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Life is a series of ups and downs, something that Trixie Lulamoon has been taught since day one, and something she takes to heart down the road. Be it a slap, verbal humiliation, an Ursa, or just finding food to eat, life has thrown Trixie for a loop. But it's not over, and there is always the chance to get back up and make something of it all.

A look at Trixie before, during, and after her appearances on the show. What was it like to be Trixie? Her family life?

In canon with the same universe as "We Remember Everything" but the first chapter is a standalone story does not require having read the original at all. The first chapter is a standalone story that just so happens to set up Trixie's appearance there, while future chapters delve into the actual events of We Remember Everything.

Cover image by ACharmingPony on Deviantart

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 93 )

Poor Trixie. I hope she can find some sort of lasting happiness soon.

4241417 She has in the story this branched from, but this story just ended where she begins in "We Remember Everything"! :twilightsmile:

You can check it out if you want, but Trixie doesn't show up til 20-ish chapters in since it's a story about Princess Luna. :twilightsheepish:

This. This right here. This is how Great and Powerful stories are written. :fluttershysad::heart:

I'm sorry but I hate you right now >.> you give me another fic to watch:flutterrage:

This was a good story but it was also a very cliche story. While I could sit through it I couldn't really enjoy the story because it was so by the numbers that I could tell where it was going even before it got there. I'm sorry to say this but if I was a critic this would be a 5/10 You didn't really do anything new just another sad trixie story to go with the forty other sad trixie stories.

:applecry: This just treads old ground taking every predictable turn possible

Oh and to all those who dislike what I had to say give me one new Idea that was presented here

I.. Don't know how to feel about this, honestly :rainbowlaugh:

Let's follow this just because Trixie.
Oh and damn you for using that picture. Just... Damn you!

One more thing,

broght food with her

Something seems off, does it not? :trixieshiftright:

4242102 Let me preface this with the following fact: what constitutes groundbreaking? What has not been done before?

You misunderstand how the burden of proof works. You are making the claim that this story is cliche, which means YOU must provide evidence to support your claim before anyone can refute your stance. Here's my proof, the way the burden is decided as described by Wikipedia is "When debating any issue, there is an implicit burden of proof on the person asserting a claim". I have something to support my side of the argument, even if it is Wikipedia which is not nearly as bad as most would claim, especially on purely factual based issues.

Are you saying that because Star Wars was an action film made before Die Hard that Die Hard is cliche and should be considered as such? That because Romeo and Juliet contained the notion of two people from rivaling groups falling in love that no-one can ever use the same concept in their own work while adding in their own twists? What one considers groundbreaking or cliche is highly up for debate, and throwing those words around without proof carries no weight.

Do not make a claim, a strong claim especially, without supporting it. It makes one appear unintelligent, as well as petty. :twilightsmile:

The kid who was thrown out and disowned by their abusive father

4242642 I know, right? I was tearing up a bit while writing :rainbowlaugh::twilightsheepish:

This being said, it's seeing things from Trixie's perspective on We Remember Everything. Makes that a little more heartwarming in retrospect though, doesn't it?

And sure, follow it, but I have no further planned installments. I am just leaving it incomplete so I can add to it whenever I do have another idea! :twilightsmile: Thanks though, Trixie loves you.

Haha, that picture make you feel sad? Full of rage? Or does the story help you bury those feelings beneath the feelz? :rainbowkiss:

And no, I don't notice that error. Mind go finding it for me? :rainbowwild:

4241711 Why thank you very much. Ties in nicely with the main story, yes? Makes those feels all the more powerful with Trixie's side now taken into account! :rainbowkiss:


enjoyed but waiting for an update where the two fics cross to the tryouts and trixies views on that :trixieshiftright:


I wouldn't say it got me sad, but it was in the area :rainbowlaugh:

You know, perhaps you could write something here while she's in the coma? Giving us maybe a chapter of a perspective of the various things she's seeing/hearing/feeling. Maybe have some of those internal conflicts shown, maybe even interrupted by Luna on rare occasion or by what Luna might say when visiting her.

I love Trixie, too :rainbowkiss:
That picture gives me the feels. I have a strange magnetism towards feels. It's like somewhere deep in my mind, I love torturing myself with feels :rainbowlaugh:

You know, I foresaw this. I foresaw this and took a goddamn screencap.


4243161 Ehh, it was a little more personal for me. When I was looking for ways of displaying abuse I decided to draw from personal experience a little :twilightsheepish:

Hmmm...the coma bit is definitely a possibility. I'll put some more thought into it and how to best execute the idea. I will also be following up in the same vein in We Remember Everything, as is the plan I have set forth quite some chapters ago.

Now, picture this: Luna meeting Trixie's mother. That'd be...fun, wouldn't it? :trollestia: I'm thinking Phil v Lou right now...

I love the feels too...that's why I write them and force them upon all those who dare read my stories! :rainbowlaugh: I love Trixie and thus there will be many feels related to her!

And I'm sorry, what was that? I can't hear it over the sound of me winning :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Unnamed Mare, you should feel bad for doing that to Trixie.


Aw, okay that would explain it, then. I teared up myself when writing my first one but didn't have any personal experience to draw on given the fic I wrote and it confused me at first then I remembered I was jsut really depressed at the time :rainbowlaugh:

Of course it's a possibility! I suggested it! :rainbowwild:

Luna meeting Trixie's mother?
I would pay to see that.

