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Just write and work everything else out later.

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Now that we've finally gotten rid of the writer's block...

Enjoy this story, everyone. I did.

As my cohort can attest, this was quite the sucker to finish.

Oh, and there are two more stories coming with the same setting and themes. Hit that favorite button. Hit it hard.

Ah, a Cadance is immortal fic? Interesting. Not my genre preference but might give it a look anyway.


Oh, wow. Now I'm sad, thank you very much.

That story is so touching. I feel like I could almost cry right now..

Such a touching and wonderfully written story. :pinkiesad2: (Finnally used that emoticon!)

Aand, it also explains all the similar looking guards. :twilightsheepish:

I always knew this day would happen.

I've been reading TTHS for a while, but this story just got you followed. Exquisite.

If you'll excuse me, I'm now going to go ... over there ... and, um ... not cry for a while. I certainly didn't lose it at the sun not rising. Eeenope.

Criminally underrated. And I'm kicking myself that I've missed it for this long (what? A week is a long time for me.)

Right. Time to start camping in your bushes.

This is definitely my favorite of your stories. Got here after seeing "The Unread Letter" on EqD, but I'm really happy I read this one. Can't wait to see more!

Very interesting, so all the stallion is the image-splitting of his late husband from 800 years ago; now because all guards looks the same Celestia will always truly remember her lover.

Somebody clearly needs to say it, but, wat the fak mang!? You promise three stories and I see one. I may be slow at typing out new chapters, but 40 weeks? :trixieshiftright: A shot to the feels like this, deserves another. Now get to it you magnificent bastard! Chip chop chip!


Oh, right, this was originally going to be part one of three. I was kinda hoping everyone had forgotten about that... Like I had until just now.

I'm not saying sequels are out of the question, they're just not priority one at the moment.

That was... that was something. A bit of a slow-burn, but by the end I was completely invested in the characters. I've always found the question of how the Princesses deal with their immortality one of the more fascinating questions, and this story was an amazingly personal glimpse at that. And pure bonus points for hooking it into canon with the armor there at the end!

This was so amazingly wonderfully incredibly written and I am about to run out of adverbs. Everypony in the world should read this and just cry for a while..:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry: 20 out of 5 would read again.

“Hi there! Name’s Day Dallas. But you can call me Day.”

I got this reference and approve. Did the original dabble in youth restoration too?

Oh...:fluttercry: golems would be closer to his line I should think. Hopefully soul transfer is on the table.

Edit after finishing: My hypothesis was incorrect, but this was better. An excellent sadfic.

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