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Big Macintosh's life has taken a surprising turn in the form of a pink pony with a penchant for partying. But even amongst all the gossip and the dozens of parties appearing on his calendar, he still manages to live the same life he’s always lived (to a certain degree). However, sometimes it’s not the great big changes that are the most affecting.

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This is a story I wrote while I was having some immense writer’s block with my main story’s latest chapter. It took me about a day to write, and an unpolished version is at my DA account under a different title. But now that the chapter I was working on is written and undergoing the pre-reader process, I don’t feel guilty about putting up this polished version on FiMFiction.

Anyway, this shipfic is pretty silly, sappy, and indulgent as far as shipfics go, I think. You see, while writing my main story I hold myself under very strict rules. This story is sort of me just saying ‘feck it’ to those rules and writing whatever the hell I felt like.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy.

PS: Pinkintosh needs more love. (Or is it Macinpie?)

Hey, you're talking to the only guy (to my knowledge) who's done a Mac/Zecora ship.

I shall read this later soon as the Royal Wedding is over! :yay:

This was really good as a one shot, no more chapters are needed. Also yea this pairing is fairly rare I think because of the dynamically different personalities, still your wrote them very much in character and exceptionally well. Good work. :pinkiehappy:

D'awwwwwwwwww :pinkiehappy: That was very nice]

Ahh... sweet perfection. I always found this pairing to be right on the nose, even more so than Fluttermac. I really enjoyed this, and I wanna find out how they got together!

478793 You're not. Take a look around on DA. There's a couple of Mac/Zecora fics there.

478938 DA? The home of the damned fanfiction?


Got any dates for them? It's possible mine may have been the first.

479257 *shrugs* Who knows. I do, however, remember reading yours.

That was so beautiful.:raritywink:

There needs to be more PinkieMac of this caliber.

Your portrayal of Pinkie is still my favorite. Is this a sort of alternate timeline from keeping it simple?

Hng... I want to read it, but I fear it may influence the current flow of the shipping I am currently working on...

Shipping Macintosh and Zecora? Well that's just silly :moustache:
I kid, I kid. I quite liked Black and White and Red all over. And yeah, I don't see much...Macora(?). Though I have seen a few on DA and Fanfiction.net.

Oh definitely. I think that's why I like it so much.

Yeah the two are completely unrelated.

I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying it.

I'll say Macinpie cause it sounds sexy for some reason

I really liked it, I only wished it was longer. This version of ApplePie(hetero) is one of the most underrated shipping pairs.

Pinkintosh as it's called is rare and I've only seen one other fic that used this pairing. It's a shame cause it's adorable.


Peace Out.


Pinkintosh? I'd... never really even thought about that ship. Never seen another fic about it, either. Which is unfortunate, now, because you've just shown how well it surprisingly works. Bravo, sir. Thumbs-upped.

Well worth the read.

Okay, I've got to admit I'm clueless about what is funny about the BM + PP thing. Am I just not getting it? Also, this is super adorable, and I love the way Pinkie's words trailed off in the force of the soon-to-be-kiss at the beginning. That definitely made my heart flutter. Love this one shot.

I am not a shipping fan. . .( i hate it, in fact) But damn it, they look good together. . . Oh my god. . .


I must confess shipping isn't really my thing and so I tend to avoid most with any mane castmembers but after reading the rave reviews in the comments as well as the word "Pinkintosh" I couldn't resist. I am so glad I didn't hold back. This was absolutely wonderful.So sweet and gentle punctuated by silliness and fun. Odd as it sounds to me but this may have made me a shipper. :rainbowlaugh:

Lovely stuff and i'm definitely going to have to dive into your other works.:yay:

and just for good measure :pinkiehappy::heart::eeyup:

I am satisfied.
Scrap that, this was a very good read, and as mentioned before, worked perfectly as a one-shot. And this opinion is coming from someone whose favorite Big Mac pairing is with Fluttershy. Great job on a short, but sweet story.

I may be a die hard, and I mean die hard, fluttermac fan, but I couldn't help but Daaw' at this fic. Great work!

I always like Big Mac shipping (well at least hetero) I'm used to seeing fluttermac and the occasional RDxBig Mac but this was a pleasent suprise. I very much enjoyed it. :eeyup:

I don't really understand the BM+PP thing, can someone please explain?

This is driving me insane...how did they meeeeeet. ><

Interesting, sweet story. :) It's fairly light-hearted and it's enjoyable!

Oh my Celesitia that was Daww inducing to say the lease.

Here.. just take all of my D'awws

Aw...this was such a sweet story.

That was SOOOOO cute! D'awwwwwwwww.....

:pinkiehappy: :heart: :eeyup:

This was great, I laughed hard when Mac was being a "darn smart-aleck.” and when they told Fluttershy to try. "ummm.. P lease?"" That was great.

then it got really sweet and really loving.

this was fantastic! thank you for sharing this with us


What's so funny about BM + PP? Inquiring minds want to know. :twilightsmile:

502302 They're short for certain bodily functions.

Absolutely wonderful and it's a great shame we don't see more of this pairing because they surprisingly work very very well together.......In fact any other writers reading this comment and story...... Start your pencils and keyboards.

And for the Dawws: :eeyup::heart::pinkiesmile:


Just kiddin! What's with the bm+pp? I didn't get the mistake she made 480385

Heh, it's adorable. The story is just so warm and sappy, no offense.
Fun read.:pinkiesmile:

Pinkintosh DEFINITELY needs more love... it's an awesome pairing you barely see any of. This was a fun, sweet little slice of life, and I enjoyed it greatly.

Beautiful. I see lack of story genres, I write those story genres. I shall write one eventually, it's just...I'm an incredibly slow writer...(crys) oh well. This was beautiful. :pinkiehappy::heart::yay::pinkiesad2::heart::heart::derpytongue2:

D'awww! I love Pinkintosh. Manely, because their personalities are so different. He's all :eeyup: and she's all :pinkiegasp: and I think you really did a great job with them. The writing was smooth and the characters well put together.

Actually, let me just quote :unsuresweetie:: "Aww, that was such a sweet story."
So... how the hay did they actually meet? :rainbowderp:

That was really great! This is the best Pinkie/Mac fic I've read. You really get their voices down perfectly. :twilightsmile:!!

This was one of the best, if only, Pinkie Pie/Non Mane 6 ship fics I have ever read!

EVen though this wasn't a serious project for you I hope to see more like this down the road :pinkiehappy::eeyup:

Aww, that was quite enjoyable (and that's coming from a FlutterMac fan :twilightsheepish: )

After "Keeping it Simple," I figured you'd have to blow off some steam. For some reason this was one of my favorite ship teases since the first chapter. Pretty indulgent, but it still feels good. You really have a knack for writing Big Macintosh.
If you need to get over some more writers block in the future, could you do some RainbowMac? ... If that's... um... okay with you...:fluttershysad:

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