Yeah, it would seem every idea I get is a feels one :rainbowlaugh:
Gee, maybe if I start writing and publishing more frequently I'll most likely be the "Feels" guy. :trollestia:

4243764 Well, partially unnamed :twilightsheepish: Still a Lulamoon.

But yet, she should feel ashamed! Imagine what Luna would do to her if they ever crossed paths... :trixieshiftright:

4243798 Yeah, it's kind of hard to write things like that without A) having a background of some sort and knowing the feeling, as well as B) not interjecting a part of the torment you endured. So not the easiest scenes for people to write, myself included :twilightsheepish:

Well come up with more good suggestions then :twilightsmile: Then we can expand our possibilities!

Pay to see Trixie's mom meeting Luna? So, do I just send you the bill or what? :ajsmug:

Feels are good, and you should embrace them :rainbowlaugh: Start publishing feels stories in this universe! Your overlord commands it! :yay::rainbowlaugh:

Well you want proof your that your story is unoriginal.

Here's a bunch of stories that have all the ideas your story had, but with an interesting twist

In Trixie's dark ascension She was an un loved child who was abandoned and left with her uncle and aunt who ignored her.

In Has any one ever loved me trixie is abandoned with nopony to love her until she is taken in by luna she absolutely adores luna for saving her (sound familiar ) she is also homeless and on the verge of death.

In blue we find out trixie is an orphan who's parents weren't the best.

In Trixie`s back story is that she left her family and became a performer. years latter she is poor and homeless and an orphan .

In watch in awe Trixie or rather noway diggler Is a unicorn born to earth ponies who abandons her parents

In trixie take two The Great and Powerful Trixie isn't feeling so "Great and Powerful" after the events in ponyville. Left to wander aimlessly, and dealing with an entirely foreign experience, she struggles to come to terms with where she stands in the world.

In great-and-powerful-the-story-of-trixie-lulamoon Trixie is not an orphan but her mom is a bitch who thinks she is a waste of space.

In A family reunited Tirixe is Rainbow dashes sister who was abandoned because they didn`t have money for two foals.

Look I'm getting tiered so I'll leave you with this, when I say you're being unoriginal It's because I've seen everything you've put in this story before and done better.

This may not be a trixie story but It does you're young Trixie idea better


Yeah that is true. It's always better having some sort of personal experience so then it can give your story that little unique something.

I will, I will. I can't do so on demand because my brain's cruel like that. :twilightblush:

Sure, go right ahead!

In this universe? Gah, I'll try. Who shall be my target though....
If I actually do get behind this, I'll be depressing myself for your sake so you better appreciate it :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

4243917 Very much the reason why I'm able to focus on darker stories more than on just fluff fests :twilightsheepish:

Well that's okay. I can wait. Whenever your brain is ready I am here :twilightsmile:

I'll put something together for the bill :rainbowlaugh: Thank you very much. Your generous donation is very much appreciated.

And yeah, this universe :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss: Talent is always welcome! And your target is anypony at all who you think fits in with it all. :twilightsmile: Just pitch your ideas to me!

You need not make it depressing, so if you do that you're bringing that part on yourself :rainbowlaugh: But seriously, if you do get behind it, I would be forever grateful for your efforts :twilightsmile:


Yeah, that's there, I suppose. :pinkiecrazy:

Good, I hope you won't have to wait too long, then.

You're welcome! Always happy to lend a hand :rainbowlaugh:

That's the problem ;n;
Who will work for this, properly enough? I could do a side story with Celestia and discord's antics but that would most likely be a multi-chapter thing and they evade me. Seriously, every time I try writing a multi-chapter fic, I just lose all motivation for it after a day or two :rainbowlaugh:
I most likely won't jump on this boat until I am 100% sure I can deliver, else I'll just be wasting time :rainbowwild:

4243910 You missed my point entirely. Is everyone forever disallowed for using the same topic because someone else has touched upon it? Having never read any of those stories, I cannot say I draw any inspiration from them nor have I in any way copied them.

Funny though, it's almost like those are entire stories based on the fragments you are referencing rather than one story based on all of them. False equivalence, but that's another matter entirely. :rainbowlaugh:

I'll take your word more seriously if you actually learn or care to spell in the future. It is quite hard to sound like a literary guru when you are mixing up words. See my usage of "your" and "you're"? Those are the ways you use those two in particular. :raritywink:

And I will leave you with this last note. If I bring up that your comment is petty because it provides absolutely nothing of value while criticizing something, that is because I have seen comments before that actually help contribute to the story rather than just act as a way to try and piss off someone. :twilightsmile:

I hope you rest well, because maybe it will help that crankiness. Goodnight, or good nap, whichever you're taking. :scootangel:

4243968 If you haven't noticed that's why I get 10X or more work done on We Remember Everything than Meet the Family. I feel bad about it, but I just can't write them equally.

