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Uneasy is the heart on which lies a crown of guilt. Luna, formerly known as Nightmare Moon, knows this better than most.

Apologies are in order, for the truth behind the thousand years' exile is at once more mundane and even less likely than the legends suggest. Nearing the threshold of a brighter future, Luna writes a simple letter - and in doing so, attempts to leave the shadows of her past behind.

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.....wow. That was amazing.

You cast Luna in the perfect light, or at least how I have always kind of imagined her.
I hope I remember to come back and say more because I honestly feel speechless right now(and I am not just saying that to give a compliment, i can barely form words to actually give the story it's deserve compliments).

I can say that I will give this all the ratings I can. Thumbs, fav, and a watch.

Stalin have nothing to say. Except for AMAZING. Good work

Nicely done. I've got to say, though, that you nearly lost me on the fourth paragraph. I don't subscribe to the whole alicorns-as-eternal-deities theory, and I feel uneasy every time it comes up. Why weren't they even around during the events of the Hearth Warming Eve story? Unicorns were controlling the sun and moon in those days! The only answer that makes sense to me is that Celestia and Luna hadn't been born yet.

311657 Well, the important thing is that I only nearly lost you.

Very well done.

...I'm speechless.




This... put all the depth and character into Luna that was simply implied, but not stated, by the show itself. A wonderful job!

Though Alicorns have been suggested as "deities", it is probably left to fan speculation on that. But what came before the Alicorns, I wonder?

maybe i'm being a little bias, but i'd like to point out that RD didn't run away from Luna, in fact, she pranked her. so, twilight isn't the only other person who judges a book by it's cover.

Luna needs Dr Phil. :derpytongue2:

I was drawn here by a musical work inspired by this story. Music being wonderfully abstract, I had the privilege of reading without any expectations one way or another. And I am glad I did, because (1) I'm one of those "How come we never hear what Luna has to say?" types and (2) the story is genuinely touching.

770393 Well, I'm just glad the music and the story both lived up to your standards. This is the less popular of the two I've published so far.

I'm late (horribly late) to the party.
But after running into "The Rest is History" in Youtube, I figured I would give this a whirl.
Reading this with the music on auto-repeat was a rather captivating experience.

1076922 The party never stops. Someone commented and that's good enough for me.

A thousand, nay, a million thanks to you for writing this. Luna is the most underrated character in the show, to the point where it seems that even its creators laugh at her mere presence. I hated the way they slipped her into the finale (of season 2), reducing her to "Did I miss anything?" :fluttershyouch:

I honestly wish that this could become canon, this is the episode Luna deserves! Place her beside her sister as a legitimate, feeling character, not 'the sister' of the mighty Celestia... You receive my unending praise and thanks for writing this brilliant piece.

10/10 :eeyup:

Hell yes. You wrote awesome head-canon!

I like it. I like it alot.:pinkiehappy:

Not a bad read, all told. I think you nailed the presentation; I never got tired of reading it, although the end was a little sudden. An interesting and worthwhile look into Luna's character. (Definitely needs to be canon)

I really liked Luna's letter, but Celestia's response leaves much to be desired. I almost feel like leaving the ending more ambiguous would have been a better route to take, instead of Celestia's, let's be honest, lazy letter. Overall though, very good read.

1892346 Yeah, Celestia's reply was an afterthought, pretty much.

Just a quick question: where are all of you guys coming from? I've gotten like 80 new views and 20 favorites on here yesterday and today.

1894467 Coming from here -- although, in my case, given that I'm following you and already know I like your stuff, I really should have gotten to this one before now.

I'm a sucker for good celestial headcanon, and this delivers. I'm right there with you that becoming Nightmare Moon was a conscious choice; the idea that she got taken over by some external spirit just feels like a cop-out compared to the idea of siblings with actual disagreements and actual problems. I explore this in No Regrets, too, but this is such fertile ground to explore that FIMFic's best writers could do a dozen Celestia/Luna stories and each one would still feel fresh.

The criticism I do have about this is that the part with the Whippers feels jarring, and a bit forced. The letter survived, and made it to Celestia somehow. That's important, as is her response, but the details of how it got to her feel like a distraction from the real meat of the story. I think everything between "... the scroll refused to burn." and Celestia's response could be cut at a single stroke and not affect the story -- perhaps even improve it, by tightening a bit.

Nevertheless, read and enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

1894467 I just searched Celestia on top rated and ticked completed.

Tasty stuff.

Celestia and Luna have always been the part of the show I am most fascinated with, and I have spent a long time wondering how everything could have happened. I don't participially like the idea of Nightmare Moon as some kind of separate entity, because it weakens Luna as a character. But then again, the Nightmare Moon we saw seemed so moustache-twiddlyingly evil it's hard to see how she could also be Luna. If Nightmare Moon got her way, literally every living thing would die.

And I have to say, this ties everything up neatly; I'm impressed. A stage persona? I can believe that. There is a real tragedy in the literary sense that Celestia believed it was a possession.

All in all, a very good job.

I've yet to read this.
Been thinknig on it for a while sicne I heard that fanmade music... WHICH I CAN'T FIND! :applecry:

If anyone else knows which one I am speaking of - please, mesage me with it's name! :fluttershysad:

No wonder Princess Luna acted up.

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