-salad/mildy simple-minded, mailmare/Doctor's Companion, and Ditzy/Derpy/Bright Eyes options into a single character arc, while addressing the Cutie Mark and Muffin Fixation, and adding my customary layers of drama and emotional upset.

It was quite the tall order - especially for a character with only one word of dialogue in canon so far... :derpyderp2:

How adorable of a trio that was. Now if only Bright Eyes could remember some of what she used to be, and bring that into raising Dinky properly.

Dude. Totally agreed. Love that angle, and the explanation of why she's not necessarily with it all the time.

Am I to understand that, as of the end, the derp is a facade?
Oho. Simply masterful. You still move me - I've never wanted a pony to have vengeance before.

And the Doctor just made it that much better. What would really make my day is, after Trixie, a Doctor story - there's so much emotion there!
If you watch the series, you'll notice the Rose tragedy, the Donna tragedy, and foreshadowing of River Song too; SPOILER - each know how and when the other dies.
The Doctor: Loneliness
I can see it now. Make it happen, bro.

Also this series is awesome. :rainbowkiss:

It does help that I just finished watching a whooole bunch of doctor who.

This has... Da Magics!!! :coolphoto: :heart: :derpyderp1: :derpyderp2: :derpytongue2:

You, sir, are my god damned hero. Seriously, Schism was probably my favorite part of a fanfic before...then this arc happened and everything was just all...all...*explodes in a shower of glee*

Feckin' A, man...feckin' A.

Gods.... Awesomeness!!! And sadness... And just... PURE 6 STARS!!!

:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

Loved this side note... And is now all headcannon!

I have to say the shipping annoyed me. Not because it was bad, but because I just hate shipping in general. About to read the next chapter, pretty sure Applejack is going to be painted as an 'in-the-closet' homophobe due to the last paragraph.

That wouldn't be stereotypical at all.

aaaaaand Applejack was in the closet. Fucking. Called it. Unfortunately the unnecessary shipping has ruined the series for me and it was so well written and thought out too.


Sorry to hear you were put off! :fluttercry:

I hardly think AJ comes across as a 'homophobe,' though. Emotionally conflicted and feeling betrayed that RD apparently lied about not liking fillies, perhaps, but she's no bigot.

I'd like to think that the relationships in the series are reasonably tasteful and mature - this is no clopfic - and the series *is* tagged 'romance' among the other labels.

Nevertheless, there's no accounting for taste.

If romance turns your stomach, I suggest you check out Ditzy Doo: Muffins. It is relatively separate from the main plot, has plenty of action, and is shipping-free.

I felt like this was a great story and a very compelling read up until Celestia's involvement and Twilight's sub-section; the description of the various psychological difficulties of the mane six were very well done, with exceptions in parts; I particularly felt Fluttershy's part was very forced. I even found myself surprisedly enjoying the shipping being done, since it fit so well in the context of the story.

Was still a great read, but I wish it had maintained the subtle hands-off approach from the earlier chapters into the later sections; once Twilight becomes involved the entire thing is very cliche, and the reduction of the psychological difficulties to problems that can be solved in a paragraph worth of dialogue does a disservice to the rest of the writing.

Hoping to check out the Allicorn and Ditzy chapters later, but neither of them is as interesting to me as the mane cast.

This is great. I only hope I can make my version of her one twentieth as awesome.

ive noticed that in many of these stories at least two ponies of the mane 6 are gay. now im not a homophobic in fact some of my best friends are gay but i find it kinda wierd that everyone has resorted to this. if you want romance among the mane 6 just make up some male characters. its not hard really. once again though, i have no problem with homosexuality so no hate mail thnx


No, no hate for you. We'll love and tolerate your "cardboard OCs are so much better than mane cast shipping fics because hooray heteronormativity."

We'll love and tolerate the shit out of it.


Hey now...no need to snark. The original comment was put quite delicately.

I considered the question of orientation quite thoroughly. In a setting with as few males as there seem to be in Equestria, it seemed logical that there would be more female-female romance, out of necessity, inclination or both. It also felt unnecessary and awkward to squeeze in male roles to act as cardboard-cutout love interests.

So far in this series, Rarity directly identifies as straight, Twilight shows no interest in females, Pinkie is...Pinkie :pinkiehappy: , and Dash could best be described as straight with a brief period of bi-curiosity.

Look at it that way: in a milieu where plenty of writers make inter-Pony relationships into love-polygons, two thirds of this version of the Mane Cast are NOT fillyfoolers - including Rainbow Dash.

That's not really cause for "EW GAY," is it?

(Also, as a side note, Imagewicked, if you really are reasonably open-minded, I'd caution you about using the stock phrase "some of my best friends are...". It is so infamous as a statement heard from bigots that TVTropes has an entry for it!)

1757 well what else was i to say. the gay couple in modern family are my favorite characters. does that count for something. besides i love anitpodes partly because of the characters in it which were all original. i dont see how introducing ponyville residents would be a crime to the series as it just makes it more realistic and diverse

This is one greatly thought out fanfic. i have yet to read the two additions after twilight part. This could easily become a MLP:FIM movie. If it were not for the following adult themes.

I have intentionally made the next section harder to read as it may contain some spoilers, no specifics, highlight to see better.

Violence, drugs use, homoerotic scenes, extensive scenes of mental disease, self abuse, schizophrenia, prostitution, adult language, alcohol, tax evasion, sexual encounters, bribing a public official, blood, death, magic, black magic, reincarnation, animal cruelty, and potential a few more adult themes.
Again a shining example of what Fanatic should be.

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