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When Fluttershy was young, some of the only kindness she received was from the ground. She wondered if she belonged there.

And if it would be nicer to be a tree.

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This story is a small practice piece, written quickly and without any editing. This is the sort of stuff I write on a whimsy as I get myself through bigger projects (I swear I'll have another decent-length story soon), and I thought it would be neat to show you my practice. I don't know if it's good or not, but it was mostly for fun anyways. Just thought I'd share since I kinda like it!


Buetiful... We'll done.

Author Interviewer


This is an amazing pony name, and this was quite excellent for just being a practice piece. :D

and she would feel the heartbeat of the ground and the beauty in it until Rainbow came for her. She would look down, deep down, where the roots of the apple trees were linked together in harmony, where the mix of chemicals and magic in them breathed without a voice.

Some real standout writing there. An enjoyable piece.

Jeez, this one hurt:fluttercry:

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