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After Big Macintosh helps the Mane Six out of a jam, he finds his ordinary life of
peaceful routine thoroughly disrupted by the various misadventures those crazy
ponies always seem to get themselves into.

Artwork provided by the talented Zemious

Chapters (20)
Comments ( 1450 )

Tracking, 4.5 stars. I don't think Technicolor is the right word to describe Rainbow Dash, but i may be wrong about that. Also, you use a lot of commas. try making some sentances less run-on-y, maybe a litttle shorter. Looking foreward to more of this :pinkiehappy:

Good one. Simple, but deep. I'd like to see what Big Mac and the Mane 6 have before their hooves. 4,5 and tracking. Keep it up!

44518 Thanks for the tip, honestly I'm sort of a comma freak, and the number you see in the story is nothing compared to how many were in the original draft, it's a bad habit I'm trying to break, same thing with the run-ons :twilightsheepish:

44559 I can relate! my friends keep pointing out all the commas I use. Great work! Can't wait to see the next chapters!

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

wow, i really liked this! very well done... Pinkie pies just to random to need a poker face :pinkiehappy:

Good one. It looks as if Big Mac will be meeting the Mane 6 one by one. I mean, the first one was Pinkie Pie, now Fluttershy. I think Big Mac meeting Rarity will be hilarious.

Keep it up! 5/5!

This is really good, and i really can't wait for him to meet the rest of the girls :twilightsheepish:

Oh, I'm greatly enjoying this one.

I will love the Big Mac and Rainbow Dash chapter!

I sense Friendshipping.
Still, a wonderful story. Please write more.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Congratulations.

That was a very nice story. Keep up the good work with this series.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite stories... I love how you seem to be using each one of the Mane 6 to bring out a different side of Big Mac for us to see, and even for himself to see, I think (maybe Mac should be brushing up on his penmanship for a friendship report?) Everypony we've seen has been excellently in character (your Pinkie Pie might be the best I've read, and the same is true of Rarity.) One wonders if the girls are working together on this? Applejack certainly seems to be acting like she's in on something...

I'm very interested to see Twilight Sparkle's side of her talks with Macintosh. He seems to think little of his own perceptions and intellect, but I think she'd disagree with that. Clear-eyed observation and solid practicality are sometimes lost in academia, and I think she can appreciate that.

In short, tremendous work, and I anxiously await more!

I am so glad there is a new chapter for this! It just keeps such a standard of awesome.

Never stop writing.
also you should change made into make in this sentence "“Perfect, I don't think I even have to made any adjustments after all."

I want to thank everybody for leaving such nice comments. Seriously guys you're making me blush.

Yeah I have to admit, I really revved up the tension in that relationship. Partly because I always imagined the two would have some natural physical attraction to each other and because I always pictured Rarity as being pretty good at using her natural cuteness to get things from unsuspecting males (e.g Spike's ruby in Secrets of my Excess)

Anyway, funny story, I actually don't have a clear idea of what Friendshipping is. Don't get me wrong, common sense and context gave me a feel for the concept. I tried tvtropes but didn't really find anything on the subject. Then I googled it, but apparently there's a religious concept about worshipping with your friends that shares the same term that really complicated my search. Anyway, if anyone could give me a concrete definition I'd be grateful. I just like to make sure when it comes to these things.

That's a pretty accurate observation, I'd say more but I don't want to risk giving anything away. And thanks for the compliment, I always try to make sure everyone reacts the same way they would in the show. Though I have to admit, there's a lot of gaps that need to be filled in with a bit of extrapolation. I'm just glad that I haven't made too great a leap with any of it.

Fixed it, thanks for pointing it out. There's always a few that manage to slip through the cracks.

Well I'm glad my story is receiving such positive reviews and I hope that the chapters to come will hold up to your expectations. Thanks everybody.

well i started to read this tonight and since the first moment i fell in love with the story its really good and i love how you make a story with each one of the mane 6 i see some trace fo shipping in the 3 chapters (in the 2 i was like YES because im a fluttermac fan lol) but i love how you develop the characters and especially Big mac ( swag master and bets pony lol) so im tracking cant wait to see more of this keep up the awesome work you are doing :eeyup:

What do I half to do to get the other have of this story? (See what I did there?) Nah, but I would really like to see a Macindash chapter.

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥

169796 Friendshipping is pretty much what common sense and context tell you it is: building a relationship between two characters, except the result is platonic and not romantic.

Anyways this is probably the first My Little Pony fanfic I've ever read that has mentioned Parmenides and Zeno and that is completely awesome.

Thanks for the definition. I had actually thought it just meant shipping friends. Which, now that I think about it, pretty much describes almost all shipping...

This is a very thought out and planned story so far and it gives the right amount of description to details that make it all the more interesting.

Holy guacamole! Congrats on Equestria Daily!

You, sir, are a writing god. I'm enjoying your characterisations well, especially Pinkie Pie. Whilst Rarity is of course the best pony, your take on PP is one of the best I've read. Please, keep writing.

Your ability to expand on FiM's characters while keeping in line with canon is spectacular. Loved the detail on giving :eeyup: a fancy suit. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Cool. it the Macintosh story all over again...without the crushes!

I've added you to my watch list and tracked this story. It's a great piece of work and I love your writing style. Good show.

Now, I aint much of a critic but this is a really good story. Always thought that Big Mac deserved more.
Congrats on the EqD thing.

Highly interesting. I especially enjoyed Pinkie Pie's segment. Its so nice to see her interacting with Mac. Applejack has grown up, and even little Apple Bloom is fiercely independent. I dont think he gets much chance to be that older brother anymore. But with Pinkie he sort of can be. Give Piggie-back rides, play games. That sort of thing.

That said, they've all been enjoyable so far. The only thing i would say is that i thought the Ursa was a tad silly. But even then i wouldnt call it bad - just unbelievable.

My one true hope is that you dont finish this once you've gone through all the characters once. I'd like to see this become a good long fic.

Simple logic..... Zeno was a dick. He deliberately left out factors in his arguments--- like time, distance, velocity, etc. AKA concrete realities.
His "paradox" would make sense if a pegasus was an infinitely small point traversing an infinite array of points. But both the pegasus and the distance between the two clouds have finite measures... at some point the length of the pony would be greater than the distance left to be crossed.

One does not simply walk into canterlot :ajsmug:

Registered with the site just to comment on this story. Very well written, I also applaud you managing to keep Big Mac out of romance for the moment and more of building relationships, most authors tend to put romance first. All in all, very well written and the characters are superbly brought to life.

So instead of a Sonic Rainnuke, we have a Sonic Moonblast? :rainbowhuh: *files it under Wave Motion Gun*

wow awesome this was really cool and the characters really well deployed
really good story and loved the whole deja vu thing
cant wait for the next update :pinkiehappy:

I get the feeling Dash doesn't even fully know what happened, and Mac is the only one since he was so close to its epicenter.

Goodness I loved this chapter. I've always liked they're characters clashing in such a way, and I love that little rivalry they developed at the end. :rainbowdetermined2:

I wonder how this story will end. It reminds me of my own work Blue Days, and that's a good thing. In that aspect, I suspect it'll end with TwiMac or RariMac if no shipping comes of this. But either way you finish this is fine and entirely up to you. :scootangel:

You'll have your stars when the story is finished. I always hold out until the end. :twilightsmile:

Big Macintosh - secret saviour of Equestria? I can dig it.

Pinkie Pie, Card playing genius

starin at dat flank

I am digging the potential RainMac. And that was a very good chapter

so big mac had a 3 level deep inception of future events? cool


I believe it was actually that Rainbow Dash went so fast that she broke the space-time continuum and caused the same moment to repeat itself over and over until it was corrected. Since all of ponyville was asleep he's the only one that really knows what happened. If anything it's a reference to the fact that anything that goes faster than the speed of light would be rendered invisible to the naked eye. Essentially RBD left the color of the world behind her and caused a rip which is the white that Macintosh kept finding himself in.

That's at least my take on it.

Finally registered so that I could make an opinion known.

I like how various elements tied together in this chapter. The way Mac is shown to enjoy seeing the forms of things in different lights and times of day, which helps him understand the point of the Haystack paintings. And which, Rarity herself notices, ties into how she is getting to see all angles of Big Macintosh where others dismiss him as boring, unimportant and hopelessly rustic... like the haystack.

Of course, it also ties into what seems to be the point of the story as a whole, showing off Bic Mac's various sides.

It even ties back to the first chapter, with Big Mac experiencing things other than work and finding them enjoyable. (And I haven't forgotten how the aspects of the last chapter worked together either.)

And yes, I'm fairly sure that Twilight appreciates their talks because he gets her to think about things she takes for granted, letting her clarify and clean up her own beliefs through debate and explanation.

Seems that way to me, Spiili, but timezones being what they are, a lot of people or critters in the world besides Big Mac would have been awake and wondering why they were repeating the same couple of minutes that day.

Of course, if Dash was really moving faster than light, Big Mac shouldn't have been able to see her at all. She'd already be past him by the time he looked.

I'd also expect the Princesses to notice something was up and attempt to find the cause.

On more mundane note, OUCH. Poor Big Mac; he was rounding the bend to recovery, and now he's worse off than he started. Some unicorn discover some healing magic, already. Or, "Paging, Witch-Doctor Zecora. Witch Doctor Zecora, please report to the Banged Up Hero ward." She might have something to help speed things along.

Oooh. Zecora-Mac friendshipping, there's an idea...

223631 im proberly gona have to agree with you on that, better explaination than myn

It was just a thought, maybe the author can shed some light on what happened in their mind. I know mine didn't make complete sense, but it was the closest I could come to explaining the phenomenon with physics.

Hey guys, I notice a lot of conjecture into what exactly happened in the latest chapter. Unfortunately, I don't want to give too much away since the whole episode plays a role in a later chapter. I will say that you're all...kind of close, though none have really mentioned an important aspect of the whole thing.

Well anyway, I'll stop playing word of god and just say that I'm really liking the discussion this is bringing. And, as always, thanks for all the support.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy it. And I always enjoy reading people's insights to the story. Let's me delve deeper into a reader's reactions :twilightsmile:

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