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Partially mirrored from The NP FanFiction Archive.

[Currently attempting a possible revival of this story after five years. Since I think I finally have an idea of where I want it to go. I'd like to issue a personal apology for taking so bloody long.]

After a terrible crisis is repaired that brought Equestria to the brink of armageddon, Twilight experiences a terrible loss, and the only one who can help her is Rainbow Dash. But in order to do that, she'll need to reveal an ancient family secret that can change the world.

She is part of a long line of ponies called 'Rainbows,' all with multicoloured hair. And they all have a special ability: They can communicate with the dead.

Inspired by Through Violet Eyes.

The setting, as well as most of the characters and original concepts, are the property of either Stephen Woodworth or Hasbro.

Suicide tag for one scene and one character in a minor flashback scene.

[CC BY-NC-SA] With Rainbow Hair is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Oooh Shining your in for it now
WTF was wrong with Dash?


I think you'll understand completely once I do final edits and release the next chapter. I'll give you a hint: who was attacking them? What exactly are they? There were a lot of them, weren't there?

All dose commas in the description...

All dose poiple...

This was interesting, nice buildup. Its nice to see something else mystical used than the Elements of Harmony, or at least I think that is what you did. Lets wait for the continuation, this seems interesting indeed :)

Liked and faved so far ;)

Regardless of what happened, Twilight can't exactly say she's never dramatically blown things out of proportion. Or not gone insane.

... Truth be told, she's actually the character I personally trust the least. She's unstable and prone to insanity if ANYTHING goes slightly different than what she planned.

Curious, so I think I'll track this.

"You know what Shining Armor," she said. "You're an ass."

She then turned to the nearby donkey. "No offense."

"None taken."

So wait RD can have her Mother take controll of her body :rainbowhuh:
Is that her gift

Seems to be. Presumably Rainbow Dash can allow herself to be possessed by any dead person, and can thus channel the soul of Shining Armor if she so desires.

I kinda guessed that oh and can you relay a message to DarthRavanger my reply button doesn't work
Yeah it seems that way
Send that to him for me Plz :twilightsmile:

Finally got around to read chapter 2, that ending of the chapter was confusing.
It took some rereading and checking the comment for me to fully understand what just happened, might be because I have no idea what that "Through Violet Eyes" is. ^^
Anyway, after understanding, this concept seems amazing.
Really looking forward too see how you decide on continuing this.

Great work :twilightsmile:


I'm sorry, I'll get right on that once my hand stops bleeding.

Anyway, chapter three's posted on the main site.


Been a while since this updated :ajbemused:
but totally worth it :rainbowkiss:

I found the memories portion to be a bit confusing...

I'm guessing Fluttershy is going to give Rainbow that book so that she can provide proof. I'm glad that this story's came off hiatus.

..........................We have ourselfs a physic

:rainbowlaugh: that must sound weird coming out of Rainbows mouth!

Please tell me in what universe does this sound like a good idea? Because I'd like to visit.

This is so amazing. I want more. MOAR


"Let's go to the library with Rainbow Dash possessed by the dead grandmother of Fluttershy." Because that is obviously the logical thing to do.


Oh, I'm sure she could pass as Rainbow Dash. That wouldn't be a problem. Besides, Spring wants to see exactly what those bastard publishers did to her baby. Probably made Daring Do an Alicorn; or put her in a fridge; or made an unnecessary, angst-filled, CG-laden prequel that tries to give a scientific explanation for magic. Bastards...


Well... this is a story... this is a story... when does anything go right in a story?


If everything went right it'd be boring as hell!


I am now tempted to write a story where everything goes right.


So, you're thinking of writing a story where everything goes exactly as the characters plan?

Yeah, sounds boring. I don't think there's a single way you can make that interesting.

Are u going to update?? since its real good!!!


Thanks, I got chapter six resting in the quoue, but I want to pass it through an editor.

I'm actually planning on finishing the whole story this week.

not a bad story.

keep up the good work

also you messed up here

'Apple Bloom never knew her parents. Their deaths did not affect her, and this was not simply because they happened before she was born.'

how could they have died before she was born?


Well, her mother died in childbirth, which is close enough.

well you could just reword it and get it over with?

2832886 at the funeral of her mother, Applebloom popped out :pinkiecrazy:


Is it really bugging you? Because I make a policy not to reedit published work, and I don't know exactly how I would rephrase that.



Did I tell a joke and not realize it?

Okay, I don't normally go into tragedies, but this is great! Glad I finally decided to start reading it!
Though it's a shame that judging by your archive we are getting to the end... wait, is it not going to end well? I mean, tragedy is when the protagonists ultimately fail to achieve whatever goal they had and it usually entails paying great prices during the story. Here, the price would be the secret getting revealed but the failure... but Shining would forgive her sister, right?:unsuresweetie:
Unless someone taught me wrong things at school...:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Or Twi is not going to believe... or go mad because of that... or whatever... we shall see!

Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

Man, orphans in Equestria have it rough. Even a national hero can't get anyone interested in adopting her! :scootangel:

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