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Hearts And Hooves · 8:03am Feb 14th, 2017

For the longest time, I was alone.
A full three decades into my life, the only romantic love I knew was the unrequited kind.
I was always an odd sort, vulnerable and having a hard time understanding other people. In my youth, I turned every frustration outwards and was rage personified, but as I grew older, I turned it inwards and almost destroyed myself.

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391912 Thank you. All the kind responses, I've recieved to this silly thing really has inspired me to write more, and they came at a time where I really needed cheering up :heart:
The Harry Potter storyline is over - I still think it is a little too silly to merit further stories -, but I will explore some of the mental notes Twilight makes during the fic, such as letting Zecora interact with the Ponyville foals.
I am currently rewriting the story, fleshing it out a little more. So far it is twice the length of the original, and I am down to the second-to-last scene. Hopefully, It will be done and proofread within a week's time.

Are....you...going to do a follow up?
I mean...not to pressure you or anything....I just really liked your story....:fluttershysad:

You have caught my attention. And my watch.:twilightsmile:

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