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Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice.


One night at a get-together with her friends, Applejack learns that not only do her friends find her brother attractive, they've already got dibs on who will try to court the stallion. If they fail, the next mare in line will take her place. With the challenge set, will any of her friends succeed in seducing the stallion? Not if Applejack has anything to say about it!

With a special thanks to The Abyss for being my drinking buddy, editor, proof reader, and whatever else I'm sure he did when I was too intoxicated.

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Comments ( 87 )

Lets face it, Fluttershy has to win. Mainly because that's my favourite ship, but she still has to win. :yay::heart::eeyup:

Applejack shuddered, amazed how a pony who ate so much sweets still had teeth strong enough to actually chew ice.

You know what?

hmm... needs more

Plot twist.

He's gay.

High school all over again. :facehoof:


The way that Applejack is talking indicates that she is playing with a loaded deck. The punchline isn't going to be that he's a bit, this way that way, is it? Could be good for a laugh though, and puts me in mind of this...

Only reason I read this is because I wanted to know who went first, and if it was going into a certain "I" word situation. If I was Applejack, I'd have walked out and been like:


Sorry Angry AJ is hot.

5242921 That's why it's a plot twist.

:moustache: I kindly disagree, sir or madam, for it is my ship - that is, the noble TwiMac - that has to win! *sips tea*
(I'm not really arguing, please don't take me seriously, I don't want a shipfight oh NOOOOOOO!!!!)

I'll be disappointed if it turns out he's gay, it's too predictable and a bit of a cop out. I'm hoping for something funnier when we figure out why everyone fails.

Pinkie Pie doesn't count on account of her being possibly related to the Apple Family.

Well, the way this first chapter is set up, with Fluttershy being the only one who is supposedly more than just attracted to him, as well as having the traumatic backstory, it certainly does seem as if she should "win" if any of them are to be successful.

My only criticism would be that, while Rarity isn't always the most shining example of her element, I really don't think she'd call or keep dibs on a guy knowing that Fluttershy had stronger feelings for him. Nor would any of the others. So the fact that they all believe that she does makes things feel off some.

Other than that, it's a fun set up for a story and I look forward to seeing Applejack sabotage their attempts!

“Seriously, Pinks, how do you hold all that alcohol? It ain’t natural,”

Actually it is. I read somewhere once that light eyed people (like Pinkie) can consume more alcohol than dark eyes people (like Rainbow Dash.) :pinkiehappy:

Dude, they're like... sixth cousins or some shit. Still fair game.

OK, this story seems like an interesting read.

Okay, due to the humor in this story, I will break my rule, and favorite this story after only one chapter. I loved this chapter. The grammar was great. The description of Mac a superb. Also Rarities trickery was awesome. To end this review, I'll say this. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!!!

5243143 Plot twist #1: He is the stallion of a herd already... with Princesses Celestia and Luna.

Plot twist #2: He is dating Queen Chrysalis.

Plot twist #3: He's 100% ASEXUAL.

Plot twist #4: He is actually a robot made by the same ponies who make the Sweetie-Bot line of fillies.

Plot twist #5: Step one) Steals all the underwear in Ponyville; Step two) ??? ; Step three) PROFIT!!!

Nopony knows it, but ever since the love potion incident, there's only one filly that drives Bic Mac silly....


Yes, it's one of those May-August kinda things, but she knows how to make him laugh!

Lol I am partial to PinkieMac so we will see if she gets a fair shot. As for being "related" they are so distant that it does not even matter. Heck there are probably people in your hometown that you do not even know at all more closely related than Pinkie and Big Mac.

A Cough and a puff of smoke came out from under the table with an "Awe COME ON!":moustache:

:raritystarry: "Spikey !"

"At your service !":moustache:

:facehoof: Spike! what are you doing under there?"

"Dropped a cufflink?":moustache:
:raritystarry: "Oh Spikey!"

Big Mac's expression just screams "Whoa! Cover the chubby!"

5242696 That is where you are wrong.
Woona must win.

The apple juice represents Big Mac.

And then, when the dust was settled, the Mane Six behold as Big Mac had a merry walk with Cherilee just chatting away (or as much chatting as Big Mac does). Then again, not my story. THE CHALLENGE IS ON! ONWARD NOBLE MARES! ONWARD TO THE GLORY OF THE BATTLEFIELD THAT IS LOVE! ASSEMBLE YON GENERALS OF ROMANCE! PREPARE THE SIEGE OF COURTSHIP!




5244599 I have a few simple words for you friend.

Woona Steals Mac, Just Like Cookies

Know that together, that we did it all for the GLORY OF LOVE!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, wait... that's Peter Cetera...

Twist: He's just a REALLY BIG colt.

5242871 Whats wrong with being gay?


Plot Twist, he has been banning Luna the entire time.

Challenge... ACCEPTED!!!! But in all honesty, poor A.J. :rainbowlaugh:

Me: I like Mac too. He's like a big, juicy red apple with no (metaphorical) bruises. I'd totally date a guy like that.
AJ: :ajbemused:

5245766 u just replied to your own comment confused wat:rainbowhuh:

5245871 I was inferring to the amount of downvotes in said comment.

The glove has been thrown down!

FlutterMac for the win!

Or he could simply reject all 5 of them because all 5 of them have quite a few issues themselves:

Twilight has OCD.
RD demands ego worship, and has tribalist tendencies.
Fluttershy is introverted and asocial, not to mention that she has a hidden temper.
Rarity tends to micromanage whenever she can, and also has quite a large ego.
And Pinkie Pie is a schizophrenic.

I know I wouldn't date any of them, not even AJ (quite the workaholic, and is a helicopter parent).

"Day 237 of the Brony Shipping War. I don't even know why I'm fighting anymore. So much flaming. So much name calling. And why?

The FlutterMacs are closing in for the assault. They have the most to lose. Or prove. I'm not sure which it is, all I know is that they fight the most fiercely of all the shippers in the name of the shy one. We managed to throw them through a loop with FlutterBulk, but their most determined warriors slaughtered their own like wild dogs - culling the weak links to enforce their strongest, it seems. Savages. The RainbowMacs have been blindsiding everyone for weeks with surprise attacks, and I often lose sleep for fear I will awake with Flash Sentry pictures posted around my room - certain death among my comrades. The PinkieMacs have begun to fall apart; a double agent got inside and managed to destabalize them from the inside with implications of incest, and I am not sure they will last another week before they either flee the battle field, are assimilated, or make for a suicidal final strike. The RariMacs are what scare me most, however... they sit idly outside the battlefield, not fighting, not picking sides... I'm almost certain they're waiting for a winner to be known, so that they may encroach and destroy what remains.

I hear someone outside. Someone I did not anticipate. This maybe my last entry..."

Clearly, all the mares will fail, because MacinBulk is in town. Surely we can get one of the local fetish writers to do up a companion muscle worship piece?

Plot twist: there's already an apple of Big Mac's eye.

/MacJack: shipcest is wincest!

5246230 now I'm gonna have to write a Mac n' Cheese ship fic.


I often lose sleep for fear I will awake with Flash Sentry pictures posted around my room

Ahahaha :rainbowlaugh:, at least there aren't any Flash x Mac ships here... Is that even a thing? Actually don't answer that, i don't want to know.

Absolutely ridiculous; more, please. :twilightsmile:

5246098 Best comment, par none.

I am beginning to wonder just how much of a shit storm I can brew with this fic... :pinkiecrazy:

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