I hope not too! I love our rousing discussions, particularly those of truth, justice, and anything and everything related to the stories :rainbowlaugh: (50-66% quoted from Loki)

I do love me my donations. Stories might just be good enough though for me :rainbowlaugh:

Well I dunno with characters...I will be working Applejack, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash a little more into it with my coming Android 16 story, but that won't be for a bit. Really anypony who has had their life influenced in some way would be interesting. Hell I'd even love to have a story about torturing Flash Sentry as so many people seem to enjoy me doing :rainbowlaugh: I love that the comic writers have made him an asshole and a coward both, and that Luna's pet frightens him. They just throw me so much material to use I can't even do get to it all :rainbowlaugh:

A Celestia and Discord story is a must I would say, having to be made by SOMEONE...I mean I can't put it into the main story given that Celestia is secondary while Discord is minor, but it seriously needs to be done at some point. As for the whole multi-chapter thing, why not make it a series of loosely connected one shots? That's how "Meet the Family" technically is even if I have gradually made it more and more chapter like. You would not have to write for it when you don't want to, and you can just publish new chapters whenever the inspiration hits you again! :twilightsmile:


Well you can't just force writing, if it comes, it comes. If it doesn't, yet you go ahead and force it, you're just ruining it :rainbowlaugh:

I love our discussions, as well. Rarely do I have such conversations with someone and have it go on for as long as ours do :rainbowwild:

Well, "might be" implies that's not the whole truth~

And entire story dedicated to torturing Flash? Why you conniving little person, you. I like you :rainbowlaugh:

That does sound do-able, maybe once my exams are done I'll go ahead and focus as much of my brainstorming into that ass I can :rainbowlaugh:
Heck, I can even make one focusing on Trixie except you know, a more in depth and not just a gist of her entire life up until the point of meeting Luna :rainbowwild:
The Loki/Dash pranks upon Ponyville would be a thing to write about.

4244378 Exactly! This is also why you won't be seeing another Meet the Family chapter for a bit :twilightsheepish:

Our discussions are just so fun. We talk about just about everything our minds branch off to, and that leads to even more stuff that we couldn't have expected before :rainbowlaugh: And their length just allows that to continue.

Well, I have to say "might be" because a story could be terrible and make everyone who views it go to mine in anger and dislike it out of seething hatred. A 0.01% chance of happening, but you never know :rainbowlaugh: Still, I doubt that would be the case. :twilightsmile:

And yes, an entire story torturing Flash. All and every day of his worthless life :rainbowlaugh: And now that he's canonically a jerk I can feel justified!

I thought it might be a better way of looking at it all :twilightsheepish: Looking at multi chapter things like they HAVE to be updated helps make you not want to in my experience, so instead having it be a series of one-shots is nice. :twilightsmile: Good luck with your exams whenever those are!

I'd love to have you do a more in-depth Trixie one, but that's how I am towards you doing any of these multitude of ideas :rainbowlaugh: I'll be covering Trixie quite a bit though, so you might want to hold off on that until I get a bit more done for her!

Loki/Dash pranks would be amazing as well :pinkiehappy:


Eh, it's fine. As long as it's not dead, I can wait :rainbowlaugh:

Right? It may start off with just a sentence or two but then progresses into entire paragraphs like it seems to be doing right now :rainbowlaugh:

I know some users on here are just plain rude but I doubt even they would go ahead and do such a thing, I mean come on :rainbowlaugh:

If you listen closely, you can hear thousands of Bronies cheering on in the distance at this :rainbowlaugh:

I've got one exam left and it's on the 25th. I've had a three week break between exams. Three. Weeks. I just don't feel like studying anymore, man :rainbowwild:

You just want side-stories that spawn off yours so you can gloat :rainbowlaugh:
But yeah, Trixie was just a possibility that I wasn't gonna go for immediately. I'll wait and see where you take her :rainbowwild:
Well hey, you suggested the pranks. I just brought it up again.

I luv both of these books. Yr a really good writer!!!:twilightsmile:I am so disappointed, because whenever I try to like it says incorrect rating code.:fluttercry: Keep up these awesome stories!!!:pinkiehappy:

4248122 I am so glad you enjoy my stories! Hearing from readers like yourself is what motivates me to continue them, and to make them as good as I can despite my busy life schedule! :heart:

I will do my best to keep them up, and expect a "We Remember Everything" update this weekend sometime! :twilightsmile:

4247315 No, not dead. Just unfinished at the moment :twilightsheepish: Not a hiatus, just me taking my time.

We may progressively increase the scope of our conversations, but I don't really mind that much to be honest :rainbowlaugh: Makes them more interesting that way!

Yeah, there are rude users. Just look lower on the page for my most recent encounter :rainbowlaugh: Criticism is fine so long as it is constructive and accomplishes something. Otherwise it's just petty and worthless, which a good deal of users on the site are prone to using. I mean, I once even had someone using other languages to swear at a story (despite them being an English speaker). People here... :twilightsheepish:

I love how much people hate Flash. I am not alone in rightfully hating him. I would hate ANY flat, boring character who is stereotypically paired with any character who is not minor (possibly even then!), but he takes it a step further by perpetuating the 'girls have to fall in love with boys' stereotype MLP had up to then kept away from. I'm not aversive to romance, I am aversive to USELESS and badly done romance.

