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Just write and work everything else out later.


Watch this space. · 5:54am Apr 10th, 2014

Hey there, seven or so people who still pay attention when I blog something! Listen up!

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Well it's good to see you aren't vanished! Really I nor anyone else can demand you write anything. If you want to write then great! If you want to do other stuff that's fine too! But it's good to hear you are still around. Thanks for tagging your story cancelled, I know that sounds weird but this way you don't leave us readers in suspense.

As for loyal fans, I at least would be sad if you decided to give it all up, but really, I'm just some random guy on the internet. You have plenty of followers though, and I'm sure plenty of them care, they just don't post :pinkiehappy: (honestly I don't generally post either, but I remembered this story from a while back and thought it worth poking you about. See? I DO care! :raritystarry:)

I'm rambling at this point, so I guess my point is whatever you go on to write/do/whatever, do it at your own pace. Oh, and if one of those "miscellaneous games" is TF2 we should game together sometime.

1393282 Hey. Sorry about not being around, I've just been... well, not very writey, for a few reasons.

Number one is that the big project I talked about in my last blog post kind of evaporated. It's sort of maybe possibly coming out at some point still, but it's totally changed from what it once was.

Number two is that I've been either in college or on summer vacation, and writing was something I just didn't feel like.

Related is number three, which is that I've been dong little else with my free time other than play League of Legends and other miscellaneous games. So really, the reason I haven't been doing a lot is that I either am a lazy sack o' poo or just plain gave up. Neither sounds very good.

On a side note, "Loyal fans"? Really? Didn't think I had many of those after Tinker, Tanner, Hunter, Spy died.

So...I don't mean to sound pushy, but it's been several months since you've posted anything, blog post or otherwise.
Your loyal fans (myself included) wish to know what's going on. Just throw some scrap at us and we won't bother you. If it's not too much trouble :fluttershysad:

As long as you don't blow up my planet.

1158070 You're welcome! Let's be friends.

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