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A murder in small town Ponyville, a family divided, and a secret going back to Ponyville's early days. Detective Private Eye has the skills, the knowledge, and the cunning to solve the case. Accompanied by Twilight Sparkle the two hope to solve the mystery and put a stop to a plot against the town. But will Private be able to outrun his past or will it catch him in the end?

A Murder Mystery starring the cast from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic with flavors of Noir and Castle. If you love a good old fashioned mystery, complex characters, romance and even a little humor you will love this story. So sit back and enter the darker side of the pony universe.

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Amazing story! You've just earned a follower.

931014 Can you say Best Follower Ever!!!:rainbowkiss:

931057 Yes, yes I can. Best Follower Ever!!! :pinkiehappy:

This was pretty great! :yay:

That was indeed a great read! Although, I hate to say that I won't keep reading.

Not that I didn't find it interesting at all, hell, I had to find some type of song that would last more than an hour to accompany me while I read it. (Beethoven's 9th symphony, just incase your wondering, haha)

But being a writer myself, I have to continue writing my story! Darnit though, I just blew a solid hour and a half reading this.
Don't take it the wrong way though! That was an hour well spent! :twilightsmile:

I'm just stressed out that I haven't been able to find time for more than a week already to continue writing my story.... :raritydespair:
I've only been getting around a few hours everyday to myself, and I always blow it away by goofing off to relieve my everyday stress....

and I digress!!

Your story was overall fantastic, and I ate up every word. Thumbs up, 5/5, what other thing can I say? I feel as if saying "Good job" wouldn't do the justice.....right Big Mac?


Yup. Anyways! That was a very good read! Hopefully you could find the time to read my story sometime? :raritywink:

You mixed up the witness statements. Mac saw the shadow and Lyra felt the feather. “A witness will testify she saw a shadow flying out of the crime scene when the murder occurred. Also another will testify that he felt something land on his head as he left the scene. That something...was your feather”

Other than that I am enjoying this story very much as well. :pinkiehappy:

you do know big mac says eeyup not ayup? :eeyup:

1551954this was back when I was starting, I wasn't sure how to spell it at the time

Here was Princess Celestia, absolute monarch of all of Equestria and she wanted to give me an office, in Ponyville of all places.

Its a diarchy, can't forget Luna.
Unless she's not part of your world... If thats so then nevermind.

1736347People are still getting used to the fact that Luna is back. That and this was written a long time ago so errors are present

Lol alright, great story by the way.
I bestow upon you the mighty MOUSTACHE :moustache:

1736386I shall celebrate with this!

A little late to the party... but I saw number 16 on the front page and figured I'd better start with number 1.
The entire story was peppered with errors. Missing periods, to/too violations, missing spaces between words, at times it got downright messy.
Even so, I enjoyed the storyline. I guess I'm just a fan of this kind of story.
So yeah. Not bad.

1783682Before you go on allow me to explain. I didn't get an editor on board until case 11. You'll see a lot of errors simply because we haven't had the time to go back and fix everything. I apologize for the inconvience

Just finished this story in about an hour or so. I now feel that the next 15 book will be done within a week. You got yourself a fan! :raritywink:

I very much enjoyed this. Keep up the fantastic work!


AAAHH YYYYEEEAAAHHH. Nice chapter good fellow

this is relevant to my interests

Dam. That guy just got taken down.

i find your story is far to straightforward for a mystery. hopefully your stories get better as you go along

1938429They do get more twists and turns, I hope you stick with this series long enough to come to like it.


P.S. Why does some parts of the "Doom" soundtrack go with this?

1783682 I started a long ways after number twenty!

931014 Kinky Toffee.......Huh.

2558662 WHUT YUO LUKIN AT PUNK :flutterrage:

Lol jk, Hi. :pinkiehappy:

2559768 Y-Your user name... Dafuq does it mean???

2562194 Whatcha think it means?

(Plus not to be mean but you used the wrong "Your" in your comment. :twilightblush: )

2562201 No I didn't. Are you going insane? Or are you already are?


2562271Well yeah, you wouldn't want the errors to remain till the end of time right?

Nice mystery story. I will definitely be reading the rest of your series.

LOL he calls them crap xD

:pinkiegasp: Pinkie left home without her party cannon!
Someone! Call the presses! This is NEWS!

Quick grammar check (Sorry, I'm a Grammar Nazi, but ... :twilightblush:)

Twilight spoke honestly “Pinkie we still need to know why Mandarin hired had Tangerio killed"

Main prob here is the part I underlined. A better way to say it would probably be "Mandarin hired somepony to kill Tangerio".

Also needs to have a comma after "honestly".

Maybe the guy was writing this while listening to said soundtrack...

"Diarchy" has just entered my internal lexicon. Thanks!

2709201 And 'lexicon' has just entered mine!:rainbowwild:

2709147 I highly doubt it. Almost no one listens to video game music any more.

2709081 I hate grammar nazis like... ALOT

'filly recounted her tail' Should be tale, as in story. Sorry. :D Loving it so far though, quite new to fimfiction. :eeyup:

2741382I haven't gotten around to editing this story really, so expect errors

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