I know the feeling about studying :rainbowlaugh: I will be busy the rest of the day and unable to reply until tomorrow because I have a major exam tomorrow I have been unable to study for due to my computer dying and taking my notes with it, but a friend has lent me theirs. So I'll be away doing that for basically now until I actually take the test. :twilightsheepish:

I cannot claim to be above gloating, because my worst "sin" is my pride, but that's not the only reason. I am genuinely interested in seeing how others would be willing to add to the canon, so long as it meshes with what else is going on within it. :twilightsmile:

I think everyone will like what I do with Trixie in the end, as she is an interesting companion to Luna and Loki: both Luna and Loki have had their breakdowns and done terrible things because of jealousy and related reasons, while Trixie has only ever done something wrong while having her mind influenced by the Alicorn Amulet. So she's a lighter shade of each of them, but has the potential to either overcome or fall prey to the same downfall each of the other two have.

And yeah, I know I suggested the pranks, but that doesn't change how awesome they would/will be :rainbowlaugh:


Exactly. That, I'm cool with :rainbowlaugh:

Who would mind? They get more interesting with each comment because either one of us always brings in something new to the mix and we carry on :rainbowwild:

Well hey, it's not just people here. Unless by 'here' you mean, the world. :rainbowlaugh: Cause there people like that everywhere you go.. You may never escape them! :derpyderp2:

I quite frankly have nothing for or against Flash. He just is, to me. So whether used as the butt of jokes for pure comedy or given actual depth, I care not, as long as it's gooooood :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh, you've got exams too? Well then, good luck with that. They're a real pain, especially when you're down to that last exam you just feel like doing nothing and starting an early vacation :scootangel:

Well, if it doesn't mesh we could always remove the obligatory "side story of" line in the description and it's a whole new story that coincidentally has quite a few similarities to yours :rainbowlaugh:

That's true, I mean the worst thing she's done was try to get revenge against those who unknowingly ruined her career. I'd say she went easy on them :rainbowlaugh: So if you say you've got interesting places for Trixie, I'll trust and leave that to you and just wait for things to unfold. I'll know because you'll make me hate you, that's the cue. :rainbowwild:

Oh and speaking of Trixie, I may be getting a Trixie dog tag in a couple of weeks. I was browsing through some and asked my dad for one, then he said to tell him which ones I want and he'd ask my aunt in the US to buy 'em and send them to me :rainbowlaugh:
I say may because Trixie's comes up to the total of the five others I've picked and I don't wanna make my aunt spend too much on pony on my account :trollestia:

4249344 I'm glad you're cool with it. Someone asked me about new chapters the other day and I was like "they get done when they're done" :twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh:

Precisely! I usually add in a few videos and things somewhere in the mix, and you give commentary that leads to new discussions :rainbowkiss:

Haha, you're right about people being like that everywhere. If people weren't like that everywhere we'd be a lot better off as a species I bet!

My issue with Flash stems from him just being there/just is :rainbowlaugh: He does nothing that another character could not do in his place. Cardboard.

My exams aren't even finals, just the last set before finals in a couple weeks! Still gotta work hard for em though...losing my computer like this has really hurt me academically :twilightsheepish:

Haha, I don't think we'd have to drop the whole side story thing. We could just edit and tweak things to work :rainbowkiss:

Yeah, Trixie DID kinda let them off easy :rainbowlaugh: And even then she felt remorse, so Trixie is by no means a villain as many consider her. Especially not in comparison to our mane cast in this story, Loki and Luna. :twilightsheepish:

And ME, make you hate muah? Oh, whatever makes you think I'll do that? :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Hope you get the Trixie dogtag! I'd love to see it!


Well hey, can't force it, now can you? And if anyone complains too much, just write out a non-canon chapter and show them what happens when you do force it :rainbowlaugh:

Exactly! If it weren't for that, the conversations would most likely end sooner than they do :rainbowlaugh:
Actually, they never really do end, we just continue with a new comment thread on a new chapter.

The world would be an entirely different place, I imagine. A nicer place, for sure.

Okay yeah, that is true. But you gotta be happy for his existence because you can make bad things happen to him for fun and not feel bad about anything :rainbowlaugh:

Gah, you're lucky. Mine are my finals so I gotta be extra careful that I do well enough.

There is always a way to make things work!

Yeah, Trixie isn't a villain at all, at first I used to hate her but then seeing things from her perspective kinda made me realize that she wasn't really at fault for anything other than trying to redeem her pride and reputation that Twilight destroyed :trixieshiftright:

Really? I've got an entire story as proof :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I hope I do, too. I'm being careful with what I pick 'cause I don't wanna ask her to spend too much and make me feel worse than I already do, just for asking :pinkiesad2:

4252539 No, no we may not force it :rainbowlaugh: And those who do will be met with non-canon chapters that ruin their lives :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

No, we never do stop talking. It's just the lulls inbetween the time we can actually type/be awake that stop us from doing so endlessly :rainbowlaugh: But the way it is, we continue to shift topics as you noted and thus we can never go stale on one subject.

A nicer, better place where we don't have world hunger, disease, or war...one could hope, no? :twilightsheepish:

I CAN make bad things happen to him. This thought helps soothe my mind :scootangel: I get to take out all frustration on a character too cardboard to care.

Haha, yeah, I still need to pass this exam :rainbowlaugh: Tiz an exam after all.

Well, in order to make things work it has to first exist, so I'll be waiting for that. When you're ready :twilightsmile::scootangel:

When I first saw Trixie I think I was different from many in that I was like "Girls? What are you doing? Stop being terrible ponies and stop heckling her. Girls? Girls! Stahp!" Then her career was ruined and I kind of wanted her to take righteous revenge on them. Then she tried doing just that and I was happy :twilightsmile: I think the mane cast pretty much deserved what they got coming to them in the end after how terribly they acted, minus Pinkie and Fluttershy.

Well, how about you make an entire story as opposite proof? :trollestia:

Good luck and all with the Trixie dogtag. Tiz all I can wish you really! :twilightsheepish:


Yes! Ruin their lives, I say! :pinkiecrazy:

Yea,h I'm pretty sure if we were on at the same times we'd be talking a whole lot more than we actually are :rainbowlaugh:

So basically, Equestria? :trollestia:

Exactly! Maybe the writers of the show put him there for the same purpose :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, that's true.

I'll go ahead and try to be ready soon :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I suppose that is true :rainbowlaugh:
I mean it's like how I was with Dash early into the show, I didn't like her attitude but then slowly learned she's not a hard-headed, emotionless block of ice... Most of the time :rainbowlaugh:
So I suppose once I actually realized what they'd done to Trixie, I was a bit miffed at them.

Well, I don't think I'll be able to do that :rainbowlaugh:

There really is not thing that can be said :rainbowlaugh:

4254409 Haha, even I am not that sinister :rainbowlaugh: I am not above pranks though, so we'll see.

If we were on the same time and my computer wasn't dead we'd be talking a lot more and a lot faster. I am just having to type most things on a touch pad, so this is just the best I can do :twilightsheepish:

Equestria is better than we got even though it is run by royalty since their leaders actually care :rainbowlaugh: And they've also got their jerks, mostly confined to Canterlot luckily. A cesspool of disgust and hate, one that Luna has had enough with.

The show writers like him more than the comic ones I'd say :twilightsheepish: The show writers promised he wouldn't be back, and he managed to sneak in...kinda want him to burn for that.

Dash is entirely why I started watching the show, though Trixie and Winter Wrap Up helped cement that. My personal battles with pride make me sympathize with those characters, and I could not get that darn song out of my head :twilightsheepish:

But yes, I love how they've made Dash evolve over time. Most development of the Mane 6 I'd say!

What they did to Trixie though, with heckling her and all, was just uncalled for and actually ticked me off. I doubt I'd have been so kind in her place. I show you the videos I have found about dealing with hecklers the RIGHT way? :twilightsmile:

Ehh, story doesn't have to be this long. Just exist :scootangel:


Oh really? You're not that sinister? Really?

Yeah, I'm not used to touch pads on account of not really having to deal with that all that much :rainbowlaugh: But they do seem like a pain at times.

Well of course there are jerks, who else will us chaotic neutrals pick on, then? :rainbowlaugh: They're jerks, and we can then pick on them! [Blueblood]

I haven't read any of the comics so I haven't really seen Flash anywhere in them.

Well hey, the show's full of ponies we can sympathize with :rainbowlaugh: Kinda what keeps us coming back. That among others but it plays a significant role. And what song? :rainbowhuh:

A little less on Fluttershy, though? She seems to be developing into an all-round Beastboy :rainbowlaugh: I wonder what Banner would say on seeing 'Shy transform into Flutterhulk? :trixieshiftright:

Oh that is a brilliant way to deal with hecklers :rainbowlaugh: But Trixie's a better pony than she gives herself credit for and I don't think she'd do that :rainbowwild:

4257234 No, I'm not that sinister. Just a playful trickster who is baffled by how no-one gets all the hints I give ya'll :rainbowlaugh:

Oh touchpads are SUCH a pain. So much that even though I can see comments and technically respond, it is not even worth the time it would take to do so (takes 30-40 minutes for a single post of this length...). Instead I spend that time trying to find a computer I can use and easily type it :rainbowlaugh:

I am actually chaotic good surprise surprise :rainbowlaugh: There's nothing malicious in my pranking of you all, and I do have morals. But I'm not above picking on jerks, as those are people who should be ashamed for their actions and need to be called on it (Blueblood, and now Flash among many others both fictional and real).

Well, no real need. I will find you the necessary Flash pictures. Here is the king of them all:


Go Celestia!

The show, unlike Snowdrop, IS full of ponies we can sympathize with! (0<) That, along with the fun of it, really is what keeps me coming back. And the song I mentioned. Winter Wrap Up :rainbowlaugh: I love it, but I hate it because it never goes away in my head.

Fluttershy went from being my second favorite character of the Mane 6 to my second least favorite (that spot is reserved for Pinkie) specifically because she does not almost at any point show progression of any sort, something she vies for Applejack with. But Applejack has more dynamics involved with her character because of her family, so she's above Fluttershy in my books.

Here is more of how to deal with hecklers :rainbowlaugh:

I'd say Trixie was a little kinder, even giving them the CHANCE to upstage her before being humiliated :rainbowkiss: Trixie is a better pony than she gives herself credit for...though, psychologically speaking one is less likely to hold true confidence if they did not grow up with a secure attachment with their parent. :twilightsheepish:


Yeah, but sinister enough!

I don't think I'd ever use a touch pad for writing anything more than a sentence or two at a time, because of how easy it is to misspell things, besides the obvious time consumption, I'd rather not :rainbowlaugh:

Psh, you can have morals and still be neutral. It's what keeps us from being evil :rainbowlaugh:

Holy crap, flash is a total douchebag :unsuresweetie:
I was holding out hope he'd be a nice guy and I wouldn't have to hate him :rainbowlaugh:

Winter Wrap Up is a great song, it's one of my favorite. Plus, I've got some fairly good memories attached to it so whenever I play it, It's like the memories are on auto-play, then.

My top favorites have to be Twilight, Rarity and Applejack. Twilight, because I can relate to her in every way except for the extreme conscientiousness :rainbowlaugh: Rarity, because what first might seem like a shallow character obsessed with only looks actually cares for others more than you might think, and Applejack because she's hardworking and there when you need her. Besides, I love that accent. :ajsmug:

This is the best. Seriously :rainbowlaugh:

Secure attachment isn't the only thing accounted for if you're talking about self confidence. no proper motivation or support from anyone and not just parents adds to this, too. Especially if they hold that person close.

4258389 Sinister has bad intentions, of which I have none :rainbowlaugh: You'd see my as gracious if you just could see all the hints and things I am giving you people.

That is how I use the touchpad mainly now...too much of a hassle to do otherwise! :twilightsheepish:

I have enough morals to be good :rainbowwild: You all just don't appreciate it :pinkiesad2:

Yes, Flash IS. Haha, seeing that made me so happy...so vindicated! All my torture proven right in retrospect, because he deserves it! :rainbowdetermined2:

Winter Wrap Up is fun, but it soon got replaced for me with This Day Aria. I made an Equestria Daily worthy comic about it even when I first became a Brony. Posted it, then came back to tens of thousands of views :rainbowlaugh: Wish I had more pony stuff done then...

My list is: Rainbow, Rarity, Twilight (demoted recently for preachiness and bad advice in season 4), Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie (the only one I do not actually like most of the time). Rainbow for general awesomeness and character development, Rarity for her hidden depths, Twilight for her lesser but decent character development, Applejack for having more to do than Fluttershy, Fluttershy for having no development, and Pinkie for making me want to reach into the screen and strangle her. :yay:

More about the heckling business:

Self confidence has a lot that goes into it, but it's safe to say Trixie had no steady supply of it :twilightsheepish::pinkiesad2: Then she DOES get it, only to be crushed when it disappears (even if only for a moment)...


Well, I'd say you're being too vague or we just don't trust ya :raritywink:

Yeah, it's why I never upgraded my laptop to atouch one because that's just pointless :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, we appreciate it. Or we would if you'd prove you had them every once in a while :rainbowwild:

So much for me defending him, anymore. Flash, you brought this all on yourself!

There's just so many songs in this show that my favorite constantly changes! I can just never really get a favorite and stick with it for too long, honestly.

Twilight has issues :rainbowlaugh: "I read this in a book. It's right, you're wrong." But I overlook that on account of her being a nice character most of the time. Pinkie Pie is really, really annoying sometimes but then, she actually makes me smile :rainbowlaugh: So she's good in my book.

There should be an entire show just dedicated to dealing with people like this. I'd watch that :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, that's true. I want more Trixie in the show, I mean they brought back Flim and Flam and Discord for God's sake :rainbowlaugh:
Give us Trixie!

4261966 You are all such mistrustful beings who do not appreciate the gifts that are my comments and replies :rainbowlaugh:

I will never make the upgrade to a touchpad laptop...It's just useless to me and I hate them. :twilightangry2:

You don't appreciate them, just like my beautiful gifts to you all :rainbowwild: And hey, I proved my morals when I didn't G.R. Martin Trixie the other chapter :rainbowwild::twilightsmile:

And yay, no more defending Flash! Heck, I'd say he deserves more hate than Trixie's ample supply :rainbowlaugh: Least Trixie only became a real jerk after her life was ruined by the mane cast (and Snips and Snails, who were pushed to prove Trixie's greatness by Spike's jerkish dismissal of her powers).

I like a lot of the show's songs, but I don't generally change my favorites that much. I've liked the Bats song this season in particular, as well as some of those to be found in the only episode I like Pinkie (Weird Al episode).:twilightsheepish:

Twilight does have issues :rainbowlaugh: Funny girl I must admit. Was once my second favorite as well, but Rarity usurped the spot. As for Pinkie, I too can smile at her occasionally, but she constantly takes up screentime in episodes she has no right to be in given that she contributes nothing. She wastes time while irking me, which makes my issue with her doublefold! :ajbemused:

Haha, I know, right? There are just some comedians and performers who are gifted at dealing with their disruptive audiences. I'd say Trixie did a pretty good job with rightfully humiliating the trio of disruptions while getting on with her show. They seemed to literally not understand what her job was, and they were just so insufferable that episode.

More Trixie would just be beautiful, especially since bringing Trixie's VA back into the studio could lend to another Chrysalis story (she voices both after all). Give us Trixie! Discord has had 6 episodes in total he has been a part of, the least you can do is let us have more glorious Trixie! :unsuresweetie:


Hey, we appreciate it! You just don't realize it :rainbowlaugh:

The most useless things in existence :ajbemused:
Why buy a laptop if you're just gonna turn it into a goddamn tablet, anyways? :rainbowlaugh:

Psh, I called you weren't going to kill off Trixie because I knew you wouldn't. That proves nothing :rainbowlaugh:

I excuse Spike's actions by him being a naive little child, by dragon years, anyway. Twilight is the more rational of the group and she should've been more diplomatic than that :twilightoops:

This show's got some of the best songs I've heard in the stuff I watch, agreed, normally the things I watch don't usually have songs in them but hey, what the hell, that's besides the point :rainbowlaugh:

Speaking of Pinkie being insufferable, she was just that in this recent episode :rainbowlaugh: I mean, what the hell, Pinkie? Usually I like her, but she really had no purpose of being in this episode other than being annoying.

We got Flim and Flam! The two most useless jerks this show's incorporated into itself! Trixie would honestly be an improvement to the enjoyment and events we could see in episodes :rainbowlaugh:

4267008 Wreally? :fluttercry: Then why don't you go see the new chapter already? :pinkiesad2:

Yes, right next to Flash Sentry. Very useless things. This is why I must give them purpose through punishment! :rainbowlaugh: It is for their very own good!

Tablets < Laptops in pretty much every way as far as I am concerned, so I do not understand why one would want to transform a laptop into a tablet :rainbowhuh:

Not kill Trixie? Psh, I ain't done yet, boy. You'd be surprised at just how death will be handled from here on out :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

I would excuse Spike's actions more if he was not regularly more adult-like than Twilight herself, so he should honestly just know better :rainbowlaugh: I swear his age is just an informed attribute most the time.

Since I despise Glee I too have very little to compare MLP with in terms of shows with songs done by the characters, but nonetheless the songs in MLP are very good

Pinkie is NORMALLY just that nowadays since they insist on using the whole mane cast in every episode (or at least more than half of them), even if the majority of them are capable of adding NOTHING to the plot. Compound that with Pinkie's annoying tendencies and you have things like this most recent episode. :facehoof: Ugh.

Flim and Flam have potential, yet it is never realized in either of their appearances. That's what irks me about them. Trixie would be a fabulous addition to the recurring cast though I'd say, as she is more entertaining than Mayor Mare or Zecora while having more potential than most other former "villains". I would love for Luna to take her in within the show...that would just be beautiful, even if it has a negligible chance of happening. :twilightsheepish:


Because for some reason, authors have found this week to update nearly every fic I've favorited so yours has been buried under others :rainbowlaugh:
I'll get to it soon, though.

True, some purpose better than none, right? :rainbowlaugh:
Well, people actually do that so maybe we should ask one of them?

Well you ain't no George RR Maartin nor are you Steven Moffat. I, therefore, hold out hope.

Okay that is true :rainbowlaugh: Twilight wouldn't be a princess she is and would've blown up Ponyville a long time ago had Spike not been there those few times to slap sense into her.

They truly are quite good. Very uplifting sometimes, too. MLP songs are on my playlist for when I just want to feel better whenever I'm feeling down or anything :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I know but I do like the episodes when the characters actually make all the characters present, useful. I mean that episode with Discord, Twi and Cadence? That was a nice one. Fluttershy wasn't there, the rest were seen for just a few minutes and then they weren't poking their nose into everything and being useless :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, that's true. It would be amazing but I suppose that's just improbable and the chances of it happening are about 0. Even though the writers do love giving us some fan service and a few other references here and there, like the Lutece Twins in the most recent one, I doubt they'd go with Luna taking Trixie in. They've shown us more Vinyl, Doctor, Lyra and Derpy. Trixie should certainly be there, damnit :rainbowlaugh:

4268691 Well that stinks. Kind of like me not being able to respond most the time because of work+no computer :twilightsheepish: Hope you do get to it soon...nopony seems to be commenting (30% of last chapter about, despite those who have commented loving it...)

I do not care for abuse in general, but given that Flash is an abomination who shouldn't exist and who is also a jerk I am making exceptions. :twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh:

I don't care to talk to tablet laptop people about their terrible contraptions :rainbowlaugh:

You haven't read my Starcraft story it seems. I am no George RR Martin? Oh wow. Wow. You don't know me at all :rainbowlaugh: You see, I have NO issue killing characters if A) it is handled well or correctly, B) makes sense to the plot, and C) can work towards the continuing narrative. I still NEED Trixie, so she lives. Thank you for giving me some credit, and while I may not be George RR Martin to the dot I am by no means the skittish writer unafraid to rock the boat :rainbowkiss:

Spike is as much an adult as Mirai on Mobile Suit Gundam, who his voice actress also voiced. Calm, level headed and there to make sure everyone else has their stuff together. Twilight definitely would have snapped without him long ago :rainbowlaugh:

I have listened to the smile song a lot more than almost anything else I'll admit. :twilightsmile: The show really can have some great music, and I wish all of it was on that level.

I have no issue if everypony is there and DO things (productive, narrative serving thing) but I despise when they are there only to detract. That's annoying and just lowers the quality of the show. :facehoof:

Well if the show won't give us Luna apprentice Trixie, I guess I will have to. :rainbowlaugh: Boy do I have a lot of projects...gotta get some work done on my real life ones soon enough. I am hoping to get my first novel's rough draft done by the end of the summer after all!


That's odd o.O
I'll go hunt for yours in the list and get to it, then :rainbowlaugh:

Exceptions can always be made for jerks in terms of abuse, like this. Always.

I never even bring it up :rainbowlaugh:

I know you're not afraid to rock the boat, really but honestly it's so much better holding out hope you're not some heartless person who's gonna get me attached to someone only to have the ripped to shreds :rainbowlaugh:

In fact, Twilight owes her ascension to him :rainbowlaugh:
And still, they treat him like dirt at times.

The Smile song really is one of the most uplifting ones. It's one of the few songs that have stayed constant through all my deletion and replacement of a majority of my songs on my phone from time to time :rainbowwild:

Yeah, I mean, no one's gonna die if they don't show a character for an episode or two if they're not relevant. Like on Luna Eclipsed, there was no Rarity which wasn't a bad thing. I doubt she could have contributed much even if she was there.

You're writing a novel? Oooh. Can't go focusing all on fiction, those real life chores need some doing too, you know. Don't go getting suck up in fantasy or the internet :rainbowlaugh:

4277412 I think the issue was that I accidently submitted it before I finished so I unpublished the chapter until I was finished... :pinkiesad2:

I love the comic writers for what they have done with him :rainbowkiss: They made me enjoy seeing cardboard.

I do not bring it up either. Not the kind of thing I would want to question. Let them live in their delusions :rainbowlaugh:

I do not kill characters left and right like George RR Martin, as that is the opposite level of realism than not letting anyone dies. That being said, I do on occasion build up characters just to kill them...I learned the art of the "player punch" when I was 7 you see playing my favorite game, The Legend of Dragoon. :twilightsmile:

Despte having an entire episode about Spike not being worthless, then they go right back to treating him terribly. I used to really like the idea of Twilight being like his mom, but now I am not so sure...

Smile song's return with Cheese Sandwhich made me so happy. Oh how he worked magic...I never even thought I would be able to enjoy a Pinkie ship, but now I do :pinkiesmile:

Not every character is needed every episode, which the writers this season did not seem to get...:facehoof: I have a love and hate relationship with this season.

Yeah, I am actually working on a series, but work has been slow without my computer with all my work on it. Though I will note that it is a fantasy series, and thus fiction :rainbowwild: Just not fanfiction.


Bad, Thunder, bad! *whacks you with newspaper*
Be more alert of yourself! :rainbowlaugh:

The only way cardboard can be enjoyed!

Precisely :rainbowlaugh:
Why buy something so expensive if you're just gonna turn it into something you woulld've gotten for cheaper?

Psh. "Player Punch"
That should be a finisher and writers should have to work extremely hard before being able to use a finisher. And only once every story.

See, it's at certain times like there where I allow headcanon to take effect so that I can keep living in the delusions that Twilight isn't mistreating Spike even after all he's done.

A bit of Cheesy magic can't be a bad thing :rainbowlaugh:

Eh, I assume the writers are most likely just following orders or something so that Hasbro can make sales :rainbowlaugh:

Well, since you are a fan of the fantasy genre, wouldn't writing fiction in that make it technically fanfiction? :rainbowwild:

4277916 Hard to be alert when you are tired and on a touch pad... :pinkiesad2: And now nopony loves me...

If you have seen the Lego Movie, then the way Bad Cop kicks around chairs is about how I feel about cardboard :rainbowlaugh:

The only thing keeping me from loving the Game of Thrones series is that everyone dies...George RR Martin's response to this is "Well, if somebody would die in a situation, then they die. No hero immunity." But the issue with this logic is that HE MAKES THE SITUATIONS. So yes, it can be justified with a couple bits and deaths, but when every single character one could try and care about dies you feel a kind of apathy for it all. :facehoof:

Not having money myself, the way people waste theirs on such useless tablets astounds me. I would not even have my Nook if not for the fact it was a gift from someone. :unsuresweetie:

Yeah, I agree on that...the way the show treats Spike is just wrong, and it makes me want to write a story where that is not the case.:ajsleepy:

Cheesy magic isn't bad at all. He really surprised me, and he pretty much made me like a Pinkie Pie episode for once. For that he gets credit and my love :yay:

Even if Hasbro makes them HAVE the characters, there are ways one can devise it so that they actually contribute or at least do not take away from the episode. In Boast Busters we didn't have Pinkie and Fluttershy do anything at all, but they didn't take away from the other characters who actually were contributing something! That's not to say that was a good overall episode though...it just knew how to use a large cast.

No. No it would not. Thank you for making me lose any and all hope in you :rainbowwild:


Yes, nobody loves you, now. :rainbowkiss:

I haven't seen that movie, yet. Not sure if I will :rainbowlaugh:

You're the first person ever to tell me they're not extremely ecstatic over GoT. I mean, when you put it that way, it sounds like a complete bust. The whole point of a story is so that you can make characters and get readers involved in the story through those characters by relating to them or connecting to them on some level. Kill off every chance a person has for that and what do you get? Nothing.

I wouldn't have my laptop if it wasn't for my cousins gifting it to me.

Do iiiiiiiiit. Make a Spike fic.

Yeah, I really liked that episode, too. It was awesome :rainbowkiss:

Yeah that's true. I mean the writers are certainly more than capable so I don't get why they have to have characters be dead weight or just plain annoying when they don't have to.

Well took ya long enough, jeez :rainbowlaugh